Reviews for Contact at Kobol
EagleBravo chapter 5 . 2/3
You just wank the shit out of Stargate Humanity. Bad fic
Guest chapter 80 . 1/25
targeting civilen water infestructure is a war crime the tauri are the bad guys
Guest chapter 43 . 1/25
you are failing in making the taura look like the good guy they have committed multiple war crime and i hope they lose now you are a terrible writer
Guest chapter 40 . 1/25
attacking civilian leadership is a war crime the earth military has done far more war crimes i tried to read this but this is ridicules
Guest chapter 34 . 1/25
attacking the quorum is a war crime.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/25
using the wraith is a war crime
001DeafeningEcho chapter 3 . 12/20/2022
So far it is a great story, with a good concept and good writing. It was nice that you added new ship classes instead of just making everything BC 304s. My only problem is that the size of the battleships and carriers compared to the rest of the fleet is off by an order of magnitude. The Daedalus class is between 200 to 650 m long depending on where you look. If they are the same dimensions as the carriers/battleships and accounting for the square cube law, the battleships/carriers are 421.875 to 12.29 times the size of the Daedalus class. I just find this slightly unrealistic, alongside earth constructing a multiple of these vessels when our largest ship is about 458 m long and about a 35th the volume of one of the battleships/carriers.
jb851 chapter 68 . 11/21/2022
It seems to me that the Tauri have mastered something that the Colonials have no concept of; public relations.
Sergii chapter 22 . 11/14/2022
So... High-ranking representatives of faith that do not believe in that faith's ideas. So ironic and yet so true :D
Sergii chapter 20 . 11/14/2022
So, greetings. Thank you for explaining the reason behind your... quite strange grammar.

Please understand that following suggestion is made in a desire to improve the grammatic integrity of your creation and I do not wish to insult you in any way.

Quite a lot of mistakes I see can be fixed using online tools like the Grammarly. I was pleased with results of its work. For reference, I am using it 5 years already, used it in school and university. I hope that Grammarly or its counterpart would be a great help to you.

P.S.: The «Contact at Cobol» is the first of your fics I ever seen, and it IS great.

Best wishes, Sergii.
varganan chapter 6 . 11/12/2022
Bringing Teyla and Sheppard together in the SGA would have been so cliché, the girl protagonist and the boy protagonist getting together; similar to Carter and O'Neill in SG1, predictable and boring cliché.
Mr.Destructo chapter 60 . 8/25/2022
you know they don't even need a ground invasion just wipe out all spacecraft and station a small fleet to just imprison them on their planets and wipe out all military production from space
Mr.Destructo chapter 28 . 8/24/2022
did you just nuke disneyworld? the mouse has something to say about this
Mr.Destructo chapter 26 . 8/23/2022
rip fictional puppers at least you murderized some nutcases on the way out
Guest chapter 80 . 8/22/2022
I'm not sure how some people in this review section think that this story favors the tauri or that earth wanted a war with the colonies. Obviously you haven't been paying close enough attention since the writer has went out their way to limit the tauri effectiveness in combat to the point of making them appear incompetent. Simple facts are this the tauri are way more technologically advanced than the colonies had this been written properly the conflict wouldn't have been this drawn out. Earth tried to keep the peace but colonies acted aggressively from the start opening fire during first contact. Even when relations were established the colonies then demanded earth hand of all their technology and resources over to the colonies and them claimed earth was subject to the laws of the colonies even though earth never officially signed the articles to begin with. When that didn't work they arrested earth personal on false charges they didn't even get a trial the colonies skip that and went right to interrogation and torture worse still was that they planned on arresting earth's ambassadors and doing the same thing to them. At the same time they attack one of earth's colony worlds which resulted in a nuclear strike that killed over hundred thousand civilians. What was earth suppose to do after that. It was the equivalent of having the attack on pearl harbor and dropping nukes on Japan all rolled into one. Earth could just off contact with the colonies but that wouldn't have stooped the colonials if anything it makes earth look weak and encourage the colonies to continue their attacks. Had this been properly written earth would have destroyed the colonial navy in just few short skirmishes at which the tauri jump and destroy their shipyards and star bases then use orbital strikes to destroy military assets on planet surfaces along with taking out infrastructure. If the colonies still don't surrender then nuke all twelve worlds just like the colonies did to earth's colony world in their unprovoked attack. Just remember had the colonies won they would have used earth's technology to go out and enslave other human worlds while committing genocide by wiping out any alien civilizations they came across. The fact is that the colonies are not victims in any way the tauri certainly are. earth was far to soft on them.
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