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Jakattk chapter 80 . 11/18
I really enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing it.
MrSliperyPuppyIsMyUserName chapter 1 . 10/6
I have a theory for ur story maybe the ancient created the crucible
heyster1 chapter 80 . 9/24
I'm surprised it took me this long to find this story. 2 weeks of reading and it was a good reading all the way through. I worked through all the misspelling words and it was an enjoyable read. Looking forward to your next stories. Please keep writing.
CCSakuraforever chapter 80 . 9/14
Esta muy bueno el fics esta muy bueno mas la guerra con las colonias y el epilogo
Guest chapter 80 . 9/14
Esta muy bueno el fics mas comienzo de la guerra mas los avances en los tauris mas la guerra con los colonos mas el fin de la guerra mas epílogo se ve interesante
Guest chapter 1 . 8/26
just wanted to point out that in the story it is never confirmed that the planet earth found was kobol and that in itself is a plot hole that some people seem to not notice and is never addressed in the story or by the writer."

Yes, this is one of the mysterious, needed more clarifications from the author?
1question chapter 1 . 8/25
just wanted to point out that in the story it is never confirmed that the planet earth found was kobol and that in itself is a plot hole that some people seem to not notice and is never addressed in the story or by the writer.
Rude Guest chapter 72 . 8/16
45mm should be replaced with .45 caliber, or if you would rather, approximately 12.7mm.
Rude Guest chapter 69 . 8/16
White Phosphorus wouldn't be used - it's intended role is marker smoke/anti-personnel (the average soldier can throw it about two meters short of its danger radius). Instead, thermite is the grenade of choice - it's very nasty when it goes through a breech block, and isn't as dangerous to the user.
Guest chapter 6 . 8/16
So many typos. Can't go any further. Wright Dart is pretty typical. Betas exist for a reason.
Dracco chapter 80 . 7/27
Don't get me wrong, I love a good curb stomp story, and overall this is a pretty decent story, but I have to ask: Did you write this story using dictation software on an iphone or is english not your first language? The grammar and spelling are horrible, this is a good story but it really needs some polish from a beta.
UNSC ODST chapter 80 . 7/15
Great story, the plot was well developed and engaging. Thank you for writing such a great, and long, story!
tone death chapter 80 . 7/14
I really loved this story.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/24
Guest post replied on 13 Feb 2016
* Lex Luthor

Wondering about events like :

2- Boomer shoot Adama
3- Cylon Civil War over Centurions and Raider enslavement
4- Final Five reunion with Cylon
5- Ranger Anchorage role
6- Great Exodus from the colony.
7- Adar and the Quorum surrender or assassinations

8- Tau'ri final revenge and colony destructions *


1- What makes you think any of this crap from that AWFUL tv series is going to take place in this story?

answer -
Who said so and why you think any of above wondering are crap? this is an AU by the way!

2- For instance just when did Boomer shoot Adama in this story?

answer -
Did it said it happen in this story!
However, Boomer ... wet her pants in chapter 5 of previous contact at Kobol.
Also, Cylons sleeping agents awakening in future? Perhaps!

3- What Cylon Civil War over Centurions and Raider enslavement are you talking about in ths story?

answer -
Centurions status been pointed out during Tau'ri leaders meeting in ch75 of contact at Kobol as well in author other Mass Effect story that this Guest didn't read!
However, The fate of the Cylon seven module is currently questionable

4-Final Five reunion with Cylon-Will be nothing like the crap take took be in the TV show since the Cylons with the aid of the Tau'ri have found a different solution to the issues involved here.

Interesting to seen the fate of them, where two are under Tau'ri custody while Cylons-Tau'ri alliance plan their long terms Conspiracy of solution against the poor colonists!

5-Ranger Anchorage role-most likely blown up by the Tau'ri based off information provided by the Cylons...

Did seen mentioned in the author other stories and it doesn't matter for its status now

6-Great Exodus from the colony-Where the hell are they going? Certainly not Earth nor anywhere near the Cylons or the Nox...

Unlikely as the Tau'ri have been annihilating all of the poor colonists ships.

7-Adar and the Quorum surrender or assassinations-Depends on what these morons do, doesn't it?

answer -
Really, They are doom and gone already as Tau'ri get them anyway

8-Tau'ri final revenge and colony destructions-Can you say F*** You?

This is a Disgusting foul language of such a reputation, cursedly barking in a potty mouth without solidly understanding! just like chewing USA brand gum or drinking Pepsi with hamburger meat in a barbaric greedily ways.

Yes, this is the Tau'ri civilization the poor colonists next generation will raised by!

A quote from author Wilkins75 "... If you don’t like ... the answer is simple just don’t read."
Guest chapter 7 . 6/22
Always up for a good BSG crossover and when I saw the number of reviews this one had, I was expecting a terrific read. Seven chapters in and I find myself stopping. The grammar, the plot holes, the uneven pacing, all problems that a good BETA would have helped with. I could say more but why bother. You're done with this...
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