Reviews for Contact at Kobol
Mr.Destructo chapter 28 . 8/24/2022
did you just nuke disneyworld? the mouse has something to say about this
Mr.Destructo chapter 26 . 8/23/2022
rip fictional puppers at least you murderized some nutcases on the way out
Guest chapter 80 . 8/22/2022
I'm not sure how some people in this review section think that this story favors the tauri or that earth wanted a war with the colonies. Obviously you haven't been paying close enough attention since the writer has went out their way to limit the tauri effectiveness in combat to the point of making them appear incompetent. Simple facts are this the tauri are way more technologically advanced than the colonies had this been written properly the conflict wouldn't have been this drawn out. Earth tried to keep the peace but colonies acted aggressively from the start opening fire during first contact. Even when relations were established the colonies then demanded earth hand of all their technology and resources over to the colonies and them claimed earth was subject to the laws of the colonies even though earth never officially signed the articles to begin with. When that didn't work they arrested earth personal on false charges they didn't even get a trial the colonies skip that and went right to interrogation and torture worse still was that they planned on arresting earth's ambassadors and doing the same thing to them. At the same time they attack one of earth's colony worlds which resulted in a nuclear strike that killed over hundred thousand civilians. What was earth suppose to do after that. It was the equivalent of having the attack on pearl harbor and dropping nukes on Japan all rolled into one. Earth could just off contact with the colonies but that wouldn't have stooped the colonials if anything it makes earth look weak and encourage the colonies to continue their attacks. Had this been properly written earth would have destroyed the colonial navy in just few short skirmishes at which the tauri jump and destroy their shipyards and star bases then use orbital strikes to destroy military assets on planet surfaces along with taking out infrastructure. If the colonies still don't surrender then nuke all twelve worlds just like the colonies did to earth's colony world in their unprovoked attack. Just remember had the colonies won they would have used earth's technology to go out and enslave other human worlds while committing genocide by wiping out any alien civilizations they came across. The fact is that the colonies are not victims in any way the tauri certainly are. earth was far to soft on them.
Guest chapter 31 . 8/22/2022
For those in the review section saying earth needs to keep the moral high ground you apparently don't know how serious an unprovoked nuclear strike that results in over A hundred thousand deaths of civilians is. Add to this that the colonial opened fire during first contact. Then they arrest earth personal on false charges just so they can torture and interrogate them for miltary secrets. From their in a what amounts to kangaroo court they declare earth is their property but because earth didn't officially sign the articles of colonization earth doesn't have the rights other colonies do. Had earth abided by this ruling earth would be enslaved all are technology and scientific achieve taken our culture and personal beliefs and freedoms destroyed. The colonies are nothing but crazy nut jobs you can't negotiate with people like this they don't listen reason. It doesn't matter what evidence you have to counter their argument they will just ignore it in favor of their own opinion. Earth was way to soft for people citing Japan at the end of world war two theirs a difference. Even when their military was destroyed the colonies wouldn't surrender were as Japan did and the colonies didn't completely surrender their still colonials still attacking the tauri even after the treaty was signed. Earth should either take the cylons approach and carpet bombed all twelve worlds or sent all four staRs supernova and wipe out the star system completely.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/22/2022
While I noticed the grammar errors the first time reading the story I somehow missed just how little the author understands earth's capabilities. Earth is portrayed as incompetent up until their invasion of the colonies earth could have stomped the colonies just a few battles. While earth certainly destroyed their military the idea of earth trying to find peace with colonies afterwards is farfetched. These people are religious zealots it doesn't matter that their miltary is gone. The populations of sargitarion and geminion are still attacking the tauri military most likely this would cause the populations of other colonies to follow the same path. Once that happens earth would have to stay indefinitely carrying out military strikes like the United states military did in the middle east. It's really isn't a viable option earth needs to just wipe them and be done with it. Colonials have shown time and again that their to stupid to know when to quit. The court ruling in chapter 23 is one many examples. The ruling stinks of greed and corruption the fact that they thought earth would abide by this ruling is ridiculous.
afdhalulakbar2003 chapter 4 . 7/27/2022
1,000 kilometers to our front

This Is the perfect example of writers didn't have a sense of scale

And how the fuck you have bad experience with beta?
kevinbarrrywarner chapter 1 . 7/2/2022
Your grammar errors are EVERYWHERE! The writing is VERY CHILDISH insofar as "buying drinks for the winner". Are these underaged children vying for liquor?!

WHY would America, Russia, China put themselves on EQUAL FOOTING with these "beatnick" nations that contribute NOTHING economically?! Russia gets a share since they provided a Stargate, and frankly China's economic standing means they can foot 1/3 of the total bill. But India?! "We need a planet so that we can keep on breeding indiscriminately!"?! So, what, did I miss an episode where India "earned" a planet where they can just fuck 24 hours a day and spit out BILLIONS of children? And just WHERE is this free-loading nation getting MILLIONS of pounds of food and water to feed their breeding factories of Indians?!

I'm afraid any moment now you're going to have the cast start singing "Imagine" to celebrate the hard-working nations subsidizing the freeloaders! When you WRITE it helps to pretend your "reality" has some BASIS IN...REALITY!
Herbet128 chapter 65 . 5/6/2022
Damn when i saw Tau'ri ships arriving in large numbers my mind immediately thought of the Red Alert 3 Japanese invasion intro except this time with tau'ri ships against colonial ships

I like the story despite some grammar errors which is understandable due to you having some problems. Plus it is a common thing to a lot of people anyways this is a very good story, very nice
Guest chapter 80 . 3/31/2022
Great story seemed a little drawn out but never the less a great story. The colonials got what they deserved I would say they got off to easy. The colonials were confrontational from the start Cain firing during first contact just because they thought it was cylons. That was stupid even if it was cylons the colonials would be the warmongers starting the second cylon war. Earth ships don't look anything like what cylons would build once they found out it was earth they demand earth surrender everything to them. Even if it was the thirteenth colony it's a world that's been independent for several millennia. The ideal that a world is just going to give up it's sovereignty and culture and technology because the colonial government says so is dumb. All the colonials wanted was to enslave earth and destroy it's culture while strip mining it for resources and technolgy. In the long run earth probably would been treated worse than sagittarion and geminion combined. Then just because earth wouldn't give up they decide to launch a nuclear attack on one of earth's colony worlds then their shocked when earth retaliated by nuking aquaria. Then they attempt to kill a diplomat of another race that was trying to mediate between them and earth then made it clear that once they conquered earth and it's colonies they were going to enslave other human worlds as well commit genocide by wiping out alien races. Their lucky earth didn't nuke a more strategic world like caprica picon or scorpia earth could just blown right through their forces when launching their main attack. The colonies were never going to win they hadn't had a war amongst themselves in decades. They were training for another war against the cylons the strategy was never going to work with the threat they posed earth should just dropped in and destroyed their fleet like they did but once they were done carpet bombed the colonies with nukes like the cylons did in canon. When it comes to Starbuck her arrogance ruins the character just like in canon.
taintedahab chapter 80 . 3/16/2022
Ok, I’m curious where you’re gonna go with the Race showing up. It should be a five minute curbstomp battle
taintedahab chapter 43 . 3/14/2022
Hell son, getting punched in the stomach is how spetsnaz guys masturbate
taintedahab chapter 40 . 3/14/2022
Black ops make me moist
taintedahab chapter 33 . 3/14/2022
Ok, I do want to see what kind of Shenanigans Todd gets up to.
taintedahab chapter 32 . 3/14/2022
Yeah, that may be a career ending political injury for Adar.
taintedahab chapter 29 . 3/14/2022
A megaton warhead would actually be pretty sizable and most certainly would be this tiny thing launched from a mirved warhead launched from a raptor.
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