Reviews for Remembrance (or, A Muggle at Hogwarts)
Guest chapter 3 . 8/28/2019
I enjoyed your story! I’ve always dreamt, being a muggle myself of course, of one of us wandering into their world somehow and becoming familiar with wizards.
Your depiction of The Battle and the mourners was quite touching.
I would love to see this developed more. I believe somewhere it said it was completed. But it seems to me there’s a story in there that’s deeper and longer. Although I really like what you put down on the paper so to say. Thank you for your work!
Stephanie O chapter 3 . 9/8/2018
I truly enjoyed reading this, even though it wasn't focused on Harry and Ginny! I shouldn't be surprised, however, because you are that good of a storyteller!
mcepl chapter 1 . 5/21/2018
I just so hope "low-slung" is an innuendo about Gertrude’s low morals.
Rosina Ferguson chapter 3 . 2/9/2018
I alternated between tears and laughter. I like the explanation of George and Dennis's friendship. The special bracelet to counter the muggle-repelling charm was great too.
Samwise Pevensie chapter 3 . 4/1/2017
made me cry
Weuer chapter 3 . 12/31/2016
Absolutely love how you use muggle narrators to paint a gradually expanding picture.
MarauderMist chapter 3 . 12/11/2016
I like stories which connect muggle world to the wizarding world. Good work on this story, I hope I get to read more stories like this one...!
Oriondruid chapter 3 . 11/20/2016
Dennis and Lesley still have much to learn about communicating as a couple and he should have told Lesley about the particular importance and function of the forgotten bracelet. But at least she now knows not to underestimate Muggle repelling charms.
A Muggle in the Wizarding World will at first always be unaware of the many potential dangers around them and their own vulnerabilty to them, since such hazards do not exist in their own society and they have never been taught to be wary of them. The incident later in the chapter involving the Venomous Tentacular plant also illustrates that in the Wizarding World Muggles aren't safe to be left roaming about on their own, until they have had time to learn that which they need for their own safety. Squibs of course are a different matter, since they at least, (if they remain in the Wizarding World like Filch) and are not instead sent to live in the Muggle world have the advantage of being raised in the magical culture. In the case of Muggleborns they are properly taught what they need to know to avoid dangers at Hogwarts and in the wider Wizarding World as part of their education.
Lesley's somewhat irrational jelousy of the lovely Gabrielle Delacour is, I suppose, understandable since she is still very ignorant of recent magical history and the strong bonds between those families who fought the war.
Despite it not being exactly 'canon' I have always felt it likely that after the Battle Neville and Luna did in fact have a short lived intense relationship, that luckily didn't end badly and did nothing to damage their later working relationship together. As I have said before Neville was strongly enamoured of Luna and admitted as much during the fighting, saying he was "mad for her".
It's amazing how many people even among strong Harry Potter fans still misunderstand the reason for Tom Riddle's death and attribute it to Harry having killed him in their duel, so to strongly point out yet again in this story and others that in fact Riddle's death was not down to Harry but a 'backfired' curse of his own, therefore in fact death by 'Magical Misadventure' is to perhaps something still needed, to help to correct this misunderstanding for some people.
The memorial ceremony itself in the story was very well visualised and written. Witches and Wizards tend not to be very 'formally religious' people, even if some like Luna are highly spiritual. This I believe is because they have a unique insight into death and the afterlife, knowing that life after death is a certainty, for instance in the case of ghosts and also for some probably by having gone through 'near death' experiences similar to Harry's. This certainty is something that most of us Muggles do not have and that I believe is perhaps is why many of us fill up that 'spiritual void' with faith in Deities, although there is no solid, objective proof that such beings exist. :o)
As to me, I am a Non Theistic Pagan Druid, basically Agnostic and Gods and Goddesses be they commonly well known or obscure do not feature strongly in my spiritual beliefs, which are more strongly rooted in the tangible, provable and awesome powers of Nature. Although I would also say I am open to accepting any future positive and verifiable proof that such beings exist I, (like the Witches and Wizards of the Wizarding World), do not spend much time or energy worrying about whether or not Deities are real and require our 'worship'. We'll all find out soon enough, so why bother worrying about it? Just believe whatever you wish but try to live a good, creative, tolerant and principled life, don't go getting involved in the nonsensical 'My God's better than your God' insanity and the violence it inevitably leads to and things will work out fine. That I feel is probably the way most of Jo's Witches and Wizards, at least those on the side of Light tend to think and live. Me too! :o)
Many Blessing.
Oriondruid, (John).
Oriondruid chapter 2 . 11/20/2016
Lesley has much to learn about the magical world, not least about the first revelation in this chapter, that is the least of the wonders this trip with Dennis will reveal to her. :o)
Although of course this whole story inevitably deals with issues of deep sorrow and the tragedies of the past there is still thankfully much entertainment, information and humour to be found in it, as all well written tales should have, balance being important, since unremitting gloom is very hard going to read.
That is why I struggled and gave up with many of the so called 'classics' of Russian literature. To paraphrase something the late, great science fiction Robert Heinlein once wrote in one of his own stories, "I don't know what those books are for, but it certainly can't be entertainment!" I heartily agree!
Angelina's revelations to Lesley in this chapter about the time after the Battle, of how badly George was affected by Fred's death and how it took a while for them both to realise it was ok for them to get together without it being 'disrespectful' of Fred's memory were well thought out. Their realisation that as a couple they could start living again were pretty much exactly the way I'd always thought their relationship must have come about. Brilliant stuff, well written as ever.
Many Blessings.
Oriondruid, (John).
Lilyp chapter 2 . 11/16/2016
Oh, you added chapters at the beginning of this. Your muggle accounts of magical things are great, even if the muggle is aware of magic. In this case, it's beautiful to see Den's and Lesley's relationship growing.
Hey, Lesley, Gabrielle is gorgeous , but she's tha past, don't worry.
The Three Stoogies chapter 3 . 11/7/2016
another good chapter keep up the good work
coki83 chapter 3 . 11/2/2016
Another 2 chapters, to another great story! Loving it so far, can't wait for more! Xox
Alex chapter 1 . 10/30/2016
I enjoyed this the first time you posted it and again now that you have updated it. Though I am wondering, do you plan to post more now that you are back? I really hope so; strangers and James and me are two of my favorites by you. Hope you will continue posting. Your stories are great!
FriendofMolly chapter 3 . 10/30/2016
That was lovely. Well not necessarily Lesley's encounter with the Venomous Tentacula. But the meeting with Luna and Neville was. If anything it gave her more reason to be comfortable being with Dennis. This was a perfect end to the Memorial weekend.
Killthemalldaenerys chapter 3 . 10/30/2016
I love this a lot. I love Dennis and Angelina and George Lesly and I reeeeally like reading about all my favourite characters from other people's point of view. I love your writing and your (as far as I'm concern) canon stories
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