Reviews for Dragonborn: The Legend Continues
LaniusLegioXIII chapter 1 . 3/24/2015
So… finally got to read the chapter. It was really good.
The descriptive writing was really good; although I noticed a few grammar mistakes here and there… (Not that I have much say in this, since I make them too hahaha).

Absolutely loved the use of Dovah; although I would suggest the same thing my reviewers asked of me. Put the translations of the Dovah next to the sentence.
It doesn’t look very nice, but it is way easier for the readers to get the meaning and not wonder “the hell did he said?” just as suggestion.

So… Lydia will be able to use the Thu’um too eh? That’s cool.
Never tried that mod…

The battle was well done. You kept it tense and action packed.
Yeah; you should continue writing this fic. I’ll gladly read it.
Paper Kaine chapter 1 . 3/22/2015
Not bad, there was one instance in which humour just didn't work (when he was picked up by Alduin). The initial paragraph had great descriptions, and was written pretty well. Overall, I am intrigued. If you continue, I'll be sure to keep reading.