Reviews for Midnight Shadows
XenaTheAlienChick chapter 1 . 4/25/2015
-there's a tombstone with a saying carved into it it read's "here lies xena. may she R.I.P." suddenly a hand shoots out of the ground and i crawl out of it-

me:ok who the hell buried me!

lebiathan:we thought you died

me:i'm not dead god damnit! it's just life smacked me across the face, called me a silly cunt, and made me become to busy to read and stories so what did i miss?

rawr:we fought giant spiders

me:*looks around* well that explains the hige cobwebs

raleigh:destroyed the ring in the firey pits of mount doom


leviathan:and raleigh's a father and i'm an aunt

me:wait what?!

rawr:oh yeah raleigh created his own frankenstein she's super adorable and her name's Molly! *smiles*

me:*mumbles* damnit i must've thought her up while i was reading my Frankenstein graphic novel by Grim Grisly...*speaks normally* so it that all i missed?

leviathan:that and a bunch of stories by our favorite fanfiction author

me:wow i was gone for awhile huh


me:welp i must say this story sure was interesting and i sure hope i can catch myself up on your other stories buddy! i cant promise anything though but damn have i been gone for a long time :3