Reviews for The Fourth School
Mab's Mad Fiddler chapter 33 . 2h
He's a mongoose, isn't he? Would make a lot of sense.
kitiku01 chapter 32 . 9/9
I love the series and the characters; but I'm a little confused...wasn't the Daily Prophet shares bought out by Lord Greengrass in a ? And wasn't Sirius required to register his animagus form when they had the trial for him and Wormtail? It's still a great story but would love those questions answered!
Lady Archimedes's Clone chapter 20 . 9/9
Ynys Crochenydd is Welsh not Gaelic. Look it up
kurokazeryuu chapter 37 . 9/7
Would've been done sooner but was procrastinating on my reading. Thanks for the entertainment, now I'm off to the next one.
darksidhe42 chapter 31 . 8/22
Harry was asking about buying the Daily Prophet... didn't Lord Greengrass do the same thing in an earlier book, and force them to be nice for a while? What happened?
MarkedPariah chapter 26 . 8/16
So one thing about the last scene here. Dumbledore and Molly should have known that the betrothal contract that they had signed previously was invalid since there was a scene where Dumbledore discovered this after he woke up from being knocked unconscious by Harry, he then told Molly about it. Sorry for not writing more reviews I've greatly enjoyed your writing.
Lady Archimedes's Clone chapter 19 . 8/15
Lady Archimedes's Clone chapter 15 . 8/14
LOVE IT! and it is one of my favorite chapters
mooneysfate chapter 37 . 8/6
great final chapter. love this continued story! :D
Guest chapter 35 . 7/24
Regarding the end of chapter 35:

... I love you for doing this.
Guest chapter 36 . 6/14
Thank you for not killing Cedric!
Guest chapter 23 . 6/14
Love the articles! Especially the one on dragons.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/13
THANK YOU! I have always thought only harry actually agreeing to participate in the tournament made him a champion, otherwise as you had the goblin say it would have been too great a weapon to use to get rid of your enemies' children.
StayBlessed chapter 34 . 6/1
While his form wasn't what I thought it was, and after reading what it represents, it is quite fitting. Still lame in my opinion tho.
StayBlessed chapter 33 . 6/1
That is absolutely the lamest animagus form I've ever seen for Harry in a fic lol. Did people really vote for that? I'm not sure i even care if he becomes an animagus anymore.
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