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Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe chapter 7 . 1/18
Genji has gained the title [Orphan Obliterator] due to murderizing the required about of children
MoinLeute chapter 1 . 12/19/2022
No... dying because you didnt properly chew your steak is by far the most stupid and embarrassing death reason i have seen so far.
Shattering chapter 9 . 11/21/2022
I know that my review doesn't have much weight and the story has already progressed too far ahead, but here goes...even if the village is in dire straits, the kage won't care what kindergarten aged children are doing in class, he has designated people for that, and they will report to him directly or in some meeting if there is someone noteworthy (and looks don't count). There is no need for him to evaluate them further himself, he has shitload of other things to do.

So far Genji didn't do anything notable to garner attention and that he looks a bit like third kazekage shouldn't mean anything in grand scheme of things...
SIMPDESTROYER chapter 6 . 10/19/2022
He should just focus on his Bloodlines, it won't do to split his attention when they are already going to take a lot out of him. Also ngl fighting with massive fans is so lame...
Eltari chapter 13 . 9/12/2022
Is this story on hiatus.
Midots chapter 13 . 9/3/2022
great story. didn't want to read as it's not complete. glad I did. though I would still prefer if it can be revisited by the author. even if it's been a few years.
great read though.
SuperReader3000 chapter 13 . 7/22/2022
I hope you’re able to come back to this! I love the premise and would love to see where you’re able to take it!
It'sdead chapter 13 . 6/3/2022
The story’s dead
moose3333 chapter 1 . 6/1/2022
Ugh I hate ID Create. Ruins almost every gamer fic
Thicc-Chungs chapter 10 . 5/5/2022
if he is able to keep saving data and reloading back to where he was, then it's like it isnt an actual life. I mean the gamer is able to increase his strength, vitality, agility, yet its. it being taken advantage of.
I dont mind the story. it's great.

but I fee like it's a game and not a life. all the people he interacted with seem to be nice and not questioning certain things. like the money situation. he is an orphan so it's none that they have a stipend. yet when he gets thing that are 4k price no one bats an eye.
yochan123 chapter 12 . 4/29/2022
yay he's finally equivalent to itachi and kakashi at the same age, woohoo!

I love his steps to surviving future conflict - def gotta max those bloodline abilities and unlock sage mode which elevated naruto from okay to threat level
and always good to learn shadow clone jutsu now that he has the chakra capacity for exponential gain since leveling up is much harder!
HAHAHA STORE AN ARMY OF IRON SAND CLONES YESSS. when madara comes he can just be like BAM! nice technique creation with iron sand too! ooh makes sense the genius will be studying under the only S-rank active ninja of Suna! I thought that would be most helpful in increasing his skills in the shortest amount of time since he shows the most promise

his aisd cloak is so COOL! such a great idea! _

lol someone finally questioned him about all the money he spent lol. gambling is a great excuse. thank god he increased his luck stat so much

ooh smart to have multiple sets of the mysterious puppeteer outfit!
HAHAHAHAHA I laughed so much at pakura being like why are you eating in the middle of a fight Lmao only the gamer can restore chakra and hp that way hahaha. yes baffling ppl with your bs works if you can't dazzle them lol

yeah i was thinking goro must find it weird how genju's stamina recovers so dang fast lmao
wow the genins are at so high a level...yeah those next 6 years will def be quite helpful for him in getting to that level. now that i see the amount of training genji puts in i feel like sasuke and the others must be like super low leveled comparatively cuz they're so incompetent (like i don't think they can defeat him and he's only level 18 rn)
but naruto mass clone spam did defeat mizuki so...clones rule i guess

You could have unlimited stamina, but it's useless if you someone one-shots you because you couldn't even react or see it coming. Like those Iwa-nin being decimated by the Yellow Flash due to his reflexes and speed.
agree there

that civvy fam looks like a dursley reference from harry potter haha
your quests are so fun and he even fails some which is super realistic

didn't Naruto spout off about how he's going to end the cycle of hatred? Like that's going to happen in a land full of magical mercenaries/assassins. There'll be peace for maybe 20 years after the 4th Shinobi War and then something will happen. Conflict is eternal after all.
yes seriously. so many naive idiots man

well at least his kaguya bloodline can help mask his gamer's body abnormality haha
lol goro sensei is so good and taught him a lot of useful info (and thankfully has a receptive and smart, hardworking student too). like combining sasuke's brain naruto's stamina rock lee's hardworking efforts without their weaknesses like sasuke's superiority complex/angst, naruto and rock lee's weak brains and dumbness lol.
genju wouldn't fall for tazuna's stunt

yes copy hand seals! i've always thought that's why ninja do them so fast just simply executing it so that others wouldn't copy their techniques so much

unlike the konoha genin idiots who were so rude to the kazekage's children, here suna gotta be respectful cuz they're poor. but it's alright cuz in the future GENJI WILL PROVE HIMSELF ABOVE THEM ALL HAHAHA

haha i also thought of the monkey king's nimbus cloud with his iron sand (he def gotta get more)

LOL rasa's HP is lower than zombie gato hahaha

The Kazekage claiming we're short on ninjas? Of course the village will be short if you keep sending numerous Jonin on suicide missions to kill Gaara.
for real LOl stop sending ppl on suicide missions bro this ain't root

gaara proves that it's not smart provoking jinchurikki so like konoha's civilians are all *morons* since they obviously want to die from naruto - i never got that part cuz normally you want to avoid antagonizing the dude chaining a chakra beast

lol itachi and sasuke would benefit from having that 100 wisdom boost - question their decisions like why **Kill your entire clan** folloiwng this genocidal dictator's orders instead of leaving or rebelling since obviously there won't be more lives saved

technological capabilities of this world is confusing as fuck.
agreed! always cofused me too

that exam questionon anko hahaha rumors have spread and team 7 are so meta i love it
yay mom reunited!
yochan123 chapter 10 . 4/29/2022
LOVE YOUR STORY. I compiled a bunch of thoughts into my review as gratitude and appreciation since one can only post a review once

oh just realized he's gaara's age so he's like 6 years before canon. WAY enough time to get strong for konoha's chuunin exams to be above chuunin levels!

I don't have to defeat Orochimaru when I'm 12. I just have to run away from him successfully without getting marked by his curse mark. Should I mess up on my character build, I can always reload to an earlier save file.
that's right! achievable moderate goals

makes sense that itachi and kakashi hae better stats given their more hardcore clan trainings from top tier shinobi (also i like your capping him and his stat gains - they're not that big so he really has to work hard for them!)

If the Kazekage told me my mission was to be a suicide bomber, I'd accept but tell him to go fuck himself in my mind. Then I'd take my mother with me, abandon Suna, and risk being labeled a missing-nin.
heck yeah!

i sure hope there's a lot of iron sand around suna. he better start collecting some lol

glad he lost and gained some experience since there's no way he should have won against kankuro anyways who is also older than him lol

wow that instructor is level 150...dang. meanwhile our mc is level 1 LOL i hope he can gain levels a bit faster in the future

if i were a kaguya i would be extremely disturbed too...thank ye gamer's mind
i like all the info on fan arts and puppetry. makes it seem real professional

also neat that you renamed various techniques to fit suna instead of konoha (like the general lack of trees and water lol)

iryo ninjutsu would be mighty handy

glad for the good time skip and that he leveled up to 12 haha knew he wouldn't be at level 50 so soon but hopefully he can get tougher level dungeons soon and defeating enemies for more exp

hahahahaha this store is even selling edo tensei lmao. the magnet release lightning god self looks hella cool and could e a goal

also glad he is not yelling out each jutsu...
wiw hus first game over

wow so fun it' sgood he saved at critical times...and eri sensei is so neat

oooh we see the consequences like rasa considering making the ichibi host be genji instead - it's so interesting and intricate! I LOVE IT

his paranoia of the main characters failing to save the day is enough of a motivator for him to improve himself.
righto! lol one slight and naruto could be dead by the first mission for all we know

oooh demon instructor. that title hahahahah poor dude pissed he can't go fishing
hahaha restart load save file XD
agree that a specialized ninja is a dead one so a lot of the konoha 12 are not great

lmao buddy we already know our number 1 enemy is that pedo orochimaru, yikes
orochimaru would probably go for his body over sasuke since he can always kill sasuke or itachi and get sharingan eyes (or danzo lol) but he won't ever get the kaguya clan's body

luck is the one stat to rule them all haha!

man if naruto wanted to be this strong or sasuke then kakashi should have trained them like goro did!

all these competing milk vendors lol. the economic powerhouse quest is so interesting and very curious how he will accomplish it!
yochan123 chapter 2 . 4/29/2022
haha your humor is great, like the reference from ATLA and all the vehicle deaths lol
being able to pause things is great

love his abilities too. gamer's mind and body are a must the iron sand defense! ppl will think he's related to the third kazekage

holy shit he has save data too? awesome!
ooh and options too. this is the most game like naruto fanfic i've read. soooo exciting

you have all the basic stat points laid out in a really neat way :)

ohh it's so sad with his mom (but realistic) - you handled it really nicely with that main quest!
also lmao they really trying to produce kakashis there in suna. yes thankfully no danzo kidnapping his ass for root but now orochimaru will be after him since he's healthier than kimimaro. oh lord

yes to common sense and hoping ppl remain stupid - like deidara not carrying around bags of clay or gaara apparently not making use of alllll the sand around him in the sand village haha

yeah remaining in the background is a retarded thing since we all know canon is violent and shit and frankly doesn't leave you with a lot of room for a potentially long life

woohoo life goals let's go!
yochan123 chapter 1 . 4/28/2022
oh this is SO AWESOME. i love gamer fics and your story is great. pray you might come back to this one day!
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 13 . 4/24/2022
enjoyed reading your story hope you continue one day
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