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boyo77 chapter 51 . 5/9
Wow. I just binge read this series. Your writing style and characterization matured and improved so much. I really cared about the protagonist. Amazing job!
Bearswithlazereyes chapter 51 . 4/19
This was a wonderful story 3 I practically grew up on Stargate SG1, and i don't often read SG1 fics, but this was probably my favorite so far!
dietcokechic chapter 44 . 3/16
As I can't email Emi directly, I thought I'd reply to her (his?) email here. First, thank you for your review. It always makes me smile when I hear from someone who discovers the Barista stories after all these years.

Second, I *never* *ever* wanted to write anything offensive and apologize profusely if anyone was offended by anything I ever wrote. When I wrote the sentence that included 'fag', it was done so a whopping 13 years ago, at a time (and place, I lived in Seattle at the time) where it wasn't perceived/used in the pejorative way I think it might be today. I had heard my gay friends use the term in the early oughts ('00's), so I thought nothing of co-opting it for my story.

I have mixed feelings about updating this chapter, as it *is* a snapshot in time. I'm also hesitant, because removing this single word would mean changing the last updated date for the entire 51-chapter Barista story from 2005 to 2017, which believe me, I'd hear about! Folks will wonder if new chapters have been posted, or would re-read, wondering what had been changed. Truth be told, I'd love to go back and give the Barista a good editorial scrubbing, but I'm not sure when I'll have the time.

So! For right now, I'm going to leave the word in there, but do know the decision wasn't made lightly and I sincerely appreciated hearing from you. The moment I decide to update/edit these stories, the first changes will occur in this chapter. Thanks, Emi.
Emi chapter 44 . 3/8
Hi! So I really LOVE your story (been reading it for the past few days), but it really bothers me that Kira keeps using the word 'fag' to describe Stefan and his boyfriend(s). It's just such an offensive word for a friend to using about another friend - I've had friends being called 'fag' or 'faggot' by people who didn't like the fact that my friends are gay and they were really upset about it. I know it's not meant to be derogatory in this particular story, but the word itself is actually an insult against gay men so it really puts me off whenever I see it being used in what's meant to be a 'friendly' way. I realize this story was written a while ago, but I just thought I'd throw in my two cents anyway.

I really do love the rest of this story though (it's wonderfully written and funny) so I hope my comment doesn't make you feel like it isn't a great piece of writing otherwise.
LadyOthala chapter 51 . 2/4
Wow... Just wow!
Thanks for writing and sharing this story.
Guest chapter 51 . 9/24/2016
Thank you for writing the Barista series!
himssendol chapter 16 . 7/6/2016
LOL! Oh my hahaha this is so funny. I have a friend named Kristie and we all call her Kree. I have no idea why i never made the connection with kree in stargate!
DwarfRunner chapter 51 . 4/13/2016
THIS STORY WAS AMAZING! I hope you still come on FF, because I just spent like 8 hours reading this entire fic. I love love LIVED it. I had many other things to do today and i cant believe I just did this... but it was phenomenal.
DwarfRunner chapter 17 . 4/13/2016
THIS WAS FANTASTIC! I cracked up with the not about Janet working because of and on them
DwarfRunner chapter 16 . 4/13/2016
Hahahahahhaa the end was the best! I was just imagining Teal'c saying International House of Pancakes. Hahahahhaha love it!
DwarfRunner chapter 6 . 4/13/2016
kurtainkid chapter 16 . 8/19/2015
I like it. I didn't even think about the "Kree" you alluded to before till after the fact. It was just like "K, wtf, she got tackled and Cassie's crying." But it's great. "You would find the one person nicknamed Kree, Daniel."
SR chapter 51 . 8/13/2015
I feel kind of silly writing a review for a story that was completed nearly 10 years ago. You might not check these anymore. You might not even use the same email address that's tied to your account anymore-lord knows that I don't use the same email address that I had when I used to write fics 10 years ago, although I was just an agnsty teenager back then rather than an accomplished grad student like you. Lol...

However, I thought that there still might be a small chance seeing as it looks like you still actually get reviews on the regular after all this time. So I just wanted to let you know how surprised and delighted I was by this whole thing. I pretty much broke my golden rule of fanfiction reading by even opening a fic starring an OC, but not only did she never hook up with anyone (even though I found myself rooting for that to happen occasionally, heh), I felt like she was generally a very realistic and likable character. Sometimes this fic got pretty silly, maybe a little too silly for me personally... but overall it was just so goddamn fun. I'm pretty sure I just devoured the whole thing in something like three days, haha. They so happened to be three not particularly fun days, too, but taking a break to read this never failed to cheer me up. Like comfort food in fiction form. I'm super stoked to see that Kira apparently makes her return in The Assistant, although I'm also distressed to see that that one isn't marked as complete... but oh well, that's what I get for just now getting into such an ancient fandom :P

Thanks for leaving this stuff up, and I hope you're still writing cool stuff somewhere out there.
thebluninja chapter 51 . 7/23/2015
Well, this was a great story. I did consider doing my usual, and pointing out spelling/grammar mistakes, but since your profile hasn't been updated in seven years, I doubt you'd see them. (How's the kid, btw?) I suppose I'll have to surf by your web page and see if you kept writing and just abandoned FFN.
thebluninja chapter 46 . 7/23/2015
No no no, Daniel - you should be making her an offer she can't refuse. :p
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