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laurelisland chapter 20 . 9/21/2019
He told her the truth! LOL! Ingenious twist.
And she doesn't believe him. Maybe I should say he hid the truth in plain sight. *bg*

I never mentioned something I really should have. A large part of this story's charm is Kira's journey through the higher education labyrinth. It's quite an interesting subplot on its own; has a nice pace and sometimes more twists and turns than Daniel's stories. But not often. ;)

All those classes' names in this chapter made my head spin a little even though I got the basic idea. (Are they for real?)
laurelisland chapter 19 . 9/13/2019
I'm not sure what I found more amusing about this chapter - the fact that SG-1 let their secret conversation be a little less secret than usual or Jack's show of his anti-hiding skills. *bg*

"I guess it makes sense that Jack and Daniel are friends. I mean, they don't seem to have a damn thing in common except a weird military connection and their attractiveness."

LOL! This is so not correct and such an accurate observation at the same time.

"...reminiscing about some 60's party they had gone too. The conversation didn't make a lot of sense, as I would only hear bits and pieces of conversation before having to help another customer."

I bet it would make even less sense if she heard it all.
laurelisland chapter 18 . 9/10/2019
This is a beatuiful vignette. Possibly the most beautiful one in the entire series.

I must confess something. Much as I love the interaction between Kira and Daniel, scenes with Kira and Jack are my favourites. They play so well off each other. In the previous chapter Jack remarked that Kira's a female Daniel. Maybe that's why. :)
laurelisland chapter 17 . 9/7/2019
Good choice of the POV. Your Jack is perfect. You nicely mixed in that depth-in-humour he has - whenever he makes a joke it's more meaningful than 'deep' monologues. (I always thought Stargate worked its characters better than any other show because of this; and not only with Jack.) I really feel for him too, having to point out even to himself that he knows 'big' words. Nice addition to the (closet) amateur astronomer Jack of canon.

I also enjoyed how the tables turned and Kira ended up on the other side of the POV. It was a stroke of genius and made this fic even more vivid and entertaining.

Although he didn't have much to say, I loved Teal'c here too. Particularly his ever-so-subtle humour.

" "Actually Danny, you did good." I say sincerely. "I know you may not like to admit it, but you really are turning into a decent soldier." "

Nice catch! I'm a bit bugged by the view that, even in later seasons, Daniel's a clumsy guy who needs to be protected in the field. I've always had the impression that he's adept enough at soldier stuff (and not repulsed by it) even at this point in canon.

Despite all I said, my absolutely and utterly favourite part was the one about Janet working late. Incorrigible whumper here. 0:)
laurelisland chapter 16 . 9/1/2019
Ah, the one where Stefan scares the tough guys. *g*

Good idea using language as a twist of sorts. It's nice to see that, especially if you like languages.

The part with Kree where, like in chapter 7, Kira alternated between the serious (surprise and confusion here) and the light (appreciation of Daniel) cracked me up.

"I'll betcha we have some sort of planetary 'Do Not Disturb' sign posted on the outskirts of our solar system.
"I wish." Jack mumbles."

Civilian, Jack. Tsk tsk. (Yep, the line from chapter 5 just had to be paraphrased.)

"I believe, a long time ago, aliens paid us a visit, deemed us too immature and warlike and decided to leave us alone for another couple millenniap. I mean it makes sense, look at..."

Stefan! Pick the right time, will you?! I'd love to see what Kira's proof was.
laurelisland chapter 15 . 8/31/2019
Poor Sam. The fact that she let so many little details slip told what she went through more than anything else. Although, for some reason my favourite part of this vignette are Kira's musings on her friends' work.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm in an X-Files episode. Maybe even an extra in the damn series!"

Nope. Stargate. Way cooler. ;)
(But I liked the XF reference anyway.)
laurelisland chapter 14 . 8/31/2019
"Some vitally important radar telemetry conference?"
Uh oh. This gave me a mental image of Tok'ra and SG-1 discussing theoretical intricacies of radar telemetry...

"Stefan yells sounding not at all like the flaming faerie (his words, not mine) he is."
Oh, boy! *laughs herself silly*

Anyway... your Jacob was spot on. I could easily see and hear this scene in my mind's eye. One could even say that Kira's characterisation of him was very good, if this makes any sense. Her impressions of him were perfect.

Good work on the drama too. It could've easily turned into cheap melodrama, especially with Kira's reaction to the events, but it never did.
laurelisland chapter 13 . 8/27/2019
Here's one of the charms of this fic. Instead of more Kira wondering and trying to figure out what their conversations mean (which you could've done) she's beginning to just enjoy the Jack and Daniel show. Nice character and story development.
laurelisland chapter 12 . 8/24/2019
A sweet chapter where nothing happens but leaves you warm inside. Its title is perfect, it is a repose, for us readers too.

" "Actually Daniel, I don't drink coffee."
"You don't WHAT?!" Daniel shouts looking at me as if I was suddenly possessed by some soul-sucking alien who happened to be residing in my brain."

You mean to say the Goa'uld don't drink coffee either?! Anyway, another case of Kira accidentally guessing the truth. I really love these.
laurelisland chapter 11 . 8/21/2019
*hugs Kira*
*hugs Daniel*
*hugs Jack*
*hugs Sam*

Kira's conversation with Sam was a very nice tension breaker and a lovely read. My (second) favourite part was where putting the known facts together confused Kira, though.
laurelisland chapter 10 . 8/21/2019
Back to business as usual, nicely done.

I liked how you wrote this...
" "Look about.." We both say at the same time. Daniel chuckles and I laugh. Ah the heck with it. We don't need to talk about O'Malleys."
... and didn't continue with some clich├ęd awkward duscussion that goes nowhere. You really let it slide - for a few lines. After the niceties the same conversation wasn't stilted like it would have been if it continued from here.

"Thing was, he apparently said some pretty wacky stuff and shortly thereafter just vanished from the face of the earth."

Quite literally, Kira! *giggles* It's so fun reading these bits where an oblivious Kira hits the nail on the head. Her anglicised versions of alien names are a stroke of genius too.
laurelisland chapter 9 . 8/20/2019
Absolutely hilarious. I nearly laughed myself off the chair. For at least the third time!

You caught the characters perfectly, which is what made this story so funny. I think Jack stole the show, though. I loved the (talk of) drinking contest. And then his worrying about Kira... That was adorable.

And this:
"Successful simulation of catastrophic collisions in space."
I love these technobabble excuses. (Or technobabble cover stories?)
laurelisland chapter 8 . 8/17/2019
LOL ... Yum!

This review would be longer if I wasn't distracted by memories of Jack O'Neill in dress uniform. *g*
laurelisland chapter 7 . 8/17/2019
This is another one of the favourites.

For starters, brilliant idea on how to handle this ep. Small planet indeed. :)

I loved how you injected a little angst with Kira being worried about hurting her friend. On the one hand. And on the other she couldn't fight the curiosity. Luckily for us readers, curiosity won.
(I'd love to read the text of Marcie's e-mail too. And possibly more correspondence.)

What worked really well was that you didn't inject too many details into Kira's tale, especially those that could be guessed or inferred anyway. That, along with gradual dosing of info, made for a really nice flow of the story and easy read... And chuckles at the end of every paragrah.

I absolutely adored this bit:
" "Have you been to Antarctica lately?" Naturally the moment that left my mouth there was complete silence in the store. I'm not talking about the silence that comes when two people aren't speaking, but the total silence of, well, utter and complete silence. Apparently the Natalie Cole CD I had been listening to chose that exact moment to end."

Well, I adored all the others too, but I had to point this one out.

Like I said, one of my favourite Barista chapters. :)
laurelisland chapter 6 . 8/11/2019
LOL! The perfect recap of that ep!
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