Reviews for The Muddy Princess
AliceMalefoy chapter 22 . 8/10
Very lovely story
AliceMalefoy chapter 15 . 8/9
This is one of the most beautiful scenes ever, like, really. Smart way to bring love to the mix and just perfectly balanced. You're very talented!
Mia Nymph chapter 13 . 7/17
Awww, Harry! If they can't be my OTP, they're definitely my BrOTP Harry & Hermione 3
Mia Nymph chapter 5 . 7/16
Not gonna lie, I wanted Hermione to be bitchier to Malfoy. It's more than deserved.
ToMyMuse chapter 22 . 7/4
Nelli Natisha chapter 21 . 5/12
CISSA SAID WHAT?!... In a previous comment I said I wanted to hit Cissa in this fic. As a Black person I double down on the previous hit comment. I want to hit her HARD. Maybe knock some sense into her.
Nelli Natisha chapter 21 . 5/12
Theres always gonna be the occasional story where i hate Dracos parents or dislike them and just wanna hit them... This is such a fanfic where i wanna hit Cissa and maim Lulu
Nelli Natisha chapter 20 . 5/12
Luna works quick... I love how the women here are able to keep these guys on their toes. Even Lav got Ron around her finger. Its amazing. Im so proud of them
Nelli Natisha chapter 19 . 5/12
Pansy and Ginny give me life here. Theyre so funny
Nelli Natisha chapter 15 . 5/12
... "Be free little rules". Im sorry but i laughed at that line
Nelli Natisha chapter 6 . 5/12
Use a pensieve, She will see him squirm thru your eyes
Nelli Natisha chapter 4 . 5/12
His throught process genuinely baffles and fascinates me. Lulu really put things in his head
Nelli Natisha chapter 4 . 5/12
I am cackling. I knew he had a weird crush as a kid. I am equal parts laughing at Draco and feeling sad for him
Nelli Natisha chapter 2 . 5/12
HE REALLY TRIED IT. I love that Hermione said "test time". I defunitely believed he had a crush on Hermione but because of his parents he essentially turned it all to hate cause thats the only way he could get her attention. Which is of course stupid but school boys are weird emotionally. The fact blood purity still matters to him right now sucks tho. Looking forward to the development
Nelli Natisha chapter 1 . 5/12
I didnt start fully reading yet. I cackled at the A/N about the low m rating because someone said they felt cheated about the lack of explicit smut. I love smut and porn with a plot but i do also like the implied stuff stories as well (theyre usually good writers that either feel they cant write smut well or prefer not to add it and thats ok. the story is so well written that the smut while missed isnt something to be mad about) so obviously ill keep reading. My original point was that the "cheated" comment reminded me of wattpad and the whole "ROBBED" comment threads which made me cackle anew. Ok back to actually reading the story now.
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