Reviews for The Muddy Princess
diamondnightskies chapter 7 . 10/10
Ah...the beginning of Hermione getting sucked into reluctant feelings for poor, misguided Draco.
diamondnightskies chapter 6 . 10/10
It's funny how every scene with Draco in it makes me feel the same swurling mixture of dislike and feeling sorry for him.
diamondnightskies chapter 5 . 10/10
Her trying to find safe topics of conversation was so hilariously awkward.
diamondnightskies chapter 4 . 10/10
Yes, the beginning of this chapters makes me both really dislike but then also feel kinda sorry for Draco. I do wonder what those chocolates would have done.
diamondnightskies chapter 3 . 10/10
I really enjoy the Blaise you've created for this story, and his dynamic with Hermione. I think all of Theo's commentary at dinner was pretty perfect.
diamondnightskies chapter 2 . 10/10
That pink, salty, dark chocolate really sounds delicious. I love Theo's thought process in the beginning of this chapter, his developing awareness of the shittiness of the beliefs he was raised with. And the third part makes me both cringe at Draco's ridiculousness and laugh at Hermione letting him have it.
diamondnightskies chapter 1 . 10/10
Regarding your author's note: Gosh people just feel cheated about anything and everything these days. And on that note I'd like to let you know that I feel totally cheated that there wasn't any incestuous anal sex in this first chapter.

For real though, I have to tell you that this is at least the third time I've read this story and I love it every time. Maybe fourth? I honestly can't remember if I've commented before unfortunately, but I hope I have. I've gone through periods of voracious reading with very little commenting after just giving birth to/being up half the night nursing multiple kids. Or during bouts of introversion or depression when I just wanted familiar stories to sink into and feel a bit better. 'A Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbly' is in that same category. So thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us. I've definitely gotten hours and hours of enjoyment from your stories and appreciate it very much.
Jennieb89 chapter 22 . 10/1
Kudos! Thank you for sharing this. I loved this, it was fab!
ZeMeliaTinaKiNifro chapter 22 . 9/17
Love this fluffy story!
Guest chapter 11 . 9/11
I think Hermione os tô easy with ALL this things... Beside tou writter very well
Granny Wolf chapter 22 . 9/9
this was one of the best stories that I have lost sleep reading! the banter was giggle worthy, thanks for sharing your talent with us.
juseung chapter 22 . 9/7
A wonderful read, as always. Thank you for sharing it.

I hope you have a great week!
juseung chapter 21 . 9/7
We love a woman.

Lucius deserved every word.

Hermione ain’t one to mess with.
juseung chapter 19 . 9/7
Pansy is the best lmao.

I love this story. I’m sorry, I’m trying to read everything and then work has to exist. Gross.
juseung chapter 18 . 9/7
I didn’t say this earlier, but I’m sorry for not leaving reviews on so many of these chapters before. This story is dear to me, and I should’ve made that known over and over.
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