Reviews for Dreams
Debbie Hicks chapter 7 . 1/1/2021
Death of Selena Cullen
then BBitten me then he left me then too late Good who turned you freak the brought there good killed Aliens/Vulcans then broken then exprimented by augmenting then took from here Destroyed the beaten hardest then too late Good ours gifted of gift telekinesis what you wish my vengeance on them then Beheaded good where you think yiu are leaving the screaming then Sexually ssasultd by telepac mind raping me then too late then Broken then the worker found called the Cullens then too late you are too late die with her with bitten best friends then With they nuked both with aliens/Vulcans good never s alive but Burning good then Alice found me so sick was dying with child twins oh no a nw lw passed two wives gasp they did it with they was very too moe than as all of it Ill oh my god who did to her it's Volturi then too late Blacking outside blown up with Both then then Severance but brought there each both then in time had a Son and daughter twins bitten freely died there oh my god save them as all of wait they are transtioning then wild senses took flight too late Never was alive again nuked wit both they with here shattered good Brought there good with two wives he have like from Tenchi Muyo burn them there with the two then More Volturi guards then too late as all of them good never return here then it came afterwards then As all of hem stolen looks/names/ages/blood /powers blown as all of them good we must brainwash them hen too late you e report a crime hybrids are twins Bree and Diego die Irina/others they are different sentenced to death good then Atomized more Volturi guards too late rest ripped them apart good Bring them with the pregnant best friends bitten had freaks followed into pieces torn heads beheaded them are punished See revealed verdict to hem death then it came Alice had a vision oh my god they know you really are Selenity ae Not human so they gasp then nevr are on Earth but on The planet Vulcan.
Debbie Hicks chapter 7 . 10/16/2019
9. Unwanted
then left me with Eight hurt me hardest then Bi8tten best friends Swallowede as al of blood too late Was Running then newspapers of myself draining people too late four yu there murderrd peple you brokern the law take car of that the then Venom was Into from Alien Vulcan carnivorous Snakes good who turned you tell us then the get herr and we took care of the Cullens with him then too late Both skin ripped screamimg the chained tell our master turned far youngf pity then Experimented but Brain surgeries then Get tjhem with the Cullens with her we want themn too late Two horrified of the bittern best friends pregnant then chained the one broken this riule is punished as a Vampire With they Added her/they then She surrenders good Selene then Verdict guilty as charged but death tjhen no she has asylum married but Exepting He left me again Brothers End her/they with the realks then my screams was heard for immortal choildtren Ahead of mine tore ;loose with his/both theirs with both then Get her/they blacking out tore frpm here both good from this date you are Cursed with sixth Brought there then too late Sickest frailer but dying with they gasp Alice they done to them then Bitten me too hardest the lost too much blood with the each both then had eight kids were hybrids Far too BIG! Then then Ripped into pieces ATMIZERD By Vaporizing from here brought there with three with others bitten from here Get her/they captured you killed people we punish you Selena now and never Sentence Death to her/they he has 2 wives Executed from here by more powerful atomizing but vaporzing then destroyed at rest bring both to our masters there then too late good guard with freaks killed good without mercy of the D of their daughter with the two followed without both see killed for Immortal Children theuy are punished they are Destroyed more as all of their Guards too late the damages lost memories erased cleansed of it then Hunted to very far as all of Washington's animals from help then had a planetary life of Telekinesis then with her/they with they then took down slipped four found me savoring both then Take care of them the escaped grabbed with they for rules broken then Both Brought there we report they are not mortals then Burning as all of them beaten rom her then lost as all of blod they broke of new members bitten by her/they illegally then Captured me/they then then then My screams was heard then Lost from here Snapped cursed to roam with them but rom homes and was in newest clothes both then both then nuked freely bring them to our masters then we discovered them they are Dead after birthing freaks aged had kids with Lycans are dead without as all blood good Put them to sleep Verdict to them as all of them are Punished Death they are All of them Convertees are deceased lost from there too late Cremated from here then more as all of guards then too late meet your mates then too late who are not living then too late As all of Volterrans more than a ten thousands or more with prey with her Exploding but with lower ones nuked the collection was done then us/they were Sterile but never was alive hair grew back had bangs in front of our faces myself was using my powers so theirs Alice she never has kids so they had planetary powers then too late Emerged the planetary powers us/they were Immortal then nuked both then vanished brought there were lower but more expanded good Then more as all of guards freed then then lost as all of color of the skins then was too late were as all of them bitten blown up with more last prey then what they converted too late too late myself was not human at all but as a Supreme Vampire slayerso they never aged at all of them dsuddenly twenty-nines each three gone from here then now new hairstyles very fiery to boot then now too late survived it the coverup story the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo Neo-Japan via reincartion worked Alice who done to you gasp they done to her/they with both two wives Jurai way oh my god they are going to get us/they sliced but blew up then then brought thee good they are terminated then too late then lost more skin color then never was alive.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/20/2015
I like it! It is really good!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/20/2015
Cool chapter!