Reviews for One Day They'll Understand
mackenziecmcmillan chapter 12 . 9/12
10/10 made me cry
ItsYorkWho chapter 12 . 8/9
very nice
Lazy Servant chapter 12 . 7/9
Thanks for the story.
Its a good read, i liked the povs?
Sorry for the poor review.
Hecseferblade chapter 12 . 7/1
This is honestly one of my favorite knightshade stories out there. Captures everything well, does a great job at maintaining pacing with time skips. And a satisfactory conclusion that’s not a forced “world is perfect now”

Just 2 people that managed to carve out a slice of peace in a shitty world.

Couldn’t be any more perfect. 10/10
Hecseferblade chapter 5 . 7/1
I’ll be honest. This chapter was so perfectly Nora and Ren it’s surprising. You captured their personalities perfectly. It’s a great chapter. 10/10
Gizmo Gear chapter 12 . 5/11
Thank you for writing this fic and posting it. There's a lot that can be learned from reading it. I enjoyed every chapter.
Gizmo Gear chapter 10 . 5/11
Ah, character development. Always fun.
Gizmo Gear chapter 9 . 5/11
Sun Wukong is a good man.
Gizmo Gear chapter 8 . 5/11
Glynda Goodwitch is one of my favorite characters. In spite of how much of a hardass she seems like, she genuinely cares for her students, each and every one. That's not easy to do in a profession where people die young.
Gizmo Gear chapter 7 . 5/11
Hahah! The good ol' Arc genetics. They never go halfway!
Gizmo Gear chapter 6 . 5/11
Well! That's one way to react! Weiss just didn't care, until things progress to the point that nature took it's course...
Gizmo Gear chapter 5 . 5/11
I was right about Nora! She was stumped too though, but about her own relationship troubles and how much of a mirror Jaune and Blake had been for her.

Very wholesome.
Gizmo Gear chapter 4 . 5/11
I was close with Ruby, but honestly, it's really fitting.
Gizmo Gear chapter 3 . 5/11
Heh. Driving Cinder into debt over her need to know. Glorious.
Gizmo Gear chapter 2 . 5/11
Ren is accepting but not sure how. Yang is dumbfounded.

Ruby is going to be giddy upon realizing the truth.
Pyrrha, the poor girl, is accepting if hurt.
Weiss is going to blue screen. Nora. She probably already accepts it.

Can't wait to see which of these are proben rihht/wrong/close enough.
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