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Rydan fall chapter 16 . 9/21
Well, if those droid fleets contain Lucrehulks and coreships, taking them over, would be of the good.
First of, it would secure the whole system.
Secondly, if modified right, Lucrehulks are quite nice ships.

Lets see, you could line the inner ring with industrial spacestation modules, Heaven medical station modules and so on.
Argo bays, food cloning bays, Bacta and Kolto bays, ect, ect
Even space for planetary power generators and shield emitters.
Still enough space to place a couple of dreadnought yards inside, especially if you relocate the command sphere to put inside the ring.
The plate the ring over, on bothe sides, while putting a double airlock system for starships inside the open gap of the former C.
Now a tripple layered dome on the under and top sides, each with their own sub layers.
Lower one becoming a fish farm and under water city, Gungan, Quaren, Mon Calimari style.
Top one becomes a farm and city complex of muliply layers, with the central building being a copy of the Jedi Temple.

General design setup, Turtle like.
Now on the Mon Calimari homeworld you have seashells that act as force based memory banks, while another planet has sentient trees that can use the force, if wanted.
Then there are lots of Crystaline Liveforms that also can use the force.
Basically, collect them all together and you could make great traveling cities, that would work quite well for people who can use the force or in this case, magic.
That system musts have a shipyard in order to maintain that fleet and from there they could take it over.
Turn the Sith stronghold into a their own bolt hole.

As for Dreadnoughts, so hope on Harry making a couple of Battlestars, you know.
Heh, take over that Wayland Shipyard Plant, use it to steal the fleet and then hide the whole fleet, shipyard and all, as the Wayland Fleet and the Wayland Yards.

Heh, wonder what they will do with the Clone Jedi, you know?
I do know one thing, Sirius will be sad that Harry didn't went for a treehouse, when he had the change, you know.
robert chapter 16 . 9/19
please continue this
Rydan fall chapter 13 . 9/20
You know, Hogwarts Houses and Jedi Knight classes are quite supporting of each other.
Jedi Service Corps Hupplepuff
Jedi Sentinel Ravenclaw
Jedi Consular Slitterin
Jedi Guardian Griffindor

And each of them has their own sub paths.
Not saying somebody should not be able to switch tracks, but it lets you find out which track they are most likely suited for and thus should get the most trining in, in terms of specialisation.

The fun thing is, it would actually center each house better and give Slitterin a outlet to stay in the light.
You let Harry find the Katana Fleet, right?
Why do I hope Harry owns quite a few muggle movies, music games and so on?
Just never found the time to do a thing with them?

Compare the Star Wars Dreadnaunght with a new Battlestar Galactica Battlestar of the Mercury class, like the Battlestar Pegasus.
With disney canon, your going to need two or more, in order to get the right hull shape, by placing two back bottom to bottom.
Belrevan chapter 16 . 9/18
It’s been a year since the last update.

Just checking in to see if my favorite story hasn’t been abandoned

I have reread this story 15 times
lector123 chapter 16 . 9/18
A year to the day since any update :-( Hoping you update soon
Aaran St. Vines chapter 16 . 9/17
On the one year anniversary of your last post here, please come back to us.

What a GREAT tale!
AvidReader522 chapter 10 . 9/17
OK I see Harrys point but at the same time he seems to be very much hypocritical as he says people have multiple opinions but ignores Shaak's claiming it's too cultish, an opinion, and basically argues over her.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/14
Your thinking about wizards traveling through the veil to create this world is beyond brilliant.
ElementalDarkness000 chapter 16 . 9/14
Just want to say I love the story so far and was wondering when the next chapter is going to be posted?
Shame chapter 16 . 9/12
It's a shame that this appears to be abandoned, for it was good.
Rydan fall chapter 12 . 9/14
Magic of the Force OR Force of Magic.
Last one sounds betterm, I think.
Better yet, we muggles even have a name for it, Mana.

So Harry owned Hogwarts?
If so and if he packed up everything, then where are the other house elves?

Also, Dobby, pack up everything I own could include the very buildings themselfs by breaking them down to size or using the wards to scrink the whole place down to size.
Would this mean that Harry has a trubk filled with snowglobes, by change?
Would solve the potion ingredient problem, you know.
Rydan fall chapter 10 . 9/10
Look up the Civil-Industrial I-C2 droid and the EVS construction droid from Veril Line Systems.
They take in materials, throw it into a fusion reactor to break it down to their origin atoms, then it puts it back together into raw materials that are then used to build things like say a building or so.

So yes, tney are capable breaking materials down to their atoms and then reconstucting them back into raw construction materials.
Even most of the top line mining droids are capable of this (though mostly to make sure those mining tunnels are supported right and thus will not collapse that easily).

Suggest you take a look at nBSG from around 2000, it's Mercury class Battlestar Pegasus.
Tell me if its main hull does not look like a Dreadnought, would you?
Compare them.
I can thus see Harry having great fun with a Dreadnought and quite a few more general spareparts.

lucrehulk, take three and create a a claw like sphere with six partial rings and the three engine blocks fused together in order to get a bigger engine block.
Then think Macross class cityships for how to do the space inside this empty sphere, the Itorians should help you with that part.
Done right, you have a farm anex cith part, with a Jedi Temple in the middle, a factory part with (dreadnought slash batllestar) shipyards in it and then a fish farm with a Gungan, Mon Calimari and Quarren styled under water city in it.
Ad in clonimg gear to reproduce the magical animals and plants of Harry his homeworld and...
Final outside shape should look either like a Macross cityship or a giant turtle (coreship and Venator docking arms)

Next, the CIS their Malvolence and Devastator can let you continue the Macross/Robotech trend by using a Malvolence as the mid section and two Devastators mounted on its side, to create something that looks quite like the SDF3 Pioneer in its Zentreadi hull look.
Best thing is that by relocating the side weapon emitters of the Malvolence to the two Devastators their sides, you actualy create a ship that has a good sniping ability, while also able to hold off a hostile fleet in more close combat.
Sure, the three hulls need to be better connected then on used one point, to each other, but you need hangarbays and so on, anyway.

See, thats three ship designs that I can see Harry going for, at a minimum.
Best thing is that it would let them keep everything mobile, so finding the Order of Wizarding Jedi would be quite hard.
Star Wars even knows of subspace and thus Warp, it has replicationdroids which are remicence of nBSG its BioCylons, it has lots of things hidden in plain sight.

On the Malvolence or should I say the class its naming ship, should it not be named Nautilus, on the old Disney movie named 20.000 lague under the sea?
Same hull shape as Nemo his (Disney) Nautilus, you know.
Yeah, I can see Harry stealing one and renaming it, while Dobby enacts the Captain Nemo theme from the movie.

As for stopping the coming droid army, just remove the power couplings, hope they have enough space to store it all, though.
Palpy his reaction that almost the entire taskforce has gone missing, while the Wookies proclaim THEIR system defence (Harry and Dobby)toke out almost the whole fleet in almost one shot. (Que Death Star tjoughts in Palpatine his mind).
Aaran St. Vines chapter 10 . 9/9
I don't read Star Wars fanfics because i don't want to read the multitude of book and watch the seasons of cartoons. I know only the basics of the clone wars, etc. - enough to follow this tale with your explanations. I'm a Harry Potter follower.

That being said, this is a brilliant story. I'll award you the genius of the concept of the SW clones being slaves,though it may be a given in SW fanficdom.

I can't believe I'm saying this, I who had gone over 9 years without updating my fics, please don't wait too much longer for the next installment.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/7
It's been nearly a year :(
Guest chapter 16 . 9/6
Any update coming this year? :(
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