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Fox Sage 1 chapter 53 . 9/19
Update please
Phoenixwright101 chapter 1 . 9/14
Talk about being screwed over by canon. According to the wiki the lightning dragon king was named Elexion and he was killed and eaten by a wizard named Kirin to become a fifth generation dragon slayer. As for Laxus' implanted lacrima, that was manufactured using Elexion's heart. I guess I'll just run with the headcannon that Valinor is Elexion's son for now and next in line to be king.
jackyfloresq2001 chapter 53 . 8/1
Daoist Atlas chapter 37 . 7/15
thanks for the chapter but that was some serious nerfing the only time natsu had any trouble eating his element was against a superior version like the god slayer i know this is not my fic or anything but he should not have had a problem eating laxus lightning and even with the nerfing he seemed to be expending enough magic to eat quite abit but other than that im enjoying the fic
Guest chapter 53 . 7/9
The story is really great. There are many good fairy tail fics, but they always leave them in oblivion. Therefore I admire that you continue with this fic. And from the bottom of my heart I hope you continue, because for me this fic is number one. Cheer up and of course I look forward to the lemon with Jenny. :)
IsakDemn chapter 1 . 6/29
add mira to, cant leave her out
chaoseternatum chapter 1 . 6/21
Been looking through similar stories, and all I can say is, "Finally, some good fucking grammar."
carlorafaeldesouzaarevalo chapter 53 . 5/28
Hello, old man. I just want to leave this fun fact here. Thank you for the stories you are offering us by writing them.

In both the Manga and Anime, Laxus was always shown to be one of the strongest in Fairy Tail, behind only Gildarts and Makarov.

But what was always shown, or at least from my perspective, is that Laxus has power on par with Jellal.

In the Manga and Anime, the first time Erza faced Jellal in the Tower of Paradise, or Tower of Heaven, Jellal had half his power, and she was able to fight him, she even saw that she had a chance to defeat him, but when Jellal regained his full power, it was shown that he was superior to Erza.

In the battle against Laxus, when he and Erza clashed, Laxus dodged and blocked Erza's attacks without much trouble; Of course, both Erza and Laxus didn't fight with everything, but it was clear that Laxus had the advantage.

When Natsu fought Jellal, Jellal had his full power and Natsu couldn't do anything to him; he only managed to defeat him after eating Ethereon.

When Natsu fought against Laxus; Laxus, in his base form, was shown to have the advantage in the fight; and he was actually able to beat Natsu if it wasn't for Gajeel. When Laxus used the Dragon Force, in a single attack he managed to knock down and "beat" Natsu and Gajeel.

Natsu defeated to Laxus, even with his Dragon Force, because in my opinion, using Fairy Law drained most of Laxus' magic. Sure, Natsu was beat up and tired, but compared to Laxus, Natsu hadn't used up as much magic, and I say this because a spell as powerful as Fairy Law MUST spend a LOT of magic.

On top of that, when the group returned after the 7 years of Tenrō Island, Laxus only had to train for a short period of time to become strong enough to once again be among the most powerful in the kingdom of Fiore.

And if you add to that the fact that Jellal had those 7 years, maybe a little less, to strengthen and hone his magic, and even with that, he didn't seem to be in a different league than Laxus.

And also with what was shown in the "Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest" manga, which is canon, Laxus and Jellal are almost evenly matched.

Well, that's the canon of the Fairy Tail world.

This is my hypothesis, but in your story, when Laxus used his Dragon Force and launched his attack at Natsu and Gajeel; Gajeel said that attack felt like when he faced Natsu with his new power the first time.

So, I'm taking a gamble with this, Natsu in his base form but using the new power has the same amount of power as Laxus using the Dragon Force, only since Natsu spends too much magic with his new power, Laxus was able to defeat him.

And that's with Natsu using his new power, BUT, not using the Dragon Force.

(Let me explain this little detail.

Before Gildarts accepted the 100 Year Quest, he and God Serena [before he traveled to Alvarez] were on a par with their powers and strength.

That is something that has always been implicit.

BUT, I think, when Gildarts returned to the guild, after being injured by Acnologia, his power had diminished.

Obviously not enough to stop being the Ace of Fairy Tail, but enough to have an equal fight for a moment against someone like Bluenote.

Let's face it, when Gildarts got serious at the end of the fight, and after recovering the magic he had lost because of Azuma, but not the magic he spent fighting Bluenote; Gildarts beat Bluenote with apparent "ease".

Gildarts is powerful, that's for sure, and I also firmly believe that Gildarts and God Serena are on par.)

If Natsu were to use the Dragon Force right now, then I think he would be stronger tha Gildarts now, and his power could, and I mean could, be enough to force Hades to use the power of the demon heart he has on his ship, and have an even fight.

I say this, not only because the Dragon Force gives Natsu an incredible Power Up, but also because we ALL know how Natsu gets when he uses the Dragon Force; complete hell for his enemy.

I'm telling you this because, while I like your story A LOT, I actually love it. I also feel that the Arcs have the same results even though Natsu is stronger than his canon version in this part of the story.

(If you face Natsu after the war against Alvarez and after defeating Acnologia, then that Natsu would kick the butt of the current Natsu in this fic.

We all agree with that.)

But anyway, back to what I want to say.

I know that Natsu's power is new, and that his body isn't used to the excessive drain from using said power yet. But that doesn't mean things have to turn out the same as canonical events.

For example, in the Tower of Paradise, I agree that Natsu ate the Etherion to defeat Jellal, because even though Jellal had fought Erza, once he and "Seigram" became one, Jellal regained his full power, and Natsu had already spent energy and magic fighting the other enemies.

But, in my opinion, with the final fight against Zero, I feel like Natsu eating Jellal's fire was...forced and overkill.

Yes, Natsu took a powerful attack from Zero, but he was still on his feet and not as damaged as his canon version.

So making Natsu eat Jellal's fire, from my perspective, felt out of place; and I think that Natsu would have been able to defeat Zero by himself with the forces that he had.

I know that Natsu accepted Jellal's fire as a form of, perhaps not excusing him, if accepting that fire as a gesture of accepting his help.

But it would have been the same if Natsu only accepted the gesture of help, but rejected Jellal's magic, explaining that if he wants to change and atone for his sins, then he should do it when he can move and all that.

After all, what's the point of giving Natsu more power, if things will end the same way they do in canon?

Again, this is MY PERSONAL opinion.

I really enjoy your story, even if I disagree with some things, it is YOUR story after all. And I also think that having differences between what you would like to have happened and what has already happened is what makes people appreciate the story.

On the other hand, again, MY opinion, I strongly believe that Natsu won't need to eat Zancrow's fire to defeat him.
pablo.monroypm14 chapter 1 . 5/9
Seems kind of stupid that Natsu waited till Wendy left if he was going to help jallel either way. Author you didn't think that through did you?
KrispyBaconYT chapter 53 . 5/4
I feel bad for Edo Natsu because he’s the opposite of Natsu, soooo he’s definitely not gonna have a third leg
dukkeh216 chapter 15 . 5/3
Really? He didn't even kill anyone in their hideout? Here I was expecting Natsu going on rampage and killing everyone in their base thus "unlocking" his potential afterwards. That... was really underwhelming.
SeanHicks4 chapter 53 . 4/18
Interesting AU, I just got the internet working again after a week or 2 without it to finish the last few chapters. So, the only thing really sticking out for me after that time was that even though it was cool to give Natsu the double dragon slayer training, he seems to favor the lighting techniques more than the fire...
Uzumaki Shadowfox chapter 53 . 4/18
this story just keeps getting better and better. keep up the good work
JustinOtherFictionFan chapter 29 . 4/1
Dude, your AN about the lemons, it's completely ridiculous that they are even bothering you. Even the ones you have are not nearly as graphic nor as long as some of the others.
warriorgod626 chapter 53 . 3/19
This has grown since I last read it, and for the better. Keep doing great, also what is your Patreon so I can support.
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