Reviews for 天涯海角) Edge of Heaven, Corner of Sea
hannahzerofive chapter 1 . 11/7/2019
This is one of my favorite nejiten fic. Sometimes when I can't find a good fic, I always remember this one and read it again.
I somehow always forget the title, or some quotes but I never forgot that You wrote this. and I never forgot the intense feeling of Neji for Tenten, how he's so desperate to have her back. and of course I can't forgot the heartache that Tenten feels of wanting to hate the man she loves.
like ahh! this so so well written I wish there's more of this especially since I'm intrigued by the magazine headline "The heir of Hyuuga Corp shares details about his one true loveIt asks so many question!
Was SHE the one true love?
Did he had a fake relationship for the press to see, and they didn't know about Tenten?
endless questions!
I wish you wrote more, but I have to respect a writer's wish not to write.
I LOVE this fic and I love You. for writing it!
dior god chapter 1 . 1/7/2016
I would want some Choya umeshu right now as well~~
I always, always, lose some composure when I read one of these ninja boys (ninja boys, ha ha) portrayed especially as kind of rough, maybe even demanding, men; really confident about their you-know skills (at least that was how I imagined Neji) ahh~ I think you did a really good job not going overboard.

Short and sweet and as per usual, well done~
Yukiko'li chapter 1 . 9/25/2015
I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! WILL TENTEN AGREE TO RETURN WITH HIM OR WILL HE STAY WITH HER UGHH AMAZING PLOOTT PLEASE CONTINUE (even though its a one-shot /3) i think you should make an ff about this (like seperated) but this time tenten loses her memory on an accident (boat sinks or plane crashes ot smthin) and people thinks she's dead and she had an amnesia and neji doesn't give up (still the best bachelor) and finds her somewhere in singapore or smthin? UGHH THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE FIC FROM YOUU UHHH YOU ARE THE BEST MWAA
T.One chapter 1 . 6/19/2015
:) been re-reading this (one of my favs) and a thought popped into my head. What were Tenten & Neji like in school? How did they meet and what tore them apart?

Not really a review but the curiosity just got to me hehe
Ravengal101 chapter 1 . 5/29/2015
I loved this! You transitioned into those steamy moments well, seemingly effortlessly, and even made them tasteful. XD I like how you portray emotions too, in such an understated way that still manages to say a lot.

Thanks for a good read. )
Rouge Pur chapter 1 . 4/19/2015
No, no! This real world setting most certainly did not put me off! In fact, I like it so much :) I've never been to Singapore and I admit it was not easy to picture what kind of house Tenten was living in, but I remember stumbling on a pic in your tumblr; so yeah :) I'm hoping to travel to Singapore, actually, for the first time, lol. Next year for my graduation trip (Sotsugyou ryokou ;))! I'm hoping to take some walks across one of the main cities, if my schedule allows me some free time :/ I've heard how much a great country it is, and I can't wait!

Anyway, Neji's idea of "talking it over" is really, really hot. LOL. I feel for Tenten ;)) And umeshu! I love it, too. I've been living in Japan for as long as I can remember, and I grew up from just watching Choya commercials, to finally getting the chance to taste it, lol. I love ume so much! Which is probably why I love umeshu, too.

And Isetan! I'm not much of a fun of Isetan - I'm more of a Takashimaya and Daimaru person, lol :) But I like the restaurants they've got in Kyoto Isetan :D have you been there? Tokyo is amazing but such a busy busy place (some of my favorites are Ikebukuro, Ueno and Odaiba); I like big cities, but Kyoto is more peaceful and just wonderful, lol.

I'm wondering how Tenten made a decision to leave Neji; I mean I'm sure there are a possible reasons. Is it because of Neji not spending more quality time with her, not only when he wants to? Is it his selfishness? Or had he been cheating on her with other girls? LOL. I know it's probably because Tenten is just tired of him being as ass and all, but just curious, lol. Also, how and where they met! Was it in high school or university? I'm betting on the latter. But I'm just really curious :)

LOL. Sakura and her "better than Uchiha Sasuke" LOL. I know, Sakura. Neji can do magic with his sexy voice. Lol. And Ino! I can totally imagine what kind of magazines she possess. From Hollywood to People magazines lol. She could be checking out Just Jared regularly, lol. Or FRIDAY, if we're talking about Japanese celebrities.

My review is all messed up, and there's so much more I want to say! But all in all, I love these kinds of real world tales. And hot, steamy NejiTen sex. LOL.
butterfly9070 chapter 1 . 4/11/2015
Oh wow. This was really well written. I wonder just what Neji did to send her running. I loved that it took him 2 years to find her to get her back. I also thought you wrote Sai extremely well! Great story all around. Well done!
princesshyuuga01 chapter 1 . 4/9/2015
Really, really enjoyed this one. I loved the imagery, the playful banter, the witty remarks. Every fucking thing. It was brilliant. Still haven't figured out why Tenten ran away from him, I guess it was a number of reasons because you hinted infedility and plain being a dick. I don't know why I thought it was one specific incident/ reason -_- lmao!

Tenten dating Sai was an eyepopping moment for me. Lool but it was strictly relevant to the story so I wasn't even bothered by it. I liked how you wrote him too lmao! Hilarious blunt.

I loved Neji's persistence and that he wasn't going to stop until she agreed to keep seeing him. Their relationship and interaction was actually HOT. I liked the concept of Neji being a celebrity and Tenten covering up the fact that they used to bang from her room mates haha.

I loved this. Great one-shot. It was also kinda of poetic. Simply beautiful.

- P.H
FruitySmell chapter 1 . 4/8/2015
I am absolutely blown away by how you described your scene. I have never been in a situation where I was away from my family and country for a long time, so I can't really comprehend the impacts the distance might do. But you made Tenten's sadness so palpable, it almost felt like a piece of my heart was ripped off along with her. And then she was drinking by herself, and that makes it more heart-wrenching! Oh goodness, how you played with my feelings so much! It was amazing! And fork it, I want some umeshu too! I don't think they're sold here though, so... -sobs-

As for your characters, I love the development you had for Neji. Granted, you didn't expand the whole reason for Tenten's leaving him, but from the bits and pieces you've showed us, I can tell that it was severe. The girl even had a tiny mental breakdown at his mere shadow - that emotional trauma must have gone deep. Again, I feel sorry for Tenten. But Neji is more than willing to change, although he still retains a bit of his arrogance. I like that. It seems more realistic, the way you did things, because I don't think people can make a 180-degree alteration. And he is willing to cooperate this time, so I think they both are in the right track now.

I have mixed feelings for Tenten's case, however. It was clear, from how she wanted to avoid Neji at all cost, that she wanted to start a new life. She was lonely with her decision, but she was also adamant in thinking that she did the right thing. When Neji found her, she fought back, and I rooted for her. I wanted her to win. But the moment Neji touches her, she loses all her fighting spirit, even going to the point of thinking she was powerless to stop him and inviting him to her bed. That scene felt more like a vicious cycle of domestic violence to me. Abuser abuses partner, abuser feels sorry for partner, abuser promises partner to never do it again... and repeat. Plus, with Tenten forgetting all her resolutions and her newest man, it feels as though she is now heavily reliant on Neji. Again, this reminds me too much of domestic violence.

But with the ending, I can see that Tenten at least has regained some of her spunk back. She did set the rules now, and I can also see that this is a wonderful start to a healthier relationship. I just hope she doesn't lose this new-found strength of hers. Neji seriously needs someone to steer him to a clearer path.

Ah, but anyway, this review has once again taken its own identity, so I should stop before it gets out of hand. Indeed, it has been a whirlwind, and I loved every part of it. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful piece!
gracie-buns chapter 1 . 4/7/2015
AHHHH I love this! I just love how you write! I have to tell you how much I love it when I get drawn into the story ya know. The first part about the dripping sink had my mind zoom and lock into that image, and because the sound of the tap, tap, tap of the water is so familiar to my subconscious I instantly felt at ease. Though that sound does unnerve me coz -.- you wasting precious water lol.

:) Plum wine, I've never had one, the european wine is different from japanese wine so I don't really know how that would taste. But I do like strawberry wine and sweet wine haha. She's drinking alone, reminiscing about Japan, also thankful that she's countries away from her home country. She seems very detached and lonely in this story. Despite having Sai around for fun and her sex with Neji later on. I wonder what Neji did to her. :)

The setting feels like my country :), we're in the tropics of course haha. I'm familiar with the use of the metal gate infront of the door for security reasons lol. I could already feel the humidity as I read this haha.

I definitely felt sad on that part where she had a short meltdown after seeing Neji infront of her door. Neji must've done something so terrible and heartbreaking to get this reaction from her even when they haven't seen each other for 2 years. Omg what did he do T_T. I felt the sting of Tenten's slap... ouch... whoohhh intense!

The air must fizzle around them? :) The tension is thick... so thick. Whether it be sexual tension or the hateful tension she gives him. Their bodies must've been more compatible with each other than their actual relationship back then, and currently. They respond to each other like it was just yesterday -.-. She can't resist him, and I don't think he can't resist her either. He can barely keep himself from her.

His arrogance towards Tenten makes me wanna punch him (gahddamit Neji! haha straighten up will you! for Tenten! haha).

Yeah I get that Tenten and Sai aren't exclusive, they're not exactly boyfriend/girlfriend. They're convenient fuck buddies. Sai's almost like a Neji, but not because Sai doesn't hurt tenten.. :(((((((
But she's not in love with Sai. T_T (DAMMMNN WHAT DID NEJI DO?)
She's in love with Neji though, and her body responds to Neji but he's made things complicated -.-. DAmnn... really he got her investigated to find out where she is. He hasn't had a girlfriend in the last 2 years hasn't he? No one would stay with him when he's that OBSESSED with Tenten, but he also must've had a way to relieve himself of his sexual needs like Tenten does with Sai.

Are Ino and Sakura here Singaporean in this fic? :3

Man wow is Neji dark -.-. Ahahaha if Tenten hadn't told him that the elevators had cameras lol, I think Neji would've jumped her right there and then lol. Neji's popularity spread to singapore? even Ino and Sakura heard about it. Could it be that his popularity also played a role in their break up back then in Japan? (omg I'm jumping into so many conclusions!)

Ah but she gave him a chance, :). It's not easy too. Just a tiny sliver of hope and I'm glad there's that.
Really? He's signed his named all over her already with many things? kekekekke like what?
The sex is so hot and naughty.. not lewd, but really suggestive *winkwink

It's nice that they went on a date :). A twisted date haha. I hope Ino and Sakura punish Neji with questions! lol. Aweee they felt into their usual companionable pace again :3... They're staring over again yessssssss... Lol at Naruto wanting to be in the research dept just so that he can taste all kinds of ramen :D... makes me wanna eat ramen later :3.
Flea Market chapter 1 . 4/6/2015
Emotional story! Really enjoyed the conflict in Tenten. One question: was it just a gate separating the apartment and the corridor or a gate outside and a door inside? Or was the gate closed but the door open because it was really hot? Not important, but I was curious. Feel free to answer on your tumblr?
Boo Boo chapter 1 . 4/6/2015
What a whirlwind! The emotions were palpable; I wonder what (or a series of whats) Neji did to break her heart. :(
DMHG chapter 1 . 4/6/2015
Yayyyy! I am so glad this story is out! I could visualise the description of the surroundings really well, and I saw some references to the culture in Singapore. I liked how you could incorporate that so well into the story.

Things between Neji and Tenten in this story were rather intense and I thought the title fit this story really well. I liked that Neji seemed quite light hearted in this this story and how determined he was to convince Tenten to give him a second chance.

Your portrayal of Sai in this story was also quite on point, and I loved the joke about Naruto, haha!

Awesome job on this one-shot! Keep writing great stories :)
PreciseUncertainty chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
I've read most of your NejiTen work but haven't reviewed previously. I suppose I should make this one longer, then.

To start with, what I thought you really excelled at here was creating a believable, melancholy tone. Tenten's loneliness as a foreigner far from home and isolated from her friends and family was captured really well, and we can see the effect that it's had on her. The way that the characters were developed also fit well - both have their flaws made clear. Neji's calm and polite in front of Ino and Sakura but a bit arrogant and forward with Tenten. You conveyed effectively that he's still in love with her underneath but still hasn't gotten rid of some negative aspects that caused her to leave him. Tenten on the other hand maybe was weakened by being isolated for so long? She gave in easily even though Neji was still acting like a jerk. I thought that she could have moved away again before Neji came the second time, which would make for a much sadder ending, but show Tenten as a stronger character whose resolve doesn't absolutely collapse at the sight of Neji. What I'm impressed by though is that you really developed their interactions so that I was torn on how I wanted it to turn out. The NejiTen supporter side of me was thinking "Can't you see you're actually still in love?" and the more rational side thinking "Grow a spine and tell this jerk to shove off!"

Now, having grown up in Singapore myself, I was curious what you could do with the setting. While you played off the isolation aspect really effectively. I don't think that the setting felt uniquely Singaporean, nor did it contribute to the plot in any way other than distance from Japan. Tenten may have as well moved to Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, or Hong Kong. I agree that it's really hard to make the setting unique without being touristy, but it felt like the only things about Singapore that were included were miscellaneous facts like the low crime rate. Maybe my expectations are too high because of my background, so feel free to berate me about it. It's still nice to see my birth country/city mentioned and you chose to mostly develop character interactions rather than the setting, so don't take my criticism too personally. Looking forward to whatever you may post next.
naradaughter chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
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