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tarrangar chapter 69 . 5/11
Wonder what Jusenkyo's effect is on Cancer, you get a whole new body after all, so just because Akira's male form has cancer, don't mean a female form would have cancer, after all cancer is not a disease or such, it's a mutation of cells, so whether a cursed form should have it is unknown.
tarrangar chapter 60 . 5/11
The problem shouldn't be that bad, Jusenkyo water has been proven to cure it, and Nodoka really don't want to have Ranma commit Seppuku, she will do it rather than have him dishonor the family, but she really don't want it to happen, so even if the bottle of Jusenkyo should be smashed or be insufficient, now that it has been proven that an uncursed individual, can get to Jusenkyo and gather water to cure others curses, it's more likely that Nodoka would personally go get the water, than she would declare Ranma unmanly, it's if it should be incurable that the problems happen.
tarrangar chapter 58 . 5/11
The invention of instant Jusenkyo water, rather obliterates the problem with not being able to get pregnant when under a female to male curse, you can mail order that stuff, and while it only work once it overwrites a normal Jusenkyo curse, so you can splash yourself with water from that spring, and then avoid hot water until you have given birth, the problem after all is that cold water is hard to avoid, hot water isn't nearly as hard to avoid.
tarrangar chapter 53 . 5/10
I really hate how overpowered Amazon civilization seem here, making it so that they are the fear of all of China is just too much.
tarrangar chapter 41 . 5/10
Suicide pacts are not actually legal in Japan, certainly not with children, parental consent or not, that contract is entirely a matter of honor not at all of law.
tarrangar chapter 27 . 5/9
The history of the Amazon's just prove that they are just as sexist as the rest of the world, just with women as the superior gender, and unlike Western civilization they aren't trying to change that, so the Amazons are just as despicable as medieval societies, and determined not to change.
tarrangar chapter 22 . 5/9
Shampoo needs an example that Japanese law is not worth ignoring, would be nice if she destroyed Ukyo's restaurant, and Ukyo proved it to the police, and got the Nekohanten confiscated as reparations, as well as getting a warrant out for Shampoo's arrest.
tarrangar chapter 20 . 5/9
Shampoo is a hypocrite as always, she's angry that Mousse can't take a no, yet she wont take a no from Ranma either, even when Cologne has actually given her an out, if Nabiki can manage to best her, and it don't even have to be in combat.

Of course Shampoo seem to have learned better, and actually be trying to get Ranma to love her the right way, but until we see whether she stills go with using love potions and such like in canon, I will assume she's not that much changed from canon, and even if she is, that don't change the fact that she used to be just like Mousse.

Which of course just mean that both of them are despicable if Shampoo hasn't changed, not that neither of them are despicable.
tarrangar chapter 18 . 5/9
Of course a bad end in an alternate version of this universe, could have been that Shampoo decided she wanted to enslave Nabiki, and Soun convinced Genma to help him get his revenge, leading to Genma teaching Soun the Umizenken, and Soun sneaking a bomb into the Amazon village and blowing it up, so he could save Nabiki in the confusion.

I really hate the Amazons and their arrogance, and would like it if consequences caught up with them more frequently, their laws and the fact they enforce them outside their lands, is a recipe for war, and I really love it when that catch up with them, and they get bombed or something.
tarrangar chapter 17 . 5/9
I do wish that sometimes the Amazon's would face the consequences of their actions, maybe Ranma learning the Ultimate Weakness Moxibustion and applying it to Shampoo, and getting her sent to jail for attempted murder, yeah that would be a good end to the whole Amazon debacle.

I also wish that sometime the Japanese government tried to interfere, because having a foreign power try to enslave or kill their citizens like that isn't something a government would be happy about, and while the Amazon's have excellent warriors, sufficient bullets can still most likely take them down, and that's what it would end with, if they didn't flee once the police got involved.
tarrangar chapter 15 . 5/9
The way to cure Ranma of his fear, is probably not to expose him to actual cats at first, start with exposing him to toy cats, when he can sit looking at one without flinching, go to having him watch photographs of cats, when he can look at that without fear, then show him videos of cats, when he can watch one of those without fear, is when you begin to expose him to real cats, and you start with him watching them from a window, then you go to having him be in the same room as a sleeping cat, after that you go to an awake kitten, then you go to an adult cat of good temperament, and from there you keep adding more cats, until he can keep his calm while in a room with tens of cats.

You can try exposing him to bigger cats, but I don't think it's a good idea, though it might be a good idea to take him to the zoo to look at the tiger, but big cats unlike housecats are actually dangerous, though not really to Ranma, but it's not much of a problem that Ranma get nervous if exposed to a tiger, it's not like there are that many of them, especially in the cities.
tarrangar chapter 9 . 5/9
The solution to the Shampoo problem is clear, have Ranma-chan wear her down, trick Kuno into defeating her, and then have Ranma throw a match with Kuno, now she's Kuno's problem, and those 2 deserve each other.

Shouldn't even be that hard, Nabiki just need to lead Kuno to the place female Ranma is dueling Shampoo, and Kuno will want to interfere, they just have to make sure it happen after Ranma has tired Shampoo out, from there Ranma just have to throw a match with Kuno, and suddenly it's Kuno Shampoo has to drag back to China.
Thanoswing chapter 46 . 2/18
I am enjoying this story immensely. it has been a very long time since I've seen so many separate shows so seamlessly woven together. That being said I am very much confused, only a 3rd of the way through the story with the Genealogy and ties from one person to the next. Is there somewhere I can find a family tree or some kind of graphic that shows who's related to whom?
Undeadhero143 chapter 1 . 12/9/2017
Can anyone tell me how many manga, anime, cartoon, comic and game was shoved into this wonderful fic ?
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 4 . 4/18/2017
Omg I can't. My disbelief and irritation at these sisters is getting to be too much. Despite wanting to know what happens and what goes on with Ranma. I mean Akane is a fucking hypocritical bitch, I mean she's upset at him not enjoying being around her and insulting her when she's the one who starts it and is constantly being hatefully insulting and rude towards him unprovoked she has no right to be upset when he insults her back and then actually eavesdropping on a conversation and taking offense to his observation of her to lash out at him. Nearly causing him to injure her other sister. But instead of being thankful he's skilled enough to avoid injuring them both despite Akane's attempt they BOTH accuse him falsely knowingly. Nabiki appears to be fucking stupid while Akane is a damn retard. They both operate under double standards too. I mean Akane causes him to accidentally cop a feel on her sister when she attacked him and they both won't accept that it was an accident on his part and Akane's fault period but walking in on their dad groping a female Ranma they immediately decide that it could be an accident without even knowing what happened. And Nabiki seems dead set on spurning any ideas or insinuations of her and Ranma being a couple of any sort, completely insulting him in the process mostly behind his back but wants to feel some kind of way when he actually talks to her about not wanting to marry her either causing him to try assuring her he doesn't think she's ugly or awful when she honestly hasn't been very nice. In fact they agreed that first night to be friends and see where it goes only for her to actively avoid and insult him. And she keeps calling him overconfident and arrogant and a derogatory term for old fashioned male mentality when she's aware he was raised by only his father in supposed wilderness while traveling and has seen a bit that he can do that she never believed would be humanly possible. Something is wrong with these females, they are completely self absorbed and idiotic and inconsiderate of others. I feel bad for the Ranma in the story. The only sister that's been properly nice and accommodating to him as an honored guest is Kasumi. The other two are wishy washy and rude with Akane being completely and unnecessarily hostile and not once does Nabiki speak up to Akane about her false perception about Ranma since she knows what he's about that first time Akane attacked him. There's still no one calling Akane out on her bullshit, attacks, or attempted bullying on Ranma. And Nabiki gets unnecessarily mad at Ranma for going with his dad's advice on how to make nice as if he wouldn't actually hold his word and help where he could if allowed. So much for being smart. Maybe she'd be more tolerable if she retained her memories and acted accordingly to actually be friends with him to get him to like her and such but that isn't the case. It's turning out that she's actually not handling being his fiancé much better than Akane did as the only real difference I'm seeing between the two stupid girls is that Nabiki isn't trying to physically attack Ranma. Sorry for the rant but I really like Ranma. When I was reading the Manga he was a nice skillful and very talented guy and also seemed really chill until he got nervous or was pestered too much by actual jerks. I don't understand why he's called a show off and arrogant when he can actually do these things and a lot of it comes to him naturally from his training. Bunch of haters I'd say.
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