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Katarinahayat chapter 44 . 9/16
Чтож,это было умопомрачительное чтиво.Двое суток практически без сна я читала прекраснейшую историю любви.Я верю,что в итоге все с ними было хорошо,потому что я верю в хороший конец.Наверное с автором что то случилось,потому что несколько раз она утверждала,что закончит это.Но если ты меня читаешь автор- знай, Я люблю твою историю, больше чем остальные,прочитанные до этого момента по гордости и предубеждению.Практически без надежды,подпишусь.
HBMTT chapter 44 . 6/25
i absolutely love this it's amazing please update soon
Another Lizzie chapter 43 . 5/23
Well the little one is pushing 5 in pre-K maybe. Can we hope for the finish of the story when he makes it to school? I was enjoying the story and your new character Sophie. Thought with this many chapters it must be done. Oh the disappointment, just when we get back to Mama and strange Papa and everything will be explained. I hope you and yours survived Covid and you will soon finish the story, or post the outline of what's left. Good luck!
Corbert4ever chapter 44 . 4/4
I have immensely enjoyed this story! The beautiful romance between ODC, the plot twists, the nuggets of humour...all of it and now I am bereft! I didn't realise this story was unfinished. Why does Mrs Bennet treat Lizzie so awfully? Why is Mr Bennett refusing consent? Will Richard make it?

PLEASE I implore you to finish this story. As the last post was 5 years ago, I'm not sure if this will be completed. I would love you to finish this excellent story as it deserves an ending. I sincerely hope you and your family are well and thank you for posting.
Nicki x
lizleos chapter 44 . 4/2
I really hope you get to post your remaining 11 chapters one day! Regardless, I hope you are well!
Corbert4ever chapter 21 . 3/24
Can't wait to find out who the mystery man is. The romance between ODC is progressing nicely so just waiting for the spanner in the worksStill loving this story!
Corbert4ever chapter 14 . 3/19
I've started reading your story and I can't put it down! It's got me hooked. I adore the interactions between ODC, you write them so well. I have no clue what the mystery surrounding Elizabeth and her mother is, I thought she would turn out to be illegitimate but your AN confirmed she's not so can't wait to find out...
Ozzyturn chapter 44 . 11/28/2022
I need to know what is going on! There’s still so much to be revealed.
Feralspjs chapter 14 . 10/29/2022
I have enjoyed this story more than I can express. Your writing is engaging, your plot funyour characters exactly to my taste. Please continue. I hope your Muse has not abandoned us all!
Wyndwhyspyr chapter 43 . 10/7/2022
I LOVE their vengeance on Bingley
Wyndwhyspyr chapter 26 . 10/7/2022
That was perfect
HighLadyMyra chapter 44 . 8/14/2022
Still hoping you’ll finish this one day!
BEstephanie chapter 44 . 8/11/2022
Can I hope that your 5 year hiatus will come yonan end?
I want to find out what happens :-)
Ali chapter 44 . 7/27/2022
Continúe por favor, me encantó
Guest chapter 44 . 6/21/2022
It's been 5 years and I still come here every year hoping to see a new chapter, and I'll keep doing it for as long as can, cause this fic is reeeeally good. Hope you're doing well, and that you'll get to finish this wonderful story one day!
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