Reviews for Different Shades of Pink
Angie chapter 49 . 4h
Story completion? A story rewrite even better than this already awesome story original? Hell yes. Although it's a shame because this is lovely story and I won't see the end of this since the rewrite will be different but I'll support ya! I'll be looking forward for the rewrite!

PS. Is your wattpad account name the same as this?
Angie chapter 45 . 5h
Sai, the secret playboy
cruciosirius chapter 49 . 21h
Wow, I love this story. I'm so excited to read your rewrite
Guest chapter 26 . 9/18
What growing Cleavage? XD

Her Chest is Like Pluto compared to Saturn
EmeraldBlossom17 chapter 49 . 9/16
Alrighg im all in
stargazing-sweetie chapter 49 . 9/16
Thanks for the detailed notice. Looking forward to reading the new version!

Best of luck with the re-writes!

najamuzen chapter 49 . 9/16
Good luck love. I already think the story is absolutely amazing so I'm looking forward to the end result
Just... don't stress too much
Guest chapter 1 . 9/16
Narusaku please narusaku! I just finished watching the show and needed to read some narusaku :(.
LePengwen chapter 49 . 9/16
Ahhh! Okay! Im excited for the rewrite
Luscil l l chapter 49 . 9/16
Woah! You're going to rewrite it?! Well at the very least I know its gonna be awesome when you do! I still enjoy the original, but you are the author and I know it'll be awesome! I've been waiting for updates on just about all your stories. I love reading your versions of how it could have been and of how its more original than some ive read from other authors. So I'll be patient, and I know others will be too! Just don't push yourself too much and get some rest from time to time! We'll continue reading your stories! (I jumped for joy when I saw the notification that you updated, I really like your stories and I hope to be able to read more! Good luck and continue being awesome!) I now have to defend my empire from jerks who think they can get whatever they want... Peace!
jessica.kim017 chapter 49 . 9/16
I'm really happpy wit the story as it is but if you have better idea then go for it. I know that you have really good plot and I can't wait for your chapters. Good luck and keep good work!
bookmaniac849 chapter 49 . 9/16
I know that the rewrite will be even better than this, and I really love this story. Personally, I'd love to write a shikasaku fanfic for this fanfic, and I will be waiting anxiously for the rewrite. You're a wonderful aurhor and I hope to be reading you soon.
LadyScatty chapter 48 . 9/16
Thank you, you beautiful human being for this masterpiece ! I"m in love with your story and with your Sakura (note that I don't particulary like canon!Sakura) I hope she'll open up about Itachi to her team (Just like she did with Ino-Saku-Shika-Cho) and that she'll continue to grow. Your story is amazing and I can't wait to read more !
Sky Warrior chapter 48 . 9/11
If to pick a guy for Sakura who is not Sasuke (I am not a fan of him) I would choose Kiba.
kuro chapter 48 . 9/8
please update soon i love this fanfic so much. some parts are just so intense that it makes me heart beat faster
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