Reviews for Tying the Nott
Weasleytwins07 chapter 37 . 3/18
I love this! Wonderfully written! This is one of my favorite pairings!
Yeldi chapter 37 . 3/16
I love this one too! Hope you're gonna update it as soon as you can cause I'd like to know what happens next, I wanna see the wedding... Thanks for this and please keep writing!
kkeenergirl chapter 37 . 3/16
if this isn't done, then after a year and a half it should be considered abandoned. I'm just pointing out my version of honest.
jennifromtheblock65 chapter 37 . 3/12
Wow, wow, wow! Please update this if there's more...otherwise I'll just have to use my own withered imagination
FortuneFaded2012 chapter 37 . 3/7
This was a great story. I read the whole thing in two sittings. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm so happy you shared it.
Gh0stGrl chapter 37 . 3/2
I really hope you continue this! I really love this one :) It's very, very well done
Nanyluxx chapter 1 . 3/1
please update I'm so inlove with this!
keithlee chapter 37 . 2/28
WOW I absolutely love this Theo and you've written such a powerful Hermione. You've also painted the other characters so richly and with great humor. I've loved reading this story so far and am so excited for the next update. Hope you're taking care of yourself and feeling held. 3
bookworm737 chapter 37 . 2/23
I really enjoy what you have posted so far, thanks!
Guest chapter 37 . 2/16
Update. Update! Please update! Please please please!
SilverMountainHare chapter 37 . 2/15
It doesn't end here right? there are more chapters right?!
Jessica Pike chapter 23 . 2/14
What an amazing ending! Can I say that some of your lines are just downright devastating? Write on, girl.
Jessica Pike chapter 8 . 2/14
This Theo that you are constructing is just magnificent! I have always found his character to be vastly underrated and love to see writer's interpretations of him. Right now, I'm about halfway into love. Can't wait to read more!
Chelsea chapter 1 . 2/11
This story is too good to end! Especially after you’ve promised us more chapters. Please please continue!
Iliana chapter 37 . 2/10
DUDE. Since when does 'sporadically' become almost as long as the time from it was first published to its last existing chapter? This is an amazing story and I'd hate to see it abandoned.
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