Reviews for OSaBC II : That Which Cannot Die
dufud chapter 44 . 9/6
Yo dawg, pretty good, fun read, update someday fam.
Sciencefictionsquirrel chapter 44 . 8/10
And so, for the first and last time, Tetrimus understood what being well and truly FUCKED felt like. Spikey bastard had it coming.
Ozzy chapter 44 . 8/5
So this is the first review I've written since 2007 - but having just spent over 6 months reading this, I felt it was appropriate.

I'm basically blown away by the scale of things and the vision - I sincerely hope you continue this series, it is far and away the gold standard of fanfic for mass effect. It makes me wish the game was as you have written it - the expanded universe has so much potential.

I feel like this is just the start of something even grander - you've laid many foundations that have not been revisited yet or explored in detail, such as the goings on on Tuchaunka, the Grunt/Shepard relationship, the potential for strife and drama with Shepard/Jack, or indeed Shepard/Miranda. In fact, something I would suggest to you is that you haven't dedicated enough time to the periphery relationships between various characters...although the groundwork is laid, I feel that, much like ME2 itself, this iteration has focused more and more on a narrower selection of relationships and on combat, and less on world building and character development. That should be a priority going forward, IMO. I'm concerned things are getting a little..flat, character-wise for most of the supporting cast. Having auxiliary characters interact with each other in meaningful ways adds flavour to the scene.

The Illusive man smokes too predictably - from an editorial perspective, "he puffed his cigarette" and "he tapped his ash" is too simple and too common - it reminds me of the way GRRM uses the phrase "fat sausages" too frequently. While it is important that the characters are doing things during dialogue, it is also important that their actions are more varied.

Lastly, I know this is something you have specifically resisted, but I feel that you could increase the romance and intimacy depicted (including the basic desires of characters) without it being sleazy. Having it totally sanitised of anything sexual at all makes it feel removed from reality, frankly; these are things humans do and think about, and failing to represent it even slightly (across the board) I feel is a mistake. There is more to the sapient condition than violence, but you depict this far more readily. Showing a little more intimacy would humanise the cast, so to speak.
Ph501 chapter 1 . 8/1
I've been reading updates since ATTWN started. After reading the Angstrofuck of Doom I decided I needed to reread all of OSABC and the supporting material. I've gone through everything keeping OSABC and ATTWN last before completing it with what's been released of TWCD. This reread has been better than the first time. BioWare needs to take this as base for a remake of their games. EA needs to make this the next MCU. My god you beautiful bastard, never stop writing. Oh and more P. please, dear merciful god, what a joy to read what the maniac will do next.
TheRedMezek chapter 44 . 7/29
I've just spent a few months reading through what's written so far for Of Sheep and Battle Chicken. It is definitely one of the best Mass Effect fanfics on this site. Almost every chapter has some character development or revelation. The world makes for a logical premise (ha. ha.) for the story, and it's quite detailed. The twisting threads and layers of plots and mysteries are well laid and fun to watch come together in cataclysmic destruction as every faction thinks they know what will happen, but nobody has grasped the full picture. I enjoy the psychology of the characters and the "fluff" chapters that other people apparently complain about.

Right now it seems like many characters are just wallowing in despair and empty hate, but overall this is a great series. I just caught up at the climax of the Fall of Illium, and I'm looking forward to seeing Liara and Shepard together again (in hopes that they'll both become less empty) and how you'll resolve the Melenis-Garrus-Telanya triangle. I can imagine it going out peacefully but not without a lot of awkwardness. I can also imagine it being violent. Should be fun.

Icarus27 chapter 44 . 7/21
I have read this entire series up to this chapter in two weeks, this is easily the most well written, gut wrenching, insane, incredible story I have ever had the pleasure to read. I just finished this latest chapter and can only think of one response. Holy. Fucking. Shit.
Nat chapter 44 . 6/14
I'm still freaking out over this chapter so excuse my memory (and language), but
To quote Jake Peralta: chills, literal chills!
Nat chapter 44 . 6/14
Holy shit
I have no words
I started reading this series, like, a week ago? And when I say series I mean it, I came from OSaBC I to this one without stopping to even breathe.
It was insane. This whole fic is insane lmao. It was so fucking well-written that I'm still in shock.
It's the middle of the night and until 10 min ago I was basically screaming at my phone like wtf why won't this tetris guy just die?! I know that's not his name but fuck him. Also the geth? Man, this is crazy.
There were times (not only in this chapter) that I had to stop riding just to calm down a little. I almost had an anxiety attack, no joke.
Also, I was, like, in chapter 33 when I realized that you probably hadn't updated enough for me to find out Liara's reaction to Sara's ressurection, and I was right (unfortunately). I'm sure it's gonna be angsty as fuck but I can't waittttt.
It's been a long time since I've read a fic so good, congratulations!
Since I started reading your works very recently I don't know how often you update (given the size of your chapter I'm going to guess it takes a while), but anyway I hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 44 . 6/9
Is it over? Please don’t let it be over 10/10 better than the original
Guest chapter 44 . 6/6
Wow, just wow. I actually went back and reread the entirety of OSABC before reading this chapter, just so everything would be fresh in my mind. Totally worth many nights of staying up waaaaay past my bedtime. Tetrimus gets his in an absolutely epic throwdown that is quite possibly the best battle scene in anything I’ve ever read, in any novel, fanfic or not. I absolutely cannot wait for your next chapter, I imagine there’ll be at least one fluffy/angsty chapter before the showdown with the Broker, and I cannot wait to see how the galaxy reacts to the dead being alive, new Cerberus, how fucked the Thirty is and everything else that got revealed, once again you have proven yourself a master storyteller. Bravo sir, bravo.
HelenTheMoon chapter 44 . 6/3
Hoooooooo boy. The entire galaxy knows that all the folks that are supposed to be dead including the Council, Illium is - was, at any rate - in Battle Royale mode, Cerberus has made itself public, Sara and Garrus have gotten back their wives (I expect a bit of drama from Melenis; that was her name, right?) and we all know the entire fleet will hear the reunion and all party members are accounted for.

... Except Legion. I can't imagine the True Geth letting an attack of this scale just go without responding in some fashion.

Speaking of the chapter, most of this fanfic has been pretty hard to read due to all the angst (especially in one sitting) but this batgle made up for it fabulously. The whole fight was so over the top awesome that it bordered on funny. I actually laughed when the Geth showed up. Also, got to love Garrus. Bloodshed and destruction around him, cameras record a dead man walking, and he's like "Look mom, I'm on TV!"
RED78910 chapter 44 . 6/2
So, after I don't know how many sessions I have finally managed to get through this behemoth of an update. An update that is long enough to be its own short story. An update that is one of the best chapters you have ever wrote, and I do not type these words lightly.

This chapter is the end of a Major event that will no doubt be a turning point in the setting, and we can only now guess as to what the aftermath will be. The galaxy now knows Sara and Garrus are alive, they have reason to Like Cerberus now (Great work there TIM you Magnificent Bastard you) and HATE the Thirty even more then they used to, as well as the Geth.

Really, THIS is how major shake ups in settings should be handled. You really have out done yourself.

The fight scenes were, as always, very detailed and captivating. I will be honest, I dislike Boss Fights in general and rarely do fights between characters ever actually resonate with me. Usually it's just two or more people fighting. I don't usually see any deeper meaning to it all.

Here however, I was engaged. It was Oh So satisfying to see Tetrimus Finally get what he deserved, and hopefully Tazzik will be dead soon as well.

The fact it took so long for these bastards to die just shows how Badass they were, and while I may have some reservations about how much a beating the characters took and still somehow are alive, I did enjoy the fights is what I'm getting at.

I honestly can't think of anything else to say other then I can't wait to read some of your other updates.

Great work as always. Take care.
GrinJaw chapter 44 . 6/1
A climax was promised and a climax we got. And WHAT a climax that was!

And since the couples are united again after the shit they all have been through, I suppose it will be like mixing Nitro and Glycerin together and then throw it at the Reapers.

I am very excited to see how you will handle the reunion. Excited, but without the fear of beeing disapointed. You never did that!
Bro chapter 29 . 5/28
Is Florez related to Rachel Florez?
baud001 chapter 44 . 5/29
That chapter was Awesome! With a good dose of grimdark with the orbital bombardement. But it could have been a good idea to cut the chapter in two or three parts, it would be easier to read this way.
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