Reviews for OSaBC II : That Which Cannot Die
valkrus chapter 47 . 10/27
I think you press the spacebar a bit too soon here?
James inclined his head narrowly. "Brother. Milord Jonah. Welcome to my… abode, as it were.

You are acquainted with my daughter."

Misspelled the Japanese emperor's name
The Commissariat staff withdrew, and Ashland sat down on one of the cheap couches. "I presume you watched Nikuru's little interview?"
Benolition chapter 59 . 9/15
And so concludes my bi-anual full read though of the Sheep and Battlechicken (mis)adventurers.

It's great to have you back. And don't worry about taking time to write a quality piece or to take time for yourself: with how much you've given us over the years you absolutely deserve it. We'll be here, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this fantastic series.
EarlOfGigantor chapter 53 . 8/19
Rythek was said to be a mid-caste outcast from the Hegemony back in chapter 10, not krogan.
cglasgow chapter 58 . 8/10
Thanix Palavanus going all "What would you say you /do/ here?" to the Council was /priceless/.
Pentel123 chapter 59 . 8/1
I was hoping Papa Vikarian was going to join. I know he probably just signed a death warrant, while going out like a badass, but still happy to see him.
straga chapter 59 . 8/1
You are back! I'm sorry to hear you have been having your own troubles, but I am glad you managed to get sorted to the extent you managed to have time to push this chapter out.

Eagerly anticipating the next one!
valkrus chapter 36 . 7/6
you do know Chakwas's full name is Karin Chakwas right? So why is the Commandant calling her Chakwas Von Grath instead of Karin von Grath
Sciencefictionsquirrel chapter 59 . 7/1
It is so incredibly fulfilling to finally be seeing the payoff of everything so far, that Shepard is finally managing to drive the galaxy in a better direction. The story has been huge and amazing and a hell of a ride so far, but this is the sort of payoff you have promised for some time, and I absolutely love that you delivered on it.
Hewhoislost chapter 59 . 6/30
You are making me like people that I used to hate, love the OCs that you craft, and be thankful that i found your work all those years ago.
If this is the equality of work we get when you have a year to work, I say take all the time you need.
You made politics interesting, and gave us this interesting look into Garrus' family.
Now all I can think about is what kind of awesome is Regilus going to bring to the party? Or how much stuff we are going to see while Garrus tries to manage his love life while his dad is just around the corner.
The only thing I can remotely compere this to is Warhammer 40k. You just keep bringing all the Primearcs together to unleash holy hell. The fight scens are going to be legendary.

I love this fic!
Anon chapter 59 . 6/27
It lives! And living well really is the best revenge against a cruel and malicious universe. Thanks Logical and best of luck through your journey called life!
Qrs-jg chapter 59 . 6/26
Love seeing this back!
Homless at the Beach chapter 59 . 6/26
Thank You.
Tachibana Yukari chapter 59 . 6/26
Surprised by Adkins being in on it.
Sadogo chapter 59 . 6/26
Latest chapter was as in-fuckin'-credible as always. Last part especially has my daddy-issue having ass in my feelings and I can't wait to read more of Regilus. More than worth the wait! Thanks for the read, L.P.
Truth chapter 59 . 6/26
What a happy surprise. Great to see the story back.

I’m sure you’ll get nothing but positive feedback on the Udina scene.

It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve read Then There were None, but I’m PRETTY sure Tetrimus is the one who nearly killed Garrus, not Tazzik.
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