Reviews for Coming Home
Guest chapter 42 . 9/15
Please continue!
Hmlyons chapter 45 . 9/9
Please update! Xx
worleys91 chapter 45 . 9/3
Love this. Take all the time you need. Im in a similar situation so I understand how difficult it is. Take care!
Fae Orabel chapter 45 . 8/30
I just binged this in 48 hours. I’m in love. I hope your life has calmed down and you have been able to find your happiness in all the changes. I hope your muse returns to you one day and you are able to find solace in writing again. Not just bc I would love to see where this goes but because your writing seems to have such an escape to it.
Guest chapter 45 . 8/27
Continue please.
MoonyGirl828 chapter 45 . 8/28
Nooo Killian is a seer isn’t he?! I don’t want him to be for his sake! I really love this story! I have laughed and been just a frustrated as Remus and Mione! I’m so sorry for all you’re going through and I hope times have been getting easier for you. I look forward to the rest of this story but fully support your need for a break. Much love 3!
MoonyGirl828 chapter 20 . 8/26
Haven’t even made it past “...please. Clip him round the head for me...” I can’t stop laughing haha! Loving this story so much! I really hope Remione get together soon 3!
MoonyGirl828 chapter 6 . 8/26
I am dying hahaha I have never laughed so hard over a fic! Loving this so far!
Krystelle chapter 45 . 8/21
Trixie chapter 45 . 8/18
Every time I re-read this, I love it even more! I do wish that there was another update though, I miss it!
Bibbity88 chapter 45 . 8/18
Excited to find out what exactly Antonin did to that brooch! And I cannot wait for the SS and HG conversation about being a top, lmfao.
jumpingmanatee chapter 45 . 8/18
I love this story, it's incredible. I'm a little worried about the broach though, who slipped into her trunk? I can't wait for the next update. Thank for sharing this fabulous story.
l'amour perdu chapter 45 . 8/13
This is such a wonderful story. I hope that like is calm and the muse cooperates for you to continue this story.

Love it so much
Keep it up
Can't wait for more
Krystelle chapter 45 . 8/10
Ending was HOT AF ! Can’t wait for the next chapter ! Please update, #bestremuslupinfanficever
Guest chapter 45 . 8/6
Keep going.
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