Reviews for Unscathed
helensorrento chapter 36 . 9/8
I love this story,even though it made me it soon please!
Kimstyl chapter 36 . 6/28
I keep,coming back to this story hoping you have added more chapters. But even though you haven't yet, I still find nuances every time I reread it. Can't wait til the inspiration strikes you again. Will continue to follow.

P.S. You're a fantastic writer.
ElValTal chapter 12 . 3/18
I just discovered this story, and so glad I did! Very intense, and well written. Suspenseful, angsty...what one would expect with this type of story. Like how you develop this special relationship with Alexis and Kate. Can't wait to read more, time permitting! :)
Celticsagittarius chapter 36 . 2/19
Harrowing, somber and heartbreaking on occasion with joyful, humorous and uplifting moments to break through the rage and helplessness felt while reading certain chapters.
Very well written. Please come back and continue. Either as added chapters to this instalment or as a separate connecting story.
E.Sign chapter 35 . 2/6
waiting patiently... or maybe not that patiently... for you to finish. please?
corlando chapter 36 . 2/4
This was one of my all time favorite stories, so much so that I was recently rereading it. Is there any chance that you will continue it in the future?
Thanks for writing. :)
KsenijaCastillion chapter 36 . 1/12
I still read this story from time to time... I love it! I don't wnt to forget it and I really hope some day you're gonna post chapter 37! Yo, writer... Wherever you are... I really hope you're fine! Thanks for this joy!
BamfCaskett chapter 1 . 12/14/2016
reading this for about the 4th time! Still as good as the first time around!
Guest chapter 35 . 11/17/2016
I miss this story so much. I hope you update soon.
13waysto47 chapter 36 . 11/11/2016
I am so so so very glad I decided to read this again! I read it the first time as it was coming out chapter by chapter because even though I enjoy enjoy reading a completed story I have absolutely no self control. It was so lovely to read the whole story over a couple days and really absorb the story instead on just reading one chunk at a time and waiting for the next chapter. So, I just wanted to say you are probably one of my favourite writers ever! Ever since the end of the show and honestly even during season 8, the fanfiction has slowed down a lot and even though I'll read a lot there's few authors who can impress me again and again with their work and you are one of them. Actually, you just blow me away! Like, every time! And this story is no exception! I love how we got to see a story where an adult Alexis and Beckett form this really strong bond, even if it was a result of the horrible thing they went through. I don't really think I've seen that in too many fics. Usually if it's Kate as a maternal figure it's with a young Alexis which I love but its nice to see this kind of story too.
I have to admit though when I hit about chapter 30 I started to get anxious again because I knew what was going to happen to Kate and it just makes me so sad but it also made me happy to see how Beckett and Castle were there for each other and I know if they wanted to they could make adoption work and love that child just as fiercely they would if they had a biological one (hello, Attachment Syndome!). It's a different universe, but I digress. Because if anyone could turn such tragedy into a hopeful new beginning where everyone comes out stronger, it would be you.
Oh man, this is a long review. Hope you don't mind.
I think what I love most about reading this story is it is so clearly Castle and Beckett and Alexis (though we as viewers don't know her as well) and you have such great understanding of these characters that know matter what situations you throw them in I still know who they are. Does that make sense? I hope so. I also love how the banter and gallows humour that you see in the show also shines through in this fic. It has made me laugh, and cringe, and blush, and tear up and want to reach through my phone and shake Beckett and just say, “omg, woman! Call Castle and tell him to fly back to NY!”. That's the big stuff but as a reader I also just appreciate your good grammar (I know mine is not the best!), your vast vocabulary that you give the characters, and all the technical sides to writing that I may not be able to think, but that clearly shine and make your stories not only good, but great!
Sorry for the word vomit xx
And I really hope you're kicking around somewhere and will be able to read this :)
Hannah chapter 36 . 10/4/2016
Hello! I just re-read this last chapter because this fic has been on my mind lately... and I thought I would check in and ask if you had any plans to get back to it. I love it so. I completely understand that life gets in the way and inspiration dries up, and that we as readers are entitled to nothing. But in case the urge is there, or you have been debating it, please know there are many of us who would anxiously gobble up a new chapter - or anything else you wanted to throw our way. Many thanks for your writing, it fills a hole in my life in ways I can't express! Thank you.
Guest chapter 36 . 9/11/2016
So sorry you've stopped writing. Always really loved your stories
Guest chapter 36 . 9/9/2016
I really hope you finish this story. Please :)
AngelLonginus chapter 36 . 8/18/2016
Oh wow! I just found this story,and what a beautiful story it is. So many emotional interactions between all the characters which you brilliantly portrayed just made the story. Just wondering if the story is complete or if you plan on writing more. Would love to read more. You are very talented. Thank you!
lauhall chapter 36 . 8/7/2016
OMG, I love it, I've been reading non stop and can't wait to read more, so please please post more soon, 'cos I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
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