Reviews for Pilfered Hearts and Plundered Dreams
albinofrog88 chapter 27 . 8/7/2003
I missed the last chapter because of vacation, but I'm very glad I haven't missed this one. though I'll probably review the next one later too. my parents keep dragging me places I don't want to be...but ah! This chapter was excellent! Not that i didn't like the last one, but i liked this one much better. update soon!
Lilac Mamories chapter 27 . 8/7/2003
Oh you are so cruel! Truly evil! Come back and finish this right now. I am so damned ready to find more and then I get:

Author's Note: No, this is not the end

Talk about a Joy kill. You are suck a plot tease!

Lady Silma chapter 27 . 8/7/2003
*clears throat and coughs* I just read your reply to my last review. Certain elves shall forthwith be extricated from my vocabulary entirely, unless it is to make an appropriate comparison.

Well, I must say that that parting was a easy one. Very anti-climatic in a way (and no, that is not criticism, in the least). I think I will have to see the next chapter. I must know what is going through each of their heads as they walk away from each other!

More importantly, where is Amoran going now? Is she going to find the thing you hinted at earlier but I didn't pick up on? That would definitely be interesting.

As for Legolas and Ardel, well, I can't wait to find out how those two fair now. Things will definitely be different with Amoran gone. At least that much is certain. Poor Legolas. Even if I still hold to the fact that he was being stupid, I can't help but feel sorry for him, nonetheless. He has lost so much recently. He certainly doesn't need to add Amoran to the list, though it is obvious that it is probably best that they do part.

I mean, it is clear that Legolas IS thinking of the future and consequences. Which is good. Kudos to him. I just hope he proves as strong as he has been in the past when all this is done and over with. He still has to make it back to Mirkwood with that sword of his. Funny how that has sort of fallen into the shadows in light of Legolas and Amoran's whirlwind affair.

What *I* would like to know is, how exactly did they get the sword out of Ardel's bedroom? Veddy veddy mysterious and sneaky those wood elves are. I know I certainly wouldn't ever want to try and match wits with them. I would come out on the losing end faster than it takes Pippin to get himself into trouble ;D

Great chapter Tigalili! I hope to see more soon ;) I need to find out what is going on in Legoals and Amoran's minds.
Crystal Snowflakes chapter 28 . 8/7/2003
Ah, another great chapter *grins* Anyhow, I hope you update soon. It's great that you send me emails, I tend to forget what stories I read sometimes... \

Anyhow, see you later!
Aislin2 chapter 27 . 8/7/2003
Yes,go you that explaied most of it for me,thank you.I think Tolkien's women lived a wee bit longer than 35,unless you have some information I don't.I mean if Aragorn was over 90 when he was crowned king (Or at least thats what I've heard)And he lived for another 120 years and he was of the blood of that if VERY watered down,so to speak,Acestors I figuer (My assumtion was...)That a regular man (Not of Numenor blood would live around 50-60 with a woman if not slightly longer since women have longer life course that is just my opinion.

What's wrong with her?Why is she halicinating?and hearing things?

What the...I don't remember her biting him...when the heck did this happen?

*Runs off the fetch her lotr maps*Uh...isn't Rohan closer to Fangorn and Lorien then it is to Mirkwood?I don't think they could see the plains of Rohan from anywere in Mirkwood...Unless they where at the VERY edge of the forest and on a really high hill of something,but still I thinks its quite a few miles from Mirkwood to the plains of Rohan.

Aw,a farewell kiss...sweet.

Is that it?I mean of course I assume it's not the end of the story,but thats how they parted?Will they see each other again?Anytime soon?What's wrong with her?These are things I need to know,and preferably soon.

Please update was good,update like this (as fast as this)more often,please.*Puppy dog eyes and pouts*.


QueenAhems chapter 26 . 8/7/2003
*takes an excessively grand bow*

Hello! My apologies my dear writer for not being able to reivew your story for quite some time. Ever since I came back from vacation it was study all the way and I was pretty disconnected frm the world ever since. *grumbles* Alas, despair not, for I am back again, and delighted as ever to see all the updated chapters! ;)

Anyway,am extremely glad that Amoran has finally found something deeper with Leggy! Now my days will be filled with smiles! Hehehehe...I've had a wonderful time reading all your updated chapters instead of studying. -_-" Of course, you didn't hear THAT from me. ;)

As ever, I admire the way you show the vast and in-depth difference between mortality and immortality. Then again, that is somewhat the gist of your story isn't it? :)It is wonderful to be able to see things beneath layers.

I love the way you describe it and to be able to see it spoken out from two different viewpoints is intriguing as well as brooding.

I especially liked chapt 25, with the way they tease and perhaps, gamboled ard. It brought a tingling feeling within my stomach. 0_0 But yes, at the question of being able to live forever, I wouldn't know what to say. Yet I find myself fighting intense emotions throughout, be it good or bad. I praise Amoran's courage and inner strength, and feel scorn just as she does at times. Ok, so i'm getting too sentimental. ;p

I was actually quite surprised to know that Legolas admitted that Amoran reminded him much of his brother's hauntings. It is truly interesting to know what else that lie hidden in Legolas's thoughts. Yet upon the subject on whether Amoran would indeed truly hurt the prince in the end...I think i'll go and muse a little now. ;)

"In fear of the darkness and all that it hides, the company moved forward upon the veiled path before them."

ARGH. Such an excellent way of ending a chapter and yet such a brutal way of leaving your readers wanting for more. :) Please continue. You left me in wilted dreams and in suspenseful waiting. *see the eyebags?*

Indeed, classes now seem so much brighter when left in daydreaming. Then again, you didn't hear that from me. _

Happy Writing!
ElvenGirl chapter 26 . 8/5/2003
I cant wait until the next chapter, this story is so good. It just keeps getting better and better, cant wait until the next chapter.

Please keep on updating soon, and are these the last chapters? Will you write a sequal or not?

My e mail is

Good Luck!
GreenValley chapter 26 . 8/5/2003
WOW! I am loving this. It is like so totally awesome! Keep up the work, Bella. Can't wait until the next part. So hurry up before I start to go through with-draws.

Tries Bien & Sianara

theearthguide chapter 26 . 8/5/2003
Yeah a new chapter! Your writing style is incredible. Very complex. It reminds me almost of 18th century english novels (ala the Ausin sisters etc). Very beauitiful.

I feel a much of Legolas's pain. I really like the section about Ardel's mother and Legolas's brother. The discussion of fading, the past and connection to Arda. It clarified for me much of Legolas's feeling from Amoran.

The only thing I would wish to see is more of what's going on in Amoran's head. The discussion between L and Ardel clarified so much for me abou L. Is there something comparably coming up for Amoran?

Thanks so much for this lovely fic

the earth guide
Aislin2 chapter 26 . 8/4/2003
Well I've insulted a lot and no fairy has come down to smite me yet...But then again it might be scared off by my Mini-Balrog 'Glrofindel' whome I adopted from Miss Cam.I left you and Honary respons since I knew you arn't there yet,so just enjoy when ya get there.

I love the first...three or four paragraphs they were really discriptive and I could picture it well.

Aw,is poor Amoran scared by the big bad Elf lord?*Chuckle,snort*.

Now she's making choking noises behind Brilthor's back?*Giggle*And was almost caught in the process...heh heh heh.

Why's Brilthor glaring at her?And he's asking if she's married?Thats a little peronal no?I'd choke on whatever I was eating/drinking and glare at him.-Ha!He want's to make sure she's not gonna 'convince' an Elf to bind with her?I guess he doesn't aprove?But what about Idril and Tour or Beren and Luthien (I'd say Arwen and Aragorn,but that hasn't happened yet in this story).

What's with the sudden comparissons to a song?

'...but Legolas knew he was being spoken to directly. "It would be a shame to not partake of something so laid before you."Okay wow,he was oh so subtle and blunt...I think I might have been offened by that one.

-Did he vouch her a whore?I must be a ditze then I didn't see it...What's wrong with her?Why is she placing all the blame on Legolas?And why is she so upset?I think I may be a bit confused...*Mutter*Stupid lack of English skills *Mutter*.

-Don't most people wear belts around their waists?Were else would you were it?

So she's stealing the stars?lol.

She's 23 and she thinks she can't call herself yonug anymore?That's a little odd.I know she's mortal but at 23 she's hardly old.

So what's Legolas saying?He's going to stay with her?*Sobs*I'm confused...I'm pathetic,I guess I'm just having a blond moment (No offence-in case you're blond).

'Ithillian avoided plowing into her back with an impressive turn and sidestep.'-Yep,I can picture that...I think I've pulled off something similar a few times.

"My father's warning has only intensified my love for the maiden. Ai, our love is forbidden and I seek acceptance and the chance to woo within my uncle, our king's, halls."-BWUHAHAHAHAHA!That is soo funny!I think I'd blush so deeply though,and giggle like a pathetic school girl.

I really liked this chapter,it was very discriptive and I like that because it makes me feel like I'm there with the done,except for the parts were I was confused,which I guess was a few *Shrug*.

Update soon (-ish) okay?


Orioncat chapter 26 . 8/4/2003
Awesome! Awesome! Finally you updated. I liked this chapter. Not very nice for the lovin' but very well written. Now Lego is admiting he is besotted by the mortal but does he love her? M. I am interested in where you will lead the rest of this story. Can I hope for a happy ending? At least warn us. Ardel seemed like he wasn't such a bad guy for a second there, but he might bump himself out of my momentary favor I fear. What a sneaky git he is! I loved the scene in the stalls. I felt as I was there before Legolas as he spilled his heart. Very poignant. Anyhoo, lovley writing as said before. I hope you update soon but I also realise you write a whole lot. That would drain me as well so understand. Still get musey and write what happens next as quick as you can. I await for the happy day. All the best and God Bless!
Lady Silma chapter 26 . 8/4/2003
Ah! YOU CHANGED YOUR NAME! You must must must tell me how to do it! And you mentioned me this chapter :D I got the warm fuzzies to see my name on *your* story!

O I really liked this chapter dear! I think it is one of your best so far. Kudos go to Ardel this chapter, who has the smarts to see what Legolas is in for in the future. Legolas says that he knows there will be pain and such in the future, but I still don't think he knows how extensive it will be... *sighs* I just love Ardel more and more with each chapter you write. Why is that?

Amoran! You kleptomaniac you! Gotta love her though. I think I would be disappointed if she didn't steal suddenly (not to mention it would be rather strange and out of character).

Hm, let's see. O I can't forget to mention Brilthor! He got a low blow in there at Amoran with that comment to Legolas about might as well take what's laid out before you. Ouch. I would say that that was almost unelvish in its nastiness. Not that I wouldn't put it past certain *cough* Feanor *cough other elves to do something similar, but still!

O, great chapter Tigalili! I hope we can see more soon :)
LeggyLis chapter 26 . 8/4/2003
So sorry I didn't review your last chapter- I loved it of course. I read it very late one night and was too tired to review, then I forgot to come back later.

This chapter was brillant, I was engrossed in the conversation between Ardel and Legolas. Lovely long chapter and quite beautifully written. Am I right in saying Legolas' horse is 'black'? I hope so, as my own horse is also black.

Great to see Ardel going with them, I look forward to more scenes with him, Amoran and Legolas. I'm sure you could write another whole story about them! Just wishful thinking.*sigh* ;)

It's wonderful that you are back into this story- I will always look forward to reading it. :)

Maegquareiel chapter 26 . 8/4/2003
I'm still deciding how I like to pronounce my name, ha ha ha ha ha. She's actually a character in an LOTR fic I wrote. I based the characters on my friends and she just happened to be my character. Unfortunately, it is not getting any bloody reviews! Anyway, all frustration aside, this chapter is one of my favorites. The conversation between Legolas and Ardel was absolutely fantastic. So poignant and moving. We see some angst in Legolas that had only been somewhat developed before. It's beautiful. I loved and still love it.
Akasha chapter 26 . 8/4/2003

Just wanted to say another great chapter! Can't wait to find out what will happen to Legolas and Amoran... it seems to me as if she is in love with him but scared to admit it... is this the right interpretation? I love the way you have the characters interacting with each other, so fluid and graceful, truly elvish!
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