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Una mierda chapter 1 . 12/27/2022
Capitulo 1 y ya es una mierda tremenda, los humanos tenian exterminar a todos esos extraterrestes gigantes genocidas asta que no qiedara ni uno vivo, no aparearse con ellos como retrasados mentales y perdonar la casi extincion de la himanidad como si no fuera nada
Invictus602 chapter 36 . 2/8/2022
As I’m reading this I like the story so far but the “terrans” are being to soft hearted about these things. They should simply just get the job done and leave, none of this “they surrendered and are sparing them” it sets them up to be a bunch of pussies instead of this galactic power of such a rich history
valkrus chapter 6 . 1/18/2022
if you're alive Garrus's dad name is Castis not Garrus
Axccel chapter 37 . 12/5/2021
If it smashes other elements into itself when energy is applied, then the solution may be similar to ion injection but injecting element zero using mass effect fields, which on their own likely have no energy. As the amount of element zero increases, the greater the strength of the field and so the more it will break apart the molecules of the impurities and eventually simply separate everything into their component quarks and even separate those and then the quarks will cease to exist. Strengthen the natural way the element zero functions instead of trying to circumvent or go against its nature.
Axccel chapter 36 . 12/5/2021
When you've spent centuries or millennia part of a nation that doesn't give a damn about its citizens and destroys or allows the destruction of entire intelligent species as a warning to obey them or else, a far more powerful nation appearing that demonstrates both compassion and how savagely it will protect its citizens is like a messianic experience.
Axccel chapter 34 . 12/5/2021
I’m hoping its a remnant of the Robotech Masters behind this. Or one or more species from that galaxy seeking revenge against anyone connected to the Robotech Masters. It would explain everything and would dramatically raise the severity. Except for the ME weapons being more effective.
Axccel chapter 32 . 12/4/2021
You can’t be impervious to protoculture weapons because, so far as I’m aware, there is no such thing. The Flower of Life provides energy. The weapons use energy. Anything resistant to a particle beam is immune to the Mass Effect weapons (except maybe the mass effect field versions of the Cain and that black hole gun due to how they function). Firing a less energetic bullet is not going to work where a high energy particle stream failed.

The situation you’re depicting in this chapter is quite literally impossible. The wanzers’ firepower and defenses are dramatically inferior to what robotech armor and weapons are capable of facing. To say nothing of shielding, even if they didn’t have it before they surely would have equipped such to deal with micronian infantry and vehicle attacks.

Why does every writer but maybe one or two exaggerate ME tech and capabilities far beyond the lore? Especially in crossovers. Just because Mass Effect is almost at the bottom of sci-fi in terms of power does not excuse buffing them.

And it can’t be reapers behind this stuff, since the Reapers wouldn’t have the knowledge and technological base for doing so. Reverse-engineering is also not an excuse as it simply doesn’t work the way sci-fi loves portraying. It’s unfeasible/impossible unless you already are at the same tech level and even then the result is a shitty knock-off unless the only difference is a variation in what the researchers’ side already has.

This is a good story but stuff like this makes it difficult from time to time. And yes, I know the story is old. That is irrelevant.
Axccel chapter 30 . 12/4/2021
Fertility isn’t the problem. The genophage has no impact on fertility. What it does instead is cause sudden infant death syndrome. So, the infants are born and a while later the die.
Axccel chapter 28 . 12/3/2021
Lol, a friendly Death Star!

SCP…nope, not letting my mind wander there!
Axccel chapter 27 . 12/3/2021
Transforming a veritech is fast enough to be basically instantaneous in the show. Not seconds. This is used extensively in the amazing dogfights. Almost a shame ME ships, even frigates, are dramatically less agile. Though dramatically faster for boom and zoom.

“They hadn’t been able to raise barriers in time”. Literally impossible. The barriers are automated.

The capture makes no sense at all. If they had a device that powerful then there would be no military vehicles in Mass Effect and one missile designed in the same fashion as that bazooka projectile would mission kill a ship. So, that device breaks the basic fundamentals of the setting. Might want to replace with some sort of shuttle-scale taser mounted on their shuttle. The projectile kind with wires.
Axccel chapter 26 . 12/3/2021
Good for them. They’ve made a woefully inadequate mech with abysmal firepower compared to what the Terran armor is designed to protect against. By inadequate I refer to the Terran’s strength combined with wearing powered armor. Their mech surely cannot come close to compensating for that combination.

A shame for them they’re ignorant of veritechs, lol.

It’s very foolish of them to think they limited the Terran’s expansion when they know the Terrans both do not have any need for the Mass Relay network and possess FTL capabilities that are dramatically superior to the Mass Relays.
Axccel chapter 24 . 12/3/2021
Congrats on being one of the only fic writers to remember eezo is not a power source.
Axccel chapter 23 . 12/3/2021
They’re not vulnerable to mass effect weapons. How armor functions and robotech armor’s properties make it extremely well suited to defending against kinetic weapons. Especially bullets designed to squish or shatter, which is what armor is designed to do to incoming bullets (something Bioware totally screwed up on). And of course, their shields should have no trouble with the low-energy ME bullets considering they handle high energy particles just fine.

Oh, and ME bullets are shit anyway due to their low mass. The higher the mass, the more energy can be imparted to a target. And contrary to popular belief, mass does not increase with velocity. Weight does. Think of the target as “down” from the projectile as if the bullet were free falling. If mass changed with velocity, mass would not remain constant, yet it does, and the Periodic table’s atomic mass measurements would be useless and constantly in flux. Not to mention we would use thin, light bullets at high velocity. But we don’t because that isn’t how velocity and mass works.

So, ME bullets are low mass and therefore even if solid would impart very little mass into a target, they squish or shatter on impact which armor is designed to cause because unlike sci-fi claims it actually cripples a bullet’s ability to transfer energy and spreads out and disperses what little energy does transfer into the target, and their guns overheat easily even though the lore says this heat is mostly from shaving bullets off a block and so can be easily fixed by using pre-shaved bullets.
Axccel chapter 21 . 12/3/2021
It’s amusing how outmatched they are. And the plot of this fic makes good sense, too. In some ways the Terrans are more believable than how Robotech and Macross went.

A few lucky shots wouldn’t matter, but I understand they’re a super arrogant bunch even without realizing it. From the size difference, mostly thickness and the necessary durability of their bodies and even their eyes and soft tissue, and compared to the damage of an ME bullet in the games so far as we can tell their weapons are useless against Terrans. It’s easy to forget their durability must increase with their size or else their soft tissue and skin would tear apart from their own mass.
Axccel chapter 17 . 12/3/2021
Really? You expect us to believe their armor is vulnerable to kinetic impact but they don’t use much kinetic weaponry aside from missiles yet never used those weapons to take advantage of that vulnerability and neither did their enemies?

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