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Vanessa Masters chapter 59 . 11/18/2020
So, now to speak to Javik and hopefully get an idea of what’s happening.
Vanessa Masters chapter 58 . 11/18/2020
She then heard several footsteps, heavy things considering how small the one taking the steps was, pounding into the deck, before Tali stood in front of her.

" raped Jon?!" she demanded, a hint of acid in her voice. Her weapon, such as it was, had been left behind, only her hands pointing an accusing finger towards the bound prothean. Had she been free, Jsalana would have found her easy to take, after all, quarians were light, and she'd already proven she was a match for Tali in hand to hand. Of course, she wasn't free, and she decided not to say anything right away, as she thought over her answer carefully, having to consider the connotation embracing apparently had in this millennium.

"Embracing for my kind is not the same as for the asari. We do not do it to breed, we do it to share our souls. To embrace is to be part of one another. It should have been painless, but apparently Terrans have some kind of mental defenses of which even they are unaware," she explained, staring into the silver orbs of the quarian. Tali, for her part, seemed ready to strangle the prothean, at least until a groaning noise distracted her.

"Jon!" she shouted, rushing to the side of her lover, Jsalana forgotten as she ran. In his floating bed of medigel, Jon slowly awoke, his head pounding, like he'd been on a bender for at least a few days, if not weeks. Soon, the gel lowered to the floor, small vents opening to allow it to pass back into the ship, leaving Jon naked as he lay there. He felt a pair of familiar arms fall around him, and on instinct, hugged Tali back as he slowly rose.

"Vic-to han, drana, Tali," she said, and everything stopped again, as he realized what he'd said was not what he had intended to. Of course, the moment he tried to think about that, he had a headache, a pain almost as bad as the one the Reaper Indoctrination pulse had caused. Those last two thoughts, names for things he shouldn't have known, were drowned out as his brain suddenly felt like it was on fire. Tali, grabbing him as he fell to his knees, had her hand on his chest to keep him from falling forward, while staring daggers at the suspended form of the prothean.

"What is this? What happened to him?!" she demanded, and Jsalana sighed in exasperation.

"I told you, we embraced. His thoughts became mine, and mine became his. He told you he was fine, in the tongue of my people. Obviously, he is not, but I assume he'll recover as I did," she said, remembering the Master's commands in her brain. The Terrans, for whatever reason, had a lot of mental blocks in their heads, and she'd probably set all of them off. Her mind was slowly recovering from them, likely he would as well, but he was not as well designed as she was, so the process would take longer.

Well, that explains that and she’s attached to Javik, ooooh.
Vanessa Masters chapter 57 . 11/18/2020
Dodging no, Jon seemed to dance between blasts, moving closer to throw off the shots, and then ducking away from fists and feet that were reinforced with biotic power. A chambered kick to the gut finally got him though, a knee smashing into his chest hard enough to drive the air from his lungs, before an elbow smashed into him from above, driving him into the deck plates with a wheeze of escaping wind. Jon desperately tried to struggle to his feet, but even as he grunted, the prothean set both his hands on the side of the Terran's face, and then forced their eyes to meet.

The green glow of the prothean's biotics took both of them for a moment, becoming something like a second skin as it spread over the pair, and Jon began to whimper a little. Inside his head, images, thoughts, and emotions flashed. Horror, pain, and death which rivaled and even surpassed everything he'd ever heard about the Robotech Wars played across his brain, while the prothean seemed terrified at what he...she was seeing in Jon's head, before the two were blasted apart with a bang, each sliding to the ground, and leaving the room still.

Like a mind Meld! Wow!
Vanessa Masters chapter 56 . 11/18/2020
At lest the pods ar spared.
Vanessa Masters chapter 55 . 11/18/2020
Well, lucky they got rescued, but a dark day inseed
Vanessa Masters chapter 54 . 11/18/2020
That, that wasn't good," said Liara at last, as she began to walk forward, her steps heavy and ponderous, before her unit finally wound itself down, a low whine of the mass effect core going swiftly to silence. Jon and Jane soon felt their own weights settle, as the pods on their backs were now without power, Jane having to quickly twirl around to grab the launcher and sniper stocks on her back before they fell to the ash at her feet, causing Charn to grunt as he was pressed into the side of the pod without the mass effect field to provide gravity.

"That ship must have been going almost at lightspeed when it hit the atmosphere to have caused that sort of pressure wave. No ship in the Federation or Council fleets can do that," said Tali, rubbing her hands to get feeling back in her sore digits, grateful for the small battery powering her pods other functions, which let her continue to observe things, even if she couldn't affect them herself.

"The spaceport, the beacon, and the pods are gone. The colony is a total loss," said Jon, breathlessly as he looked out over the devastation. The ash crunched under his foot, thick enough that even a being of his scale couldn't touch ground beneath it. Beside him, Gundam stood tall and stoic, but at its waist, a panel popped open, Garrus, coughing even through his helmet and armor, amid a plume of steam and smoke, emerged into the light of a sun that was beginning to fade behind a cloud of dust, and he just stared.

"Anyone got a read on the Normandy?" He asked, waving his hand before his face to clear as much smoke and dust as he could.

"I'm afraid not, Captain. We might need to assume the Normandy is a loss as well, even if it did damage the enemy at least," responded Tali, and Garrus, looking stern now, nodded, his mind going over charts and tables. It would only take them a few hours to realize the colony was completely dark, especially when the Normandy failed to make rendezvous with the Citadel.

Vanessa Masters chapter 53 . 11/18/2020
Just as Garrus took aim at a Terran that was charging, they heard a new sound. Not the dull drone that had begun this mad charge, or the screams of rage from the horde. No, this was a piercing shriek that made the turian wince in his cockpit as he missed his first shot on the enemy, only to follow up with a second that blew the head clean off, before finally turning towards the source of the sound. Whatever he had expected to see, however, the thing in his cameras wasn't even in the top ten.

"By the Goddess," swore Liara beside him, as everyone stared at the thing. It was an asari, the design of the head and bone structure could be little else, but really, that's all it was now, just bones, held together by the same blue metallic coating as the rest of these monsters. Unlike its compatriots, the altered asari literally glowed with power, the biotic energy inside it bursting outwards, and allowing it to float at almost eye level for the three mechs, who, after a moment of standing frozen, reacted.

Garrus opened up first, the head gatlings letting loose their fury that had so far shredded the smaller units, and even torn apart a few of the Terrans. The asari responded instantly, the barrier in front of it shifting into the purple of a hardened barrier, and blocking every shot cold, letting the material gather up in front of it, before it waved its hand dismissively. The gathered metal from Garrus' guns was sent straight back at him at blinding speed, forcing him to leap to the side, and draw his beam saber, intending on stabbing the thing with it as he charged forward.

"Captain!" shouted Tali in warning, just before the asari screamer used a biotic charge, a small mass effect jump, to teleport out of the way of his stab. Appearing behind him, Garrus had a single instant to turn, but even his unit was far too slow to do so as the thing sent out a throw field that tossed his mech forward. Landing hard on the ground, Garrus groaned to himself, trying to rise back to his feet, only for the screamer thing to teleport over him, and smash him into the ground with another blast, creating an impression of his Gundam in the soft earth.

"No!" this cry was from Liara who sent a warp field out, the shimmering field impacting the floating asari, causing it to drop for a moment, and just a moment, before it screamed out and did a charge again, appearing right in front of Liara's unit, screaming as loudly as it could.

"Shut up!" came a sudden, and unexpected counter, causing everyone in the field to freeze, even the asari. Shooting up from the ground, faster than the thing could charge away from, a powerful fist wrapped around the skeletal form of the screamer, bones cracking audibly under the force being used to hold it. Beneath it, Jane Shepard was now sitting up, and one could actually hear her teeth grinding over the comms and speakers on her armor, before she smashed the asari into the ground, then repeated the gesture half a dozen times more, creating a huge cloud of dust.

"You will stop making that noise!" said the Terran woman in a feral growl, and then she shot to her feet, the crater she had made showing no sign remaining of the altered asari. The other two Terrans were groaning as they rose as well, but Jane seemed to have recovered in body if not in mind, and when a group of Terrans and micronians came into view, she let out a savage roar, and charged at them, her feet churning the earth beneath her, throwing up huge chunks of it, as she slammed hard into the altered creatures, which for the first time showed some hesitation as her cry echoed over them.

I wonder what happened to Jane?
Vanessa Masters chapter 52 . 11/18/2020
"Ah, I know you. You're Liara T'Soni, the Prothean Expert," said a female voice, and one of the Terrans turned, revealing they were wearing an Assistant Pod on their back, with a suitless quarian at the pod's controls, and looking towards her.

"Yes, I am. I was informed of the discovery on Eden Prime a few days ago, and was ordered to the Citadel where I could study the beacon and the stasis pods. I was already nearby, however, and decided to make my way here, rather than wait for them to come to me. After all, artifacts are one thing, but a full prothean facility, full of functional gear? That's the find of a lifetime," as she spoke, her voice grew stronger, speaking of her work obviously giving her renewed vigor.

"What I discovered already dwarfs everything my people have found about the protheans in all of our history, and I requested a private lab to continue my studies without...risk to myself or the materials themselves," she said this with a tone that implied something, but it was Nirali who explained.

"We caught one of the younger cadets playing around with the pods, juggling them and such. It was decided to give the good doctor a facility outside the norm, and we set up a deep lab for her in one of the holding cells outside of the colony," as she spoke, a map appeared before everyone, detailing the location.

"It had the room I needed, and was properly shielded. It apparently hid me from the geth as well, and I only learned about the attack when I looked outside and saw smoke. I quickly booted up my personal wanzer and found Mrs. Bhatia, and brought her back to my lab. We've been holding up there for the past few hours, hoping for rescue," finished Liara, and the others nodded.


Liara appears early!
Vanessa Masters chapter 51 . 11/18/2020
If I'm right, this runtime was on the edge of the degradation effect, probably noticed it too, but the code spread through it, and began sending false reports to the rest, convincing the aggregate that nothing was wrong. Whoever did this is a monster, they gave these geth some enhancements that probably seemed like gifts from on high, but ones that are slowly killing them while also controlling them," as she finished, the display shifted to show coding in her own pod, firewalls that were literally being battered against by the alien code.

"I had Jon destroy it, probably for the same reason Legion destroyed his. The code is self propagating, meaning that all it took was one geth to be infected, and it would have spread the stuff to the rest of whatever collective it was part of. This code is mind control, enhancement program, and kill switch, all in one very nasty package," this was followed by her firewall burning away the malignant code, and Legion's warframe nodded, likely having done much the same.


Nasty indeed!
Vanessa Masters chapter 50 . 11/18/2020
Why did they get effected, was it reaper attack on their genetic memory? Hmmm
Vanessa Masters chapter 49 . 11/18/2020
"Oh, many thing, Nihlus, many things. Taking my revenge on the Terrans who caused my brother's death. Seeing for myself the future of the galaxy. Finally, I'm finding the Conduit for my new partners. With it, they will bring perfection to the galaxy," as he said this, Nihlus' sensors suddenly screamed at him, and pulling the trigger, he flew backwards, flaring his jets and wings to put distance between him, even as he fired shot after shot towards the turian.

"GAH!" this shout was from Saren, but it was one of frustration than of pain, as the shots Nihlus fired were blocked by another barrier, this one far thicker than should have been possible for Saren, even if he had been a biotic. Worse, he was firing through the barrier, launching several shots of what appeared to be warp power, ones almost as strong as a disruptor torpedo according to his sensors. Nihlus wasn't a fool, of course, and instantly dodged among the crates, letting the blasts strike them, even as he opened a general comm channel.

"This is Nihlus Kryik to Normandy Ground Team. I've encountered a turian SPECTRE named Saren. He's assisting these geth, and has sent several of them to activate something he calls a contingency plan. More, there's at least two survivors in the colony, actively being hunted by some of the geth. Save them if you can," he ordered, trying to home in on the position of the team. Before he could get far, however, a droning sound could be heard in the air, and he turned towards it to find one of the geth floating in the air overhead.

Nihlus was a professional, and said nothing, as he shifted from guardian to jet mode, and shot into the sky. Pulling the trigger, he showered the geth with fire, watching as the thing activated harden barriers that tanked the shots. Not that Nihlus was trying to kill it, of course. He needed to escape. He had information, and as much as it pained him, that beacon was nowhere near as valuable as what he'd seen. Saren's guilt was not going to be easily accepted by the Council, but if they tried to defend him, it could lead to war with the Federation, a war they could ill afford if there was some third player in the game, as Saren's words, and the oddities of the geth, seemed to imply.


Oh no, Nihlus!
Vanessa Masters chapter 48 . 11/18/2020
Two beam sabers, one beam rifle, twin gatling guns in the head, all with an engine and core powerful enough to take me from ground to orbit in a little over seven minutes, given I'm not getting shot at," he bragged, while drawing the other saber and spinning the two around in a very intricate kata that only stopped just before the pink glowing blades would have sliced into Jane's neck. For her part, the Terran woman didn't even flinch just staring at the weapons as they formed a scissor around her head, and then watching as they were withdrawn and placed back into the pack.

"The RX-78-3. It's name: Gundam," declared Garrus, taking a pose that they figured must have been trying to look badass, though if one looked at the deck crew as they finished cleaning up the mess, they were rolling their eyes, obviously having heard that speech before.


Gotta love Garrus.

Oh my, Dragon Teeth!
Vanessa Masters chapter 47 . 11/18/2020
Alright, I'll be quick about this. The Normandy's guns are disabled at the moment, a result of a power spike from the eezo core," he began, displaying the Normandy's current status in the huds of those listening to him.

"I told you General, this ship still had over a month of shake down before we should have launched her," commented Garrus, who had protested earlier that day when they'd been ordered to launch his ship a lot too early given the experimental nature of the tech on board. He was a good turian though, and followed orders, but it was his duty to point out when he'd been right, and the brass had been wrong.

"We've still got engines despite this setback, and are going to make a break for the edge of the interference field. However, what's down on that planet is far too precious to allow to slip through our fingers," he continued, seemingly ignoring the comment, while bringing up another image in front of the four he was speaking too. In this case, it was a set of devices that looked vaguely familiar, but not one of them could place them.

"This is the reason we had to launch early. A month ago now, a field tiller on Eden Prime discovered an underground facility buried deep beneath the surface. He reported it, and we investigated the ruins, but very little was made of them even locally. After all, there are hidden pirate bases all over this area, and it was believed this was just another one," as he explained, the scans of the facility were displayed for the team.

Yaaaay! Garrus!

Oooh eyes on the prize, get to it before rouge geth do!
Vanessa Masters chapter 46 . 11/18/2020
Oh right into drama bomb with Eden Prime!
Vanessa Masters chapter 44 . 11/18/2020
"We won't let you down, sir," said Jon with a salute. Jane mirrored him silently, obviously having her own feelings, but wanting to keep them to herself for now.

"That's what I want to hear from a Shepard," said Skarrde with a chuckle, only to get an odd reaction from both of the armored Terrans, who turned to face each other, looking up and down their suits for a while, as their computers obviously talked to each other to give rank and file information. When that was done, Jon and Jane, in mirror to each other, removed their helmets, revealing faces that neither had seen in a decade.

"Jane," said Jon, staring into his sister's visage. Her emerald green, piercing eyes, skin that had, as she'd grown older, taken on a purple hue to some of it. She was still obviously mostly human in genetics, but she seemed to have an aura of purple around her that complimented the dark, some would say blood red, hair she had cut to neck length, so it could be easily contained by her helmet. She stood almost a head taller than Jon, forcing him to look up to see this.

"Jon," echoed Jane as she stared into his cold, blue eyes of her brother. His face was like hers, one that had seen rough assignments, harsh conditions, and yet remained without a scar, probably thanks to his armor and Tali's quick fingers at the shield controls. However, where her skin had grown darker with purple over the years, his had grown lighter, taking on the almost albino shade of white that marked an engineer, a Terran who often shrank down to micronian size by extracting their protoculture and putting it back in later. His hair was cut to stubble, only a thin layer of dark brown fuzz on top of his head. The two were an interesting contrast to each other.

"Is there some problem I should know about?" asked Skarrde. He was aware, from their records, that the two siblings hadn't spoken in some time, but that was at least somewhat common in the Federation Fleet, especially when you bounced from one assignment to the next the way these two did. He hadn't been told there was any animosity between them however, but one could feel the air was thick now with what could only be described as tension made real.

"Sir, no, sir," they echoed together, placing their helmets back on, and saluting again. The quarian and geth who had been beside them when they entered the room both looked at each other. Oddly, they both appeared to be saying silent apologies to each other over their partner's behavior, and Skarrde made a note to get with the two separately to find out what was going on there. Still, he didn't have time to pick anyone else for this assignment, as a mission they had to jump on had come up in the last few hours, so he could only hope the Shepards' abilities would make up for anything between them.

"Excellent. I think we should proceed straight to the Normandy then. We already have deployment orders," he advised them, and led the way down to another gravtube, and then onto the dock of the Normandy.


Ooooh! What could it be this tension?
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