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Vanessa Masters chapter 23 . 11/16/2020
"Thirty? That seems awfully low for a purity rating. I thought these were warships," commented Grant, and the Zentraedi nodded.

"They were, but as it turns out, thirty is about the purest they can get it. Refining Element Zero is a task not unlike trying to separate salt from grains of sand by hand. It can be done, but the efforts will seldom bear too much fruit," and it was Grant's turn to nod.

"Even the Factory's processors are having trouble with the stuff, according to the report. Exedore is convinced he can manage a sample at least a percentage point purer than what the Council ships had, but even then, it will take energy comparable to a Protoculture Matrix to achieve, as well as more samples of eezo itself," said Breetai.

"Would that be worth it then? We may have a slight surplus of protoculture at the moment, but not to that degree," responded Grant.

"Exedore believes it would be worth the effort. According to his data, every single point of purity raises the efficiency of the eezo an entire order of magnitude. In other words, with a sample of one hundred percent pure Element Zero you could use a chunk the size of your fist to create a mass effect field around a planet," said Amalgam, and Grant had to whistle at the image, holding his hand in a fist, and then imagining that sort of power, the power to move worlds as easily as ships.

"That would be useful. We should begin surveying for more eezo at once then, maybe send the Factory on a planet smashing run to see what it can find," said Grant, but this time he got Amalgam to shake his head.

"That would be, as far as we can tell right now, a pointless gesture," as the hologram spoke, the image of the galaxy appeared above his head again, focusing once more on the space the Terrans now controlled.

"One of the reasons the Local Cluster and Skyllian Verge were both off the beaten path for the Council Races and their ilk is that eezo is incredibly unlikely to be found in large quantities in this region of the galaxy. In over a millennium of exploration, the various peoples have found only a few tons in the area, and I can't see us finding much more even with a dedicated effort," several of the large deposits they knew of were highlighted, with their natural purity and amount. None of the samples was more than a ton, and the most pure was still in the single digit range.

So that’s something to know.

And OOOOOOH! Going to make contact with the Geth.
Vanessa Masters chapter 21 . 11/16/2020
Nothing much happened after that, the transport's door closed, leaving them in darkness, and you could hear the whine of the engines as the ship took off. A few seconds later, everything turned to static, and after that just turned off. She supposed that Fold drive the Terrans used caused some kind of interference with the recording equipment, but still, she had enough here to go over for days, and decided, after a few minutes thought, to send it on to the salarian Councilor as well.

With the job of simply watching done, Tevos rose to her feet and pulled down her dress. The Dalatress and her people would know best what to do with the data the recording gave them, but they were children when it came to sailing the great ships of state. She had six meetings with some of the volus diplomats, and even some from the elcor and hanar as well, to get to. Each one required a different, but equally delicate touch, and hopefully, when the turian Councilor arrived, she could impress on him the need for using a gentle hand rather than a fist, before he, like so many of his people lately, made a mess of things.


Hmmm. Some clean up plan.
Vanessa Masters chapter 20 . 11/16/2020
"What are you planning on doing?" asked the Dalatress at last, and the turian just sighed at her.

"In truth, if this hadn't come to light like this, I think I would have stepped down at the end of the month. The toll this job takes at the best of times is arduous, no matter how easy Tevos tries to make it look," he informed her, and the Dalatress nodded at the statement. It was a fact that having the weight of power on your shoulders was a burden that crushed lesser beings than they.

"It's been at least six generations since a sitting Councilor from Palaven has lacked an heir, and yet, mine died over Shanxi, and I have no time select another. I think the Primarch will be allowed to select someone on his own, maybe with a few committees going over the decision after the fact. After that, I would have retired, and tried to fade into obscurity," he said the last as he spun his chair around, like some child at play. Somehow, during the course of the spin, a gun found its way into his hands, a simple pistol that he pointed straight at the Dalatress, who after the initial shock of the gesture wore off, stared at him with that hard face of hers.

"That can't happen now though. If even one person knows of my actions, knows how badly this reflects on us as a species. That the sitting Councilor would give the order I did. There are no justifications for it other than those that look to the future, to what the Terrans might become. In the here and now though, they approached us with open arms, and I stabbed them in the chest for it," he said this in the same way one would list off a school program, smiling sadly at the salarian woman before him.

"Are you truly prepared for what will come of this next action? Such things as this are not done lightly," she responded simply, her own lips still turned down in a rather dour expression, even for one of her race.

"There is an old saying among my people, that duty is heavier than any mountain. I have borne that weight upon me for so long that there's no true comparison to what I'm about to do," he told her. Outside, the two guards were still debating on how long it would take the crowd outside to disperse when they heard it. The dull thunk of an accelerator weapon tearing through flesh.

Both were trained combat professionals, and so they acted in concert, one quickly pushing open the door, kicking it when it proved to be locked, while the other provided cover, while also radioing for help. What they saw as they came in was quite a sight. In her chair, still sitting there, serene and passive as stone, was the salarian, while in front of her was a sight of death. The Councilor was leaning back in his chair, the top of his head blown away, and a gun in his hand.

"Ma'am, are you hurt?" asked the soldier near the door, as his compatriot got closer to the corpse. It was obvious the Councilor was dead, likely by his own hand, but there was no way to be sure without a full report, and both knew procedure enough to allow for a fall back, just in case this was some kind of attack. The Dalatress just shook her head and rose from her seat.

"I'm fine, young man. Though it would be best if I leave quickly. This event will only add fuel into an already volatile situation, and I must make preparations," she told him simply. Half an hour later, a hush fell over the crowd outside as a covered body was taken to a nearby aircar. Rumors flew from mouth to mouth, and finally beyond. The turian Councilor, to try and make up for what one of his subordinates had done had taken his own life Many saw this as a shame, some saw it as a fitting sacrifice and began to go home. None watched a salarian woman go towards her own office, muttering an old turian saying.

"Duty weighs on one heavier than a mountain. Compared to Duty, Death is but the weight of a single pebble," she said to herself, as she began to send out missives and notes, trying to help keep the galaxy running for at least another day.


Well, it’s a way out, but some might say it was fair punishment.
Vanessa Masters chapter 19 . 11/16/2020
"It might be, I'm afraid. After the events of today, I doubt our governments will want to talk for a long time," said Hayes.

"Longer for me than you. I'm almost thirty five years old now, and will likely end the year retired to some nice warm place back on my homeworld. By the time our people have relations again, I will be long since dead. Still, I am a woman who looks to the future, it's why I'm a Councilor, and right now, I must ask these questions, to settle my mind about how the future will play out," she said this simply, bluntly, and both Hayes and Exedore just nodded at her, motioning for her to continue.

"You have ample reason to hate us, to make war on us, after what that fool did. If not the whole Council, at least the turians, and many a race, including the krogan, seem to think that you'll declare hostilities the instant you leave. I must ask, will you?" again, her tone was blunt. No tricks, no clouded meaning, just a desperate need to know. It got both Hayes and Exedore thinking, until finally, it was Exedore who answered with a question of his own.

"I know we sent the history files to you, but did you have time to go over them fully?" asked the Zentraedi.

"I will admit, I skimmed in a few places, but I think I absorbed it fairly well," answered the salarian.

"If that is the case, then I'm sure you're aware that my people are extra-galatic, from a galaxy called M51," he said, and she nodded at this.

"You came in search of the SDF-1, correct?" asked the Dalatress.

"Indeed. But, did you not wonder what happened to our old home after we left it?" responded the Zentraedi, and the Dalatress seemed taken aback by the question.

"I had assumed you couldn't get back. The data you gave us indicated it took you over a millennium to arrive here from where you originated," she said.

"Heh, a misconception. It took us one thousand years to find the SDF-1, not to get here. The range of a Fold Drive equipped ship is, to put it simply, unlimited. We can go anywhere in the universe in the blink of an eye. With the proper calculations of course," he seemed to add the last as an afterthought.


The sad truth. And I hope the Dalatrass does the right thing with the recording.
Vanessa Masters chapter 18 . 11/16/2020
To the Council, these voices and cries might as well have been the quiet of a graveyard. They heard none of it, for each, in their own way, was lost in thought. To the asari, this was a disaster of almost unprecedented proportions. A turian general had shirked his duty to the Council, and had shown how far their authority actually reached. To the turian, this was a disaster for another reason. The dreadnaught and all those ships destroyed. Ten thousand lives on the large ship, and thousands more on the smaller vessels, all gone in an instant. To the salarian, this was a disaster for the simple reason that the Terrans had won, with a weapon the Council simply had no counter to at present, and she had no time to plan for it, no time to send for spies, or to sabotage.

"This is a most distressing turn of events," said the Hayes, as she looked towards the Council before her.

"Indeed, perhaps a recess is in order for us to colle-" began the asari Councilor, only to be cut off as Hayes raised her hand, to silence her. Some in the chamber wondered at the impertinence of the gesture, but others worried, this woman's people had just shown powers so far beyond them, and now she commanded silence of their leaders.

"Twice now, you have offered my people war. First when we met, ignorant of who you were, and now here, in the full knowledge of us, but thinking us a simple race to be crushed under heel. As with the first, we will not accept this war, for that part of our nature we try to keep in check," the words seemed to echo over the chamber, as if being spoken by some demigod, and every word reverberated, being recorded by the orb and transmitted to the Citadel and beyond.

"However, peace is something we can offer you no longer either. So I will say this. The Local Cluster is our space, any Citadel Ships or peoples found in area after the end of the next month will be deemed trespassers in our space, and will be met as such. The batarians have that long to evacuate the two pirate bases they currently control in that space, before we come to claim the land as ours," the declaration was met with only silence, and so she continued.

"Farther, any unclaimed territory in the Skyllian Verge is now ours as well. We will not interfere in those colonies that already dot that area, and will remain out of those systems, but any place were your people are not, is now ours," she said this simply, and then stayed silent. When it was clear she would speak no more, the chamber erupted with shouts. Each seemed demanding a different thing. For the Council to execute an enemy of the state, for them to demand justice for the dead turians, and even for them to create a seat for these Terrans on the Council itself.

"I believe, we are done here," came Hayes' voice finally over the tumult, and everyone else went silent once more. She then simply turned and walked away, her shoes echoing as she walked in the once again silent chamber.

A disaster and tragedy.
And Hannah, so upset. So am I.
Vanessa Masters chapter 17 . 11/16/2020
"Turian fleet! If you do not surrender right now, I will be forced to destroy you, this is your only warning!" shouted Miriya into her display, the transmission was a general wave form, even if they weren't trying to receive it, they would get a face full anyway. Fury dripped from her voice, and her words were backed up by her weapons, the ball hovering between the pillars at the rear of her ship now measured a full mile across, and was only growing larger.

"This is General Sparatus, the time for surrender is far past. You and yours must be stopped, and if this is the only way to protect the Citadel from you, then so be it," was a quick, concise reply.

"Ma'am! Heat increasing from the turian vessel. They're preparing to fire again!" shouted one of the Terrans at a station nearby.

"Fire first then! If they want to die so badly, then let's spread their atoms across space!" ordered Miriya, and everyone present nodded. With a few quick buttons, the orb was aimed, the shot prepared, and then launched. The sound of it was lost in the void of space, but the vision of it, an arch of white-orange light, blazed across space, shooting straight and true.

Aboard the turian vessels, disabled and unable to move, there was no warning. One moment, they stood there, the next, wave of light struck them. The armor of their ships was no more ready for the heat and force of the shot than the Phoenix had been, and so they buckled instantly, mercifully. None aboard were given even that moment of horror as death, senseless and stupid, claimed them. Simply a moment of light and fire, and then it was over.

For those two cruisers in the way, the story was far worse. The barriers around their ships held for a moment, a set of three heartbeats. They had been designed with force in mind, spreading the impact out to reduce damage, and did much the same with the light and heat of this blast. But there was so much of it, and it was all around them so fast that the system simply couldn't keep up. They were given that horrible moment to look out, see death in the fires around them, and then the barriers collapsed, and it was inside with them, ending them in screams rather than silence.

The dreadnaught Sparatus was no different than the cruisers. The second shot had just left the barrel of the main cannon when the shot from the Terran ship hit. The projectile was vaporized by the overwhelming power of the other weapon, and his ship was tossed backwards. The barrier held longer though, and the crew were able to curse, rant, cry, or simply stand there. For some, it was that moment to face death with dignity, for others it was the moment to decry their leader, who had brought this fate upon them. The end for all of them was the same, the barrier held only for two seconds, and then their world became fire.

Sitting in the pilots seat, Sparatus was given the best view of this. His mind flashed. Not back over the events of his life, but oddly, to the events of his future. He saw himself in the Councilor's robes after a war with a much smaller version of the Terrans. He saw this new people begin to slowly spread throughout the stars, demanding the rights of an older race despite their youth. He saw one in particular, rise through adversity to be a leader, a unifier of peoples, rallying them against a darkness that was coming.

Then he saw fire and light alone. His skin began to melt, the metals in his face turning to liquid and running into every crag. His eyes boiled away, and he swore he could almost hear them pop, and finally he took a breath to scream, and found only fire there, the pain so great it silenced every thought he might have, until all at once, it was over, and darkness took him.


Good! We don’t need his crazy!
Vanessa Masters chapter 16 . 11/16/2020
Oh Max," was all she said, and this in a whisper that didn't carry. Not that it needed to. The bridge crew knew her well enough to remember the date. On this day, over two hundred years ago, Miriya, Zentraedi ace pilot and one of their greatest warriors, had become Miriya Sterling, the first, and not the last, of her people to find their home among the humans. So few of them had been of her breed though, so few had had the extra genes to live like her, practically forever. Only five others, and all of them loners, none who ever gave their hearts away to those who would pass on.

To those of the Terran race, she was considered their mother, the first woman to bare a Terran child, mixing both homo sapien and Zen DNA together to create a new way of living. None of those on her bridge thought of her like that though. To them, she was the great warrior, a soldier and commander on the level of the great Henry Gloval himself, and able to lead them to victory against any foe that might decide to stand in their way. They knew why she was there today, when she should have taken a day off, so they gave her all the space they could, at least until an alert sounded, and a small display on her chair sprung to life.


My fave alien gal.

Nooooo! Oh lord, this is terrible!
Vanessa Masters chapter 15 . 11/16/2020
"Councilors, in the name of these negotiations, I must protest, and demand you order General Sparatus to remove his fleet from over Shanxi," she told them at last, when none of them volunteered anything.

"I'm afraid that action is impossible. We have no hypernet beacons in the system, and as such cannot send orders quicker than the speed of another ship, which wouldn't get there for days at this point. Your best course of action would be to simply submit for now. So long as the population is cooperative, the General will have no reason to harm anyone," responded the turian Councilor, and a few heads in the room nodded, with murmurs of agreement, at least until they looked at Hayes.

At first, it appeared she was frozen, in either indecision or shock, but if one looked closer, they could see her free hand at her side, clenched into a fist, and shaking slightly. She lowered her head, and one could actually hear her breathing through clenched teeth, first once, then twice, and finally a third time, before raising her eyes to the Council. Used to softness from her, willing to compromise or at least discuss things in the name of peace, the three beings were shocked to see a sudden icy chill of steel in her gaze, one that might cut them down.

"I will not give that order, and you are quite fortunate that I want these talks to succeed, otherwise I would...regardless. I have been open to the idea that in order to join the galactic community peacefully, we would be required to submit to a few changes in our laws and ourselves, but this situation is intolerable," she said this with a passion bordering on fire, as if each slight against her over the course of the negotiations had been saved up for this.

"You would never order one of your colonies to submit to an invader, and know that I would never do that to my people either. If it's a communication line you're worried about, we obviously have one with the governor, and I'm sure it could be routed to your own ship given a bit of effort," as she spoke, her eyes turned to the image of Williams, who nodded as he began to follow through on her request.


Ooooooh this is going to be intense!
Vanessa Masters chapter 14 . 11/16/2020
"I wouldn't begin to guess. With such a large population of varied species there must have been dozens," said Hayes, and Ivanova shook her head.

"In actuality the real figure is zero. In over three hundred years, no new designs have emerged. Every improvement made is to an existing design, not starting from scratch. In fact, going back farther than that, it seems that, once a civilization joins the galactic community, either with the Citadel or against them, they stop developing on their own," as she explained this, dates appeared above the various ships she was showing, and then those dates rolled backwards, decades at a time, which showed only minor changes or alterations as the centuries rewound.

"That can't be right. We may not be building our own designs much, but even Terrans have changed them over the centuries since the War," commented Shepard as she watched the models before her stop rolling back, with the turian vessel from almost a thousand years previous, the first of the line, looking only a few points difference from the Talons she'd rode in for those two weeks.

"Worse, they don't change inside much either. I did a little digging and found that the element zero core design used today is so old that even the asari don't remember who built it," and with that, she flashed up a vision of one such core, causing everyone sitting in front of her to whistle. All present knew asari could live a millennium or longer.

"So they're stagnant? An entire galaxy?" asked Exedore, and Ivanova shook her head.

"I don't think so. Minor improvements occur all the time. Just a few weeks ago someone built a new engine that is about six percent more efficient when it comes to fuel economy, and I could list hundreds of new things their science has dreamed up this decade alone. However, the heart of their science is mass effect, and yet, I don't think they truly understand it at all," answered the AI.

"That sort of makes sense, when you consider it. They discovered the mass relays, much like we ourselves did. Using and even duplicating a device once you have the designs and parts, are easy, but improving it is a nigh on impossibility when you don't grasp the underlying theory of it," admitted Exedore, who had been one of the finest minds in the Federation, and knew that the mass relays were a major conundrum when it came to studying the things.


Love these discussions. Yes, it’s a major surprise for them with the citadel.

And grand thinker doesn’t just think, he can fight!
Vanessa Masters chapter 13 . 11/16/2020
"That sounds like a good idea, though I must admit, we do have concerns other than size when it comes to Terran citizens. Namely those of a less organic origin," said the asari Councilor, trying to turn the conversation as diplomatically as possible.

"You mean the AIs who make up almost a tenth of our population?" clarified Hayes, the word causing quite a stir among those watching. Some had heard rumors that the Terrans had AIs on their ships, some had even come to see what would be decided in regards to them, as any ruling on a digital lifeform had the potential to change many things in the realm of computers, but none present had realized that the AIs were considered citizens of the Terrans, let alone that there were so many.

"The very same. The Citadel Conventions clearly state that research into AIs is illegal, and any that are found are to be immediately disassembled," declared the turian Councilor, pushing a button on his omnitool to bring up a hologram of the relevant portion of the Conventions, so all could see it.

"So they are. However, my people were obviously ignorant of this law at the time," responded Hayes.

"So they were. That does not protect you from the consequences now. In order for Terrans to join with this Council, you must follow our laws, and that includes those involving the creation of new AIs. As a sign of our concessions, we will allow any active AIs to stay online, but no new ones can be created," he said, punctuating his words by pointing at her, and Hayes seemed to consider the statement for a moment, before pressing a few buttons on her omnitool, and then turning towards the Council.

"I am under the impression, from the various laws and regulations regarding non-organic based intelligences, that the major complaint of your people is that such beings are near immortal, and worse, do not think in the same way organics do. Would you say that is a fair assessment?" she asked, causing the three Councilors to look from one to each other, before finally turning back to her.

"Those are two of the larger complaints, yes. Though such an issue cannot simply be boiled down to a few talking points," said the asari before her, and Hayes nodded, before holding our her omnitool. From it, a beam of light shot out, resolving quickly into a humanoid form, wearing a suit of armor much like the one on Shepard who was standing at the bottom of the Citadel tower.

"I believe that's my cue to start talking," said the figure. It appeared to be a Terran male, or at least, like the pictures the Council had been provided of the gender. It was slightly portly, with a head that had a small tuft of fur, slightly receded showing off an impressive forehead.

"And who would you be?" asked the turian after a moment.

"My name is Michael Garibaldi, Chief of Security and Electronic Warfare on the Agamemnon. I'm what you would term an AI, though I prefer Terran, or maybe TechnoTerran myself. I was born about thirty five years ago in a system on Mars, from two loving parents, both deceased, and expect my own life to last no more than thirty more years, give or take a decade depending on how well I take care of myself," explained the man made of light, and his statement, blunt as it was, seemed to have the desired effect, as it caused the Council to just stare at him for a moment, before the asari finally found herself again, and leaned forward.

"You say, two loving parents. Might I surmise that these two were not of biological origin, from your tone?" she asked, and Garibaldi nodded.

"You might, and you would be correct. My parents were second generation AIs, free and independent citizens of the Federation, and with all the rights and privileges thereof. I'd explain how they met, but I think you people would be more interested in how they made little, old me," so saying, he held out his hand, and from that hand another shaft of light emerged, resolving into several strands of light that then looped around each other, becoming a tightly woven cord.


Here’s hoping this opens doors for the technoterrans
Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 11/16/2020
When the asari had come up, she had been...startled would be the nicest way to put it, by the sight of Mrs. Shepard. She had instantly demanded to know what it was, and what it was going on the Presidium, while also asking for C-Sec to come get rid of it. Luckily, she wasn't a Councilor for just her looks. She had a cool head, and while in a panic, she had watched as the giant just stood there, until someone had been able to explain the situation to her. Once that was done, she had merely walked up to Shepard, and then told her who she was, which caused the giant to stand aside a moment, allowing her into her office.

Now she sat here, looking out the window at times, while the other two Terrans answered questions. So far, the answers had proven almost as interesting as the sight of the giant on the Presidium. Their ship in dock had crew of a similar weight and mass to Shepard, and needed no supplies. Shepard herself wouldn't need anything to eat or drink, and would in fact stand guard all night without rest, because the Terrans needed none of those things. These facts were all filed away by Tevos as she sipped at her tea, wondering just what sort of monsters the turians had found out on the edge of the galaxy.


Oh yeah, but glad Tevos has a level head and doesn’t let me turian councilor blow up the Terrans. Or try to, anyway.
Vanessa Masters chapter 11 . 11/16/2020
What they saw as the exited the car was a crowd. At first, it almost looked like a riot, as screams echoed over the area, people pointing towards a massive shape standing out in the pool beside the elevator. It soon became apparent though, as those screams were accompanied by a few smatterings of applause that they were enthralled by something. Looking where they were, Hayes and Ororian were startled to find Shepard juggling. Specifically she was juggling one of the Citadel Transport Aircars, a turian in full armor, what appeared to be her sword in it full extended form, and a large ball.

"Pallin!""Shepard!" shouted the two together as they realized what was going on, and the entire crowd turned to the angry shouts, some recognizing the first voice as one of the leaders of the Citadel Fleet. For her part, Shepard said nothing, and merely caught each item as it came down, setting the car down on a small strip of sidewalk, then the turian, then catching the sword and twisting the pommel so it folded into its travel form, before finally catching the ball easily with one hand, then setting that down in front of a small asari girl as she stood at attention in the water, the turian standing and mimicking her.

"General""Representative" the two said together, and both leaders forced their way through the crowd as they started to quickly disperse and go on about their business. As they got up to their subordinates, they both started the dressing down in almost perfect unison, only to stop as they spoke, Ororian gesturing towards Hayes.

"Ladies first," he said, and she nodded in thanks, before turning back to Shepard.

"Now just what in the name of Macross was going on here?!" she demanded of the giant woman, who, thanks to standing in the water, was at least a little closer to her leader.

"I was fostering a sense of kinship with the locals, ma'am," she responded, though she kept a neutral expression on her face as she answered.

"And just what were you doing, Lieutenant?" asked Ororian in a much softer tone, though one that just said if he didn't like the answer, he was going to make sure the poor turian was cleaning toilets for the next year.

"I was helping Mrs. Shepard foster of sense of kinship with the locals, sir," she responded, again, a neutral expression on his face, neither of them seeming willing to volunteer anymore information beyond that. The two leaders looked at each other, than at their subordinates, and finally both sighed in unison.

Lol oh lord.
Vanessa Masters chapter 10 . 11/16/2020

"Fascinating. I feel the motion only slightly, though if I were to guess, we are currently moving at several hundred miles an hour," commented the shorter Terran as he looked out at the lights of the elevator. Ororian said nothing to him, merely facing forward, trying not to let mental images play across his mind of that Terran woman(He'd asked Hayes about Terran genders), literally crushing some politician under her foot, and then him getting blamed for it for allowing her down there.

Luckily for his nerves, the instant the elevator doors opened, he spotted her, standing there in front of them, at attention. Around her, as one would expect, were various members of C-Sec, as well as any of the usual rubberneckers that tended to visit the Presidium. The crowd was, luckily for them, standing well back from the woman, whose shoes weren't covered in blood, hopefully meaning she had avoided stepping on anyone in her walk to the elevators.

"Thank the Ancestors for small mircales," said the general to himself as his party came out of their elevator, only to be quickly approached by one of the C-Sec guards in a lieutenant's uniform.

"Stand back, this situation is under C-Sec control," he said, as he came forward, holding up a hand to prevent the party from getting any closer to unknown...thing, that had already scared half the Presidium into demanding a tactical strike against it.

"I'm afraid not, Pallin. This matter goes way over your head," said the general to the C-Sec agent as he stood aside for Mrs. Hayes to approach her body guard. The C-Sec officers did try and get in front of her, but when the giant thing leaned forward, most of them decided to see what would happen, from a safe distance.

"You know, I didn't really bring you here to intimidate the locals," said Hayes, her face broken out in a mischievous grin saying that, while not her plan, it wasn't unexpected.

"I haven't even said anything to anyone other than some workers around the lift, ma'am," she said, her voice booming in that odd Terran way, while everyone around the two just stared. It was an odd sight, the huge giant on one knee talking to the woman who was barely taller than her ankle.

"Well, just try to look a little less intimidating for a bit. Maybe take the helmet off for a while, and let them see you with your hair down," suggested Hayes, and Shepard looked around at those below her, before standing up and doing just that. Her helmet came free a bit more easily this time, without that hiss sound, so soon everyone below her was staring, some with their jaws almost on the floor. Most had assumed her to be some kind of mechanized weapon system or the like, but to find that there was a living creature beneath that armor was a shock.

"Is this any better?" she asked, looking around, trying her best to put on a smile. Her efforts, such as they were, proved to at least have some effect. No one looked to be calming down, but no one looked to be about to run or shoot her, so that was a positive change.

Oh boy, Hannah making waves, literally.

I wonder how the Asari will react to two thousand year old Prime Thinker?
Vanessa Masters chapter 9 . 11/16/2020
We have entered Citadel space, Commander," said the cadet, and Kryik nodded as he watched the display in front of him hum to life, soon showing a hologram of the Citadel. He tried to stare at it hard, to keep his stomach from doing flips again, while somewhere in the distance, he heard another crew member not quite being strong enough to keep it in, retching in a corner.

"Acknowledged. Bring us -urk- around, and open a -hurk- channel to Citadel Control," he ordered, looking over to find at least his crew wasn't the only ones having trouble. Mrs. Hayes was looking almost as green as some krogans he knew, though next to her stood that odd fellow, Exedore who was shorter than he would have expected of a giant, standing at less than five feet tall. He seemed perfectly fine, and kept staring at everything around him like a kid in a sweet shop.

"I'm going to assume that this Fold you preformed on us doesn't normally result in feeling like this," said the turian to his guest.

"Not normally, no. I've been through it hundreds of times now, and this is the first time it's caused this sort of problem for me," she told him, holding herself up against the railing of the observation deck. She was, to her credit, recovering more quickly than he was. Whether that was due to biology or her own fortitude was something to be sorted out later.



Oh lord, escorted by the sixty foot woman.
Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 11/16/2020
You sure you don't want to stay here? I mean, why not sleep in your own bedroom for a night, before we have to leave?" offered Arus, looking around and figuring there had to be more than enough room around here. Of course, he had been expecting a speech about duty or something, only to instead get a laugh from the pair.

"You really should pay attention more, Lieutenant Vakarian. I mentioned before that beds weren't something I was used to, don't you remember?" she asked, and Arus thought back to that first night in their shared quarters on the Talons. He'd assumed, naturally, that what she meant was the style of bed, now that he thought about it though, she had seemed to be talking more generally.

"I'm going to infer from that statement that means Terrans don't sleep...yet I saw you do it several times," he mentioned, and Hannah nodded at him.

"Terrans, when we're normal sized, have protoculture in our bodies. That stuff is like a small sun, and it makes us big, tough, and more importantly, keeps us energized. As such, eating and sleeping are optional activities, and most of us don't really see the point of the latter at all," she explained.

"Wait, if you don't have to eat, why do you have this coffee stuff?" he asked, kicking at the container still half full of the murky brown liquid at his feet.

"That's because some of us still like to do it. It's not necessary, true, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable once in a while. Most Terrans though, they subsist on a diet that's just a protoculture slurry every time they feel a little groggy. A glass or two a month for some, others once a day, depending on how much they work themselves," explained Adam to the tiny man, walking away for a moment, leaving him just staring after him, before returning and showing off a sealed bottle with glowing liquid inside.


Cool fact.

And Ashley got her nose busted lol oh lord.

And then meeting Hannah giant husband.
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