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UltraMickey chapter 1 . 7/3/2016
60 foot Giants? Smh. Too overpowered already.
Qinlongfei chapter 25 . 6/29/2016
This chapter is both a bit of a shame, yet at the same extremely brilliant. I find this chapter a bit of shame, because I think Quarian was the part of original ME story where the politic worked out brilliantly: They aren't just a bunch of petty politician engaging in a pissing contest like most of the politic involving with the Councilors. Each Admiral has valid points to back up their own point of view even if the player doesn't agree with their view, which to me is good fictional conflict writing at its best. To have such a well written part of ME boiled down to a single easy decision presented in this chapter is nothing short of shame.

But at the same time... how Quarian reaches the 'easy decision' in this chapter is nothing short of brilliant writing in itself both in how natural it is to reach the decision as well as a more clever and subtle way give a lots of depth to both Hayes and Amalgam of Terran as characters.

I'm not sure if this is the original vision... but to me how Amalgam negotiated with Quarian is very different than Hayes negotiated with Council. Where as Hayes was very honest, Amalgam comes off rather psychologically manipulative in this chapter with how he negotiated with Quarian.

While he did announce at the start his ultimate goal is to negotiate peace between Quarian and Geth, he quickly shifts the actual term of the negotiate to letting Quarian return to their home planet. This has the benefit of avoiding the most confrontational part of the negotiation and move it way down to the point where Quarian will naturally accept Geth after achieving co-existence with them through normal everyday life, as well as giving Quarian a deal they can't refuse. By stating the fact of Council's mistreatment of Quarian as well as Live Ships' imminent failure, Amalgam subtly manipulated the Admiral Board down the path that's very advantage to alliance with Terran: At best, Quarian will get back their home planet which is their ultimate dream, at worst even if this is a trap, all they lose are 10,000 of their people, the people who will die anyways when the Live Ships begin to fail and they can't support themselves.

I think the contrast between Hayes and Amalgam's reflect very well of their respective specie: Hayes' human descend of Terran means she's trying to live up to her heritage of fair dealing with alien race, where as Amalgam being Artificial Intelligence means he would naturally follow machine cold logic in the most efficient way of achieving the goal therefore doesn't mind if he uses more morally underhanded tactics in a negotiation (That plus he's not exactly manipulating Quarians down a bad path), which is why I think this chapter is on the other hand extremely brilliant.

After all this is said and done, there's logically no reason for Quarian to refuse the offer and the only thing left for them is to accept it in the way it makes sense for their line of thinking (Really, the only way I can think of for Quarian to refuse is out of callousness and pettiness for Terran sending out an AI member to do the negotiation) and I think this chapter did a good job in showing the response of all the admirals.

In the end while I still think it's a bit of a shame we won't see one of the best part of cannon ME politic at work in this story the alternate is something equally brilliant.
Qinlongfei chapter 24 . 6/29/2016
I find it rather curious in this story it's Terran who reached out to Geth, rather than Geth reaching out to Terran like most other alternate first contact stories where human/humanstandin have a fallout with Council, especially consider a pretty significant percentage of Terran citizens are synthetic.

This makes Geth's behavior feel more like animals who are only concerned about their immediate needs, rather than human who are more concerned about their want and long term goal. It's also supported by what Geth are doing in this chapter: Most of them are working for the sack of working, even building their shell which once complete will dramatically increase their processing power is obviously just work to keep them occupied rather than because they want to increase their processing power to begin with (which would be horribly inefficient since it makes million years to complete).

I found this portrait of Geth to be extremely fascinating since it makes them extremely distinct from all the other species in this story and I really want the story to focus more on this side of Geth. While I guess one can say a specie behaving more like animal would lack drama therefore be less interesting, I personally think exploring how a specie like this would integrate with other species (who are all driven by their want) can be very unique material. I really hope Legion is this kind of Geth rather than the ones who accepted the logical matrix from Terran consider it just makes more sense regarding his name.

Since at the beginning of this chapter says the Geth programs who want to become a metal plague is brushed aside rather than already split from consensus, does that mean we won't get heretic Geth in this story? And consider Batarians are later annexed into Terran I wonder who Raper will use as their foot soldier for this cycle. My guess is you'll either bring Collectors out early or use Vorcha since you kind of hinted the Vorcha being bad guys.
Qinlongfei chapter 22 . 6/27/2016
I have to say I am a bit disappointed for the 'aftermath' chapters. Don't get me wrong, I think the contents in those chapters are really good (especially the confrontation between Salarian and Turian Councilor as I already stated in previous review) and I think it's a smart thing you keep those chapters with a natural sense of narrative flow and once again, subtle details on telling what's going on in term of Terran's sociopolitical impact they have on Citadel Specie. The Raper chapter is obviously a kind of a joke chapter which while funny I personally think you could have done without since it kind of break the overall flow.

My main problem with those chapters are those subtle details just doesn't feel like they are enough, since this is the first time Terran makes their entrance in the bigger galactic scene especially since they enters the scene with a huge bang.

I think an overall summary chapter or two on how most specie's initial reaction to them would help build the world much better as it helps build up the contrast of how the other species feel about them as the story progresses. It kind of get rectified in a later chapter where you have an overall view on how most of the citadel species are changing their own policy to reflect Terran's but it would have been better if we got the initial reaction of them in this series of chapters and then compare to how they adapt.
Qinlongfei chapter 17 . 6/27/2016
Once again, I like how much depth a lots of subtle details goes into the previous few chapters for this universe's 'First Contact War'. I like how once again despite their pride and fear of Terran, the Council still tried their best to avoid an all out fire fight. It shouldn't happen this rare, but it's surprisingly fresh where the Councilors actually act like they should - best representation of their race as a whole who rules a community of multi-species thugs and still keep some semblance of peace - in a ME story rather than a bunch of petty and prideful asshats.

Speaking of Council... it's a bit strange to imagine Sparatus being a general in battle field rather than sitting in the Council room but then again everyone need to come from somewhere. It fits for a militarized specie as Turian to promote their generals into politician role (although that's probably not a good idea... consider even EAware's DA:O is a prime example of that). Once again, it's nice to see the future Primarch tries to stop him from doing something completely stupid as again it shows even in the higher up not all Turian are irredeemable jackasses.

Kind of a shame Miriya is the only main cast from Marcross saga to appear in the story (I didn't count the other two Zentraedi since they are more support cast) but it can't be helped. The name South Cross is a cute reference to Robotech Master Arc that'll never come to be in this story.

I like how the Council armada while utterly outgun'ed isn't completely helpless against Terran technology. It reminds me a bit about play Galactic Civ 3 where the Council specie specialize in ballistic weaponary where Terran is more jack of all trade, while Terran is at a higher tech level since their tech are more spread out they can't completely negate everything Council can throw at them. Once again, this build much better tension than a lots of typical human/humanstandin being superior to Council where Council are essentially at their mercy, and land more weight on why they later end up giving each other cold shoulders (and still try to improve their relationship in secret) as they probably realize a full out hot war will more than likely cause their mutual destruction (not so much Terran, but it's obvious they are kind of tired of seeing worlds get destroyed due to petty squabble).

The death of Captain Archer and crew is a pretty well done emotional scene I haven't read too often in ME stories, especially stories where human has superior technology. While I can understand why mama Shepard is so upset, from a meta narrative I think having him go out in a blaze of glory and save a planet is a much better send off then he got from his own show.
Qinlongfei chapter 13 . 6/23/2016
Once again, I like the subtle touches you give to those negotiations compare to a large number of other ME crossover stories. Terran, despite having the ability to conquer Council space still wants to join them, and it fits with their history: Seeing the death of Zentraedi home world make them believe co-existence, not conquering and destruction is the true way to peace. While it's obvious they still have huge pride in their own specie, they don't let that pride grow so huge it turns into big dick syndrome like a lots of other human/humanstandin in ME crossover stories (ironically those behavior are what the author claim to hate the council specie for and it makes their fanfic comes off both patronizing and hypocritical).

On the other hand, we can also see in subtle details the council struggle to try and make the negotiation work. It's understandable Turian doesn't want Terran to join, since Terran's existence proves a very real threat to Turian's position within the council itself as Terran are pretty much superior to Turian in every way, but I like how Asari and Salarian are working a pretty good job counter ruling Turian in those scenes (despite themselves get intimidated by Terran's technology and military). It makes the Council in this story feel much more alive, distinguished than a lots of 'oppressive dickheads' version other ME fanfics portray them as.

A bit of a side note... does the AI from this chapter reminds anyone of Tron Legacy?
Qinlongfei chapter 3 . 6/22/2016
I like how in this chapter (and subsequent chapters of this First Contact Arc) we gets to see Turian being portrait with much more depth than a lots of ME stories does.

While the one in charge still being portrait as a typical Turian - frankly speaking an egotistic cunt who loves to shove their dicks around - the inclusion of other characters give them much more depth. The more level-headed Commander Kryik, and Cadet Valkarian are great addition to some actual like-able Turian characters. It shows even with their militaristic upbringing not all Turian are the same character like they got dropped off a factory assembly line.

Aside from having some rather charismatic characters, having this extra step a number of ME stories miss also add a lots of depth to Turian as a whole. It's a micronized window in showing the larger Turian society in how they may have different belief and personality, but they discarded that individuality in order to appear strong and unified to the other species. It is understandable why their society would function that way, since they did act as the police and peace keeper of their community for so many years. Despite that, later chapter of the arc does show Turian will have a mutiny when their commanding officer gives an absolutely retarded command based on nothing more than their racial pride. All of those different faces, both on an individual level, or a society level portrait Turian as something that's much more understandable than the usual ME fanfic's version of a bunch of prideful idiots who loves to shove their dicks around everywhere. And I wish most of other species got the same treatment later down the road since it really makes the ME universe feel alive.
Qinlongfei chapter 1 . 6/20/2016
I decide to do a review based on some highlight of the things I glanced over in my overall review on chapter 57. It's not for every chapter, but ones I find where you do something significantly good, or what I feel could be improved on. They are just based on my personal preference, so please take everything with a grain of salt.

I like the first chapter which setup the history of Terran specie as a whole. What I like this format is you didn't just do a chronical version like a lots of ME writers to setup the alternate history of humanity/humanstandin, but it's done in a way that feels like an elder telling a story to children of their history. It makes the history lesson feels much more personal and gives it a bit of flair which is more interesting than what chronical can accomplish.

Personally I'm a bit disappointed the other races from Robotech won't make an appearance, as I think it'll be interesting to see what the Council will do when they learn of an old galactic empire pretty much trumps their technology. But then again, as I said in my overall review this setup naturally on why Terran tries everything to avoid war despite war is in their collective nature. I heard from a friend in Robotech novel Zor was actually born between one of his clone who traveled back in time and Lin Mingmei which give birth to the Robotech civilization. Not sure who much claim to cannonicity it has since I didn't read the novel but I guess that's something that'll be put aside even if it's cannon (And to be fair it is pretty convoluted).
Qinlongfei chapter 57 . 6/16/2016
To be honest I came to this story without much expectation from the summary. I was thinking: 'Ho boy, can't wait for another ME crossover where human/humanstandin race is technologically superior to Counsel, and start acting like a bunch of self-righteous imperialistic asshat again.' As a result I was really surprised this story turns out to be great, and in a lots of aspect it reminds me of Biomass Effect, a ME crossover story I consider to be a masterpiece (or as close as a fanfic can get) here on FFN.

What I find this story brilliant is how the writer use his/her own preference in such a constructive way to the story: Unlike most of the humanstandin being more powerful than Council story is Terran doesn't act as dicks because of it, they want to join the council because they see co-existence as the true way to peace and its realized brilliantly by connecting it to the author's preference in Robotech. The universe in this story only covers the Marcross Arc of Robotech but rather than having this being destructive to the overall plot it actually result naturally in why the story happen in this way: The Zentraedi after returning to their homeworld find everything destroyed (therefore no Robotech Master and Invid Arc), and it's because of their former masters activated their weapon of mass destruction. This result in a natural narrative on why Terran actively want to avoid war despite it's in their collective nature (Because let's be honest, humanity is as much a war race as Zentraedi even if we like to think otherwise) and they can well conquer the council space if they want to rather than because the author wants them to. They choose not to and rises above their nature, because of seeing what consequence it brings in Zentraedi's homeworld.

But only having the humanstandin not acting as dicks is only one side of the coin, what I like this story is in a way the Council species also have a lots of depth to them instead of being the narrative short hand of an overpowered and egotistic collection of douchebags to victimize humanity. Unlike a lots of story where it's a dick measuring contest between human and council (or just Council dicking around), the council race also act the way they do for their own reason. Yes, the Turian still pretty much shoves their dick around in the story, but we are also shown not all Turian act with arrogance (Nihlus and father of Garrus) and in a twisted way even those who are dicks, their action makes sense from their own perspective (which is a huge reason why I think DAO is superior to ME in term of story).

One example that actually leaves a pretty clear impression on me is the nameless Turian councilor mentor of Sparatus choose to commit suicide after it's find out he pushed Sparatus to the attempt of commiting genocide against Terran. It can be seen as an act of cowardice, taking the easy way out by ending your own life. However it can also be taken as an act of resolution, in that he was prepared to suffer the consequence in what he believes is an act to keep galactic peace and he put his own life on the line. Personally, I'm more comfortable with the second interpretation but how this act can be interpreted both way gives him a lots of good characterization despite he doesn't even have a name.

The Easter egg to other franchise is fun, and most of the time works naturally into the fanfiction itself (I had a good chuckle when I see Ed bust out an Omniblade instead of his pretty iconic automail blade). One thing I find very out of place is Garrus' Gundam. It's a great tribute to the franchise that essentially put 'real robot mecha' genra (one which Marcross is a part of) on the map, but the design just feel out of place both in Robotech's aesthetics and Turrian's. I honestly feel like it would have been better to have a nod to Gundam somewhere else (for example, have child Jon play with a Gundam toy when Tali first meet him) and come up with an original mecha design for Garrus' mecha (personally I always feel Huckubein from SRWOG is much closer to something Turrian would come up but that's just my own thought).

That being said, I do feel like this story didn't dive enough into the inner politic of having Terran enter the Galactic Community since a lots of other species' reaction feels glanced over. It feels like Batarian should at least have some more screen time before the inevitable Terran VS Batarian war and afterwards if for no better reason than creating a more clear contrast on how much different Batarian society becomes after their reform under Terran.

Sadly the last weak link from this story being Sheppard... since like Batman, Sheppard mostly end up being the most boring character in its own story most of the time due to how the character is conceived (Not so much Batman unless we talk about post 90s version who I personally refer to as 'Buttman', but definitely Sheppard). Sheppard's only real shtick, is him/her being the one who is always right when most other people act like completely twat in ME. It makes sense in a game where the protagonist is essentially the player's stand-in character, but translate into other media just makes the character boring, or Mary Sue (or worst case, both which is exactly how Jon cames up in this story so far).

As a result, the story feels significantly less interesting once we gotten over the pre-set stage and into ME's actual plot. I hope we get some more character development on the side characters who are more interesting, especially original character like Charn since not very many ME story features a Batarian squaddie. At this stage Charn just feels like a more laid back version of Garrus rather than something that's more authentically Batarian and I hope he gets some more backstory and characterization as story goes on since there are still a lots of time before the curtain rolls. I also find the idea of Garrus being the commanding officer of Sheppard is an interesting take, and hopefully this story actually explore more in depth of what change this makes to the relation rather than just have it sits there.

Overall I had great fun of the story so far (except most of chapters featuring both Sheppard in action which I pretty much just skip), and I wish the author continue to have fun writing this story.
Guest chapter 57 . 6/15/2016
Okay, so it IS NOT Javik, AND we have to wait for the NEXT chapter to see HER reaction to finding out about how the humans evolution "changed"!
Deathstrokenator chapter 57 . 6/14/2016
So... no Javik?
Even then I like it
wolfoflight2003 chapter 57 . 6/14/2016
goddragonking chapter 57 . 6/14/2016
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
airmailmrcool chapter 1 . 6/9/2016
Reader's note: This story IS a work of love, you can see it in every single paragraph. It is so refreshing to see a timeline done like this, with some real effort put in. Despite me not remembering the the majority of Robotech I am eager to read the rest, good work and please keep writing like you do.
Guest chapter 56 . 6/8/2016
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