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RavenBlade1 chapter 45 . 13h
Stir the pot! U mean put that shit in a blender. Oohhhh man u got me biting my nails!
Ajblaise chapter 45 . 13h
OMG OMG OMG an update! So happy! Totally love you right now ;) It was short but you absolutely made my day! Can't wait for more. ;)
Tata22 chapter 45 . 18h
my baby is back :) she is the third one right? I thought that would be Ontari but..heh
Thanks for the update.
bluexaphyre chapter 45 . 20h
omg I'm dying ! this is getting so good I'm so excited!
EUgrl chapter 45 . 22h
Wow Anja is back and remembers nothing... And Abby has a secret... Uhhhh I can't wait!
NiylahNicole chapter 45 . 22h
Another amazing chapter! There was a lot to cover in this one so we didn't really get to see much about how this will affect Lexa and Clarke's relationship yet. I'm very interested to see how the dynamic may change with Lexa' s Warrior being back in her life. Looking forward to more.
azwildcats chapter 45 . 12/11
Update from my previous review: still have no idea what's going on with Anya, but I'm excited for it. I do wonder if it will tie in somehow with the Fallout ghouls (I can't remember their story name ... also, are they actually based on the ghouls from the Fallout games?)
Anyway, after this chapter, my focus has shifted from Anya to Abby's ring and the promise to Jake. Like, why would Clarke's name be engraved on her mom's wedding ring? That's strange. Did Clarke come with the ring? Are Abby and Jake even her real parents? Maybe she was gifted from the gods? She does have the spirit right? Oh man, this is why I shouldn't stay up at night reading fanfics. I have so many questions. And conspiracy theories. I'm rambling, I know. I can't help it. I haven't had a good mystery since Pretty Little Liars ended so this is exciting.

How do I end a review after that ramble? I have no idea. I can't think of any way I can earn back cool points after all that. So, yeah...Until next time?
azwildcats chapter 44 . 12/11
After the seeing the warning of a cliffhanger at the beginning of this chapter, I was like oh hell no - I better wait. At that point I had read all the previous chapters in a binge and this was the first chapter I had to wait for so I knew how seriously to take your cliffhanger warning. I had a feeling it would be worth the wait and holy smokes if you did not deliver! I knew it would be good but Anya had never, not once crossed my mind of the possibilities. Now I'm super excited I waited because I can go right into the next chapter. And I gotta end this now because I wanna know what happens next! :)
Harley Quinn Davidson chapter 45 . 12/10
Love the story and can not wait for more.
Enkmenessa chapter 1 . 12/10
Thank you for updating you are the best. I would like to see how Lexa and Clarke’s interactions change now that Anya is present and see how that changes their dynamic. Lance, interesting theory but didn’t Lexa and the book both state that the third sister was from the arch as well? Or did I miss read that?
Lance58 chapter 45 . 12/10
Omg you updated! This is like a advance Christmas present! This is interesting she’s dead by 2 months?! How?! I hope this isn’t connected to the 3rd sister or anything? Cause that would freaking break their hearts
pclauink chapter 45 . 12/10
can't wait for the next chapter! need answers what really happend to Anya?
Enkmenessa chapter 1 . 12/4
Omg please keep going! I read the 43 chapters over the course of three days! You do amazing work and I’m hooked!
Lance58 chapter 44 . 12/3
What?! Anya?! She’s alive?! Omg! Does that mean Clarke buried her or.. is it The other sister? Like they planted Allie in her brain? Omg that plot twist.. that would rip their hearts out

Anyway this chapter was mind blowing and hot thanks so much for sharing! It was worth the wait
Lance58 chapter 43 . 12/3
I hope that dead dude is wrong too.. jeezus maybe I’m paranoid or what but having that much power will corrupt a lot of people
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