Reviews for Deal with a Devil
kaskazi117 chapter 27 . 4/25
Are we ever going to find out what happened to miss granger? Did she transfer to beaubatons or get obliviated?
wtfchrlz chapter 2 . 2/6
Why is she acting like Harry won't get into many fights when her entire purpose is to train him to win against unassailable odds against a dark wizard and his army? Also I hope he's only weak because of his age, not a big fan of the scrappy mage stories where they win every fight by using weak spells to somehow beat people much stronger than them.
SlightlyPissed chapter 31 . 10/4/2023
"I truly am sorry for stringing you guys along like this.

Silently Watches"

You are obviously not sorry about this AT ALL. You have the fic set to complete and have no warning about it being a dropped story in the summary. This ensures that each and every new reader receive the same "haha fuck you, the story is dropped and the last two chapters are just me informing you of this!".

Dropping a story you no longer want to write is not a problem, tricking people like this is...
Shadeymankey chapter 14 . 7/30/2023
…why wouldnt they assume mind magic?
Shadeymankey chapter 11 . 7/30/2023
I am NOT impressed with how ENRAGED he has been these past few chapters. It does not make sense. I thought Lash was moving him to a different emotion than anger for his magic, or did that jsut get skipped over the last yeaf?
Shadeymankey chapter 4 . 7/30/2023
I always assumed they lied about Fleur and all veela are full veela—the “quarter” part was just to let her be more accepted in the bigoted society of Brittain
Worldmaker chapter 12 . 6/29/2023
Jeez. Given how much of an utter selfish and paranoid bastard you've been portraying Harry as in the previous 11 chapters, however could anyone have predicted this? (That was sarcasm.)

You're not evil. Cliffhangters have been the cliche of choice for mediocre writers since writing was invented.
jps986 chapter 24 . 6/22/2023
"I have spent eons honing my skills in combat against angels and saints"...If that isn't the most horrifyingly awesome description I have read...that does give chills...
NinusHideon chapter 32 . 4/23/2023
Well, this was quite a good story. I really liked the twist at this second year. Four heirs, each with their own style for commiting crimes. I also liked the magic theory and the spell incantations you made for this. Pretty nice.
Simianpower chapter 31 . 3/30/2023
This really should not be listed as "Complete". There is no "Abandoned" status, but just leave it as In Progress so that people can figure out what's going on! I was a few chapters in and randomly wondered how far it'd go in terms of HP years, so I looked at the chapter titles. And I'm really glad I did, because reading 170k words to an abandonment "chapter" would really bother me.
Hariana Halone chapter 32 . 3/29/2023
I love the author but this story was ruined as soon as Harry left for Slytherin, This Harry was raised by someone who taught him to defend, he spent less time in the loving care of the Dursleys, He was neither cunning nor full of ambition for Slytherin on the contrary he grew up to be a real hufflepuff or at least a Ravenclaw who seeks knowledge to protect himself. His introduction with McGonagall was anything but Slytherin. I'm glad the author saw that Slytherin was the wrong choice.
wsbenge chapter 19 . 3/11/2023
So Hermione is gone. Classic McGonagall and Dumbledore. Inept Admin.
Incantations7 chapter 32 . 3/4/2023
I never really got into the Dresden Files, but considering that I loved Constantine, and Hellblazer, which it’s based on, and a family member who had enjoyed DF, and told me that I would probably like it, I figured that I’d give it a shot…

I remember reading a Slytherin Harry, but it was a time travel thing and he chose to go there because it would keep him isolated, and he still ended up making friends with Hermione later on…. I don’t remember the name of it though…
obliviated fan chapter 31 . 1/20/2023
All the hugs.
obliviated fan chapter 5 . 1/19/2023
... Google translate can only recognize darbas (work), none of the other 3 get even a suggestion except for some other language. Not that they get a translation in that language either.
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