Reviews for Deal with a Devil
Goodpie2 offlin chapter 11 . 9/17
Christ. This was *so stupid*. I read this chapter years ago and it was dumb enough to make me stop reading entirely, and it’s honestly not gotten any better. He jus *deliberately chose* to use a subpar magic system, permanently fucking over his capacity to use the stronger, infinitely more versatile one, for no real reason. Boo boo your personal foci won’t work anymore. *The wand can do everything they can all do, combined, and more.*
Goodpie2 offline chapter 7 . 9/17
What, these slavers just *happened* to get 2 of the like, 5 Muggleborns from canon? Why not just use ocs? Also, it’s *explicitly* stated multiple times that places can be warded against apparition. I’d assume that’s why they couldn’t get out of the basement.
Guest chapter 25 . 9/6
Please don't use that Hagridizer. Reading that gives me a headache, and I usually just skip the things he says, as it is rarely important.
noreenklose chapter 31 . 8/9
In spite of being unfinished, it WAS a good story.
I enjoyed reading it.
Thank you for writing.
dragunpfeonyx chapter 31 . 7/29
Schade aber trotzdem wahr die Geschichte grosartig ich mochte sie.
Wyrd42 chapter 28 . 7/24
It really should have occurred to me in the last chapter that Dobby could be behind some of the attacks. If so, you've made a wonderful boggart of him
In case you didn't know, traditionally in faerie lore, a boggart is the result of a family mistreating a brownie, with brownies being the root myth for the house elves in the first place.
Wyrd42 chapter 27 . 7/24
I know you wrote this long ago. I just have to wonder, before I read the next chapter, why possession was not the first and most obvious logical leap for Harry to make? Somebody suddenly behaving in an illogical manner was the first big sign of Quirrel's condition, after all. With the hints so far, my leading suspect is Lockhart, but not being able to see the pattern ahead of time is a good thing, so long as the conclusion to the arc is supported by the previous portions of the story. Mysteries are more fun to work out when they aren't obvious.
Axccel chapter 21 . 7/15
Lash (well, you, rather) forgot intent. Powerful love, especially built up over time, combined with self-sacrifice with the absolute intent of protecting Harry...with how magic in this story works, it makes perfectly good sense that it would work. More like overkill, really.
Axccel chapter 20 . 7/15
As opposed to simply taking advantage of the legilimancy so Lash, a freaking ANGEL, could get to smiting the smug bastard.
Axccel chapter 18 . 7/15
If they assume you're going to bully them without reason to think so, then they don't particularly deserve not to be bullied. Normally, I would say that other's assuming the worst of you is no reason to make it true, but when they are like that, they actually deserve it.
Axccel chapter 17 . 7/15
Wouldn't Lash helping punish the bullies count as divine retribution? I think that's rather funny, given their Death Nibbler status.
Axccel chapter 16 . 7/15
It is also likely the Obliviators knew who was muggleborn and who was muggle and chose of their own volition to try to "help" by removing traumatic memories of the children's encounter, even in the muggleborns. After all, if they didn't know who was magical when they arrived on a call, they'd brain-blast everyone around, including the witches and wizards.
Axccel chapter 12 . 7/14
I doubt the wizards would react badly to learning an actual angel is piggybacking in Harry's soul. They'd probably start grovelling instead.
ShuTheDragon chapter 4 . 6/22
I think Very little magic that is classified as dark/Black has a ‘corrupting’ effect, such as horcruxes, in which case you are literally splintering your soul, so such is to be expected. However Crucio and AK merely have the same psychological effect as normal torture, and killing maybe 10 people per successful AK... normally cast versions anyway if you could replace the desire fueling the AK will KI(Killing Intent) or similar it would be the same as shooting someone, theoretically anyway.
Xivitai chapter 28 . 4/27
Harry should've stun those idiots and let Snape capture them.
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