Reviews for Grimm: Rage
guest chapter 1 . 5/16/2015
I feel sorry for the character Juliette. She has been so supportive of Nick and understanding, never asking much questions from the start whenever he randomly disappears or misses important events, doesn't call and gets involves in mysterious happenings, all before she was in on the wesen world. From her experience she has helped Hank and Nick in their cases, helped other wesen and saved Nick's life as well as the lives of citizens during the zombie event, helped her friends and helped save Monroe. It is terrible, Nick would have married her, they could even have had their own child by Season 4 and married, if only Nick's mom did not suddenly appear with Adalind and baby when he was about to propose again. Everything started to spiral down under the moment Kelly Burkhardt brought home Adalind and her child Diana. From there I can truly say the series of events dooming Juliette started. Nick has been so unfair to her, she has stayed by his side, faced so much danger and saved his life and helped save their friends life during Wesenrein. Nick as a grimm has faced so many wesen without cringing, including hexenbiests, and a zauberbiest and he can't even look at the love of his life. He runs off and sleeps on the couch, does not even comfort her after the fallout with Adalind and looks at her as if it was the most digusting thing. He was so insensitive. He had experienced so much as a Grimm and suddenly he can't accept Juliette as a wesen? Juliette did not grow with her biest side, she was suddenly exposed to it, and the wesen side is primal and fierce, especially the hexenbiest. Alone and lost, new to her powers and without love and support from her partner and friends who find it so disgusting how was she supposed to improve? Instead of constantly trying to imply that they have to fix her they should have instead offered support. Nick sleeping on the couch again when she revealed her hexenbiest side? Inconsiderate. They have a guest bedroom for goodness sake, if he wanted to stay away, he could just have slept in the guest bedroom than on the couch. Even Juliette refused to let him sleep on the couch when he offered to after Adalind raped him, saying that they were done with that. Juliette did not want anymore barriers to their relationship, wesen-related or Adalind-related. They all had a hand in her degradation and now Nick is acting so caring towards the woman who raped him and ruined essentially both their lives and their friends', including his mother who had to get involved with the baby stuff. How can he act so disgusted with Juliette and cool with Adalind when she essentially brought it all upon them? She cursed Juliette with a coma-amnesia which induced an obsessive desire to Renard and likewise. Renard unable to control his urges directed it to Adalind, who said she didn't mind that he called her Juliette in their lovemaking. This resulted in diana and the rest you can figure out. FORGIVE ME FOR RANTING, I HAD TO LET THAT OUT BECAUSE JULIETTE SILVERTON DOES NOT DESERVE THE HATE SHE GETS. If only viewers would pay attention to details, they will find that she is a strong and independent character, supportive of Nick in his mission.
MegKhy chapter 1 . 5/16/2015
You captured it nicely, well done! And you did it in a way that is not too bold or x rated, but it is clear you are a brilliant writer by the how I really feel as if this was how they felt at the moment, when they were both under great duress, conflicted and lost. I will forever mourn the loss of Juliette, she was a great character, supportive of Nick and understanding too, but it seems Aunt marie's prophecy has come true. Being close to a grimm only destroys you. It is terrible that she died. Reading this has been a great comfort, it is a story that perfectly captured Juliette's dark side, and gives much emphasis on her feelings and how the hostile wesen spirit had totally taken over. It is a respectful story and brilliantly written.
XxMangoQueenxX chapter 1 . 4/26/2015
Wow. Just wow. I loved it. Just. Wow. I really love how it's in Sean's POV (that seems to be so rare) but it's not like cheesy 1st person pov. And all the description. Just wow.