Reviews for Make Some Noise
Guest chapter 129 . 10/1
Loved this one! A sequel or follow up in this universe would be wonderful! Especially since dryads are something I’ve never heard about before.
Guest chapter 130 . 9/29
"Domt get over me." That was really sweet

Loved this story
TwilightHybrid chapter 131 . 9/28
I liked this one. There was some 'no communication' on both of their part. And I'm glad they made up once, everything was revealed. Awesome drabble.
TwilightHybrid chapter 130 . 9/28
Too cute. This reminds me a rom-com. I can so it happening. Great drabble.
TwilightHybrid chapter 129 . 9/27
I so love mated stories. And this one did not disappoint. Awesome drabble.
redbudrose chapter 131 . 9/26
Great chapter! Very sweet and adorable!
redbudrose chapter 130 . 9/26
Cute chapter!
redbudrose chapter 129 . 9/26
Great chapter!
ilovetvd chapter 131 . 9/26
Damn I better start watching lifetime movies
Guest chapter 131 . 9/26
This is the most precious thing I have ever read, ever! Beautiful idea and execution.
ilovetvd chapter 128 . 9/25
Klaus as thanos... Klanos
Carrie281 chapter 131 . 9/25
As ever, absolutely perfect.
MAR30 chapter 131 . 9/25
I love me some KC angst with a happy ending.
DS chapter 131 . 9/25
Love how Caroline has an incredibly organized and planned out routine to avoid talking with Klaus. Loved how you showed all Klaus's reactions and emotions in subtle ways. Loved how you gave an overview and little glimpses of their backstory so we're even more invested in the relationship. Loved how this was about Caroline's insecurities and fear of being hurt and how Klaus was powerless and had to wait. Loved the big kiss scene and the follow-up car ride and phone calls! So romantic!
Guest chapter 131 . 9/25
This is an adorable AH AU.
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