Reviews for Make Some Noise
MNM chapter 123 . 7/14
Oooh, I like how this one turned out. Good chemistry here.
MNM chapter 124 . 7/13
"...his input has been helpful (and often aligns with Caroline's own opinion)." Hahaha

I love how smug Klaus is here lol
Carrie281 chapter 18 . 7/11
Just re-read As One Wishes To Live, would love to see where K&C end up a few years down the line!
redbudrose chapter 123 . 7/10
Cute chapter!
Guest chapter 124 . 7/10
Fantastic story. Thanks!
Your one-shots are amazing. Can’t get enough of them despite being on chapter 124!
jessnicole chapter 124 . 7/10
Freaking love this!
redbudrose chapter 124 . 7/9
Great chapter! Love that Kol was screwing with Klaus.
Guest chapter 124 . 7/9
Brilliant! Loved This! Only thing I hated was that it had to end.

Never thought of lol and enzenzo as a couple perhaps cause I ship enzo with Bonnie. Really loved this story. Thank you
MAR30 chapter 124 . 7/9
Love me some Kolenzo...wish they were able to meet somehow in the show.
chillwithJyl chapter 124 . 7/9
Klaroline with a side of Kolenzo yaaaaas!
Guest chapter 122 . 7/9
Really loved this amazing!
jessnicole chapter 122 . 7/8
I adored this! So fantastic
NatalieLynn chapter 123 . 7/1
Great story!
NatalieLynn chapter 121 . 7/1
Great follow up tale!
DS chapter 123 . 6/30
The direction you took this was so creative! I loved all the flirting and banter and the two of them testing the waters to see if there could be more and Caroline figuring out Klaus is interested. Loved how you described all Klaus's facial reactions to things Caroline says! The roommate backstory descriptions were funny and the fancy bathroom descriptions set the scene nicely.
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