Reviews for Make Some Noise
redbudrose chapter 95 . 11/24
Great chapter! I'm finally caught up. One of my favorites that I hope you'll do another chapter is the one with Normal in the title and Caroline and Bonnie were trapped away by the Salvatore's and the originals found them after a really long time. We never got to see the Triangle of Doom get their memories back or be confronted. I'd love another part to that one!
redbudrose chapter 93 . 11/21
Great chapter!
Redbudrose chapter 90 . 11/20
Great chapter! Love mate stories.
redbudrose chapter 88 . 11/18
Great chapter! Hope there is a sequel.
redbudrose chapter 86 . 11/18
Great chapter!
redbudrose chapter 83 . 11/17
Great chapter!
redbudrose chapter 81 . 11/17
Great smut! Loved it.
redbudrose chapter 80 . 11/17
Cute chapter!
redbudrose chapter 79 . 11/17
Great chapter! Hope there is a sequel to this one.
redbudrose chapter 78 . 11/16
Great chapter! Great smut!
redbudrose chapter 76 . 11/15
Great chapter! Love Rebekah having an ulterior motive for wanting to get caroline a job.
redbudrose chapter 75 . 11/15
Great chapter! Loved the smut and artist Klaus.
Redbudrose chapter 74 . 11/15
Great chapter!
ArtemisTheHunt chapter 95 . 11/14
Do you take prompts? If yes, then I have one for you:

Caroline is a young widow/diveorced (but I prefer the first) who struggels to make ends meet for her twin daughters. She is reluctant to accept to pose as a naked model for Klaus, a famous artist, but gives in at her friend's advice. She is pleasently surprised with the results.
redbudrose chapter 73 . 11/13
Great chapter! I didn't know how the two prompts would come together when I read the summary but it really worked!
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