Reviews for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin
DickardZ chapter 159 . 2/5
The best Rita Skeeter I have ever read. You really have had her always in plain sight when reading through the story. Absolutely nuts
Littledutchiefirefly chapter 161 . 2/5
I thought that Luna was a Ravenclaw? And George a prefect?
Guest chapter 4 . 2/3
** "I refuse to believe that the cunning Head of Slytherin would ever work with a man who wears a turban," said Harry drily.

Well, thanks for THAT bit of casual racism, I guess...
FavFan chapter 161 . 2/4
By far the best fic on fanfiction.
habycorpse chapter 161 . 2/4
Wait so Dumbledore says, in front of the Minister for Magic, Umbridge, and Crouch (who is famously known for his exuberance in enforcing the law), “The method he used, however, does have certain legal consequences, and so I will not be sharing what he told me until after I have discussed things with Jim's parents. For the time being, I ask you to trust me in this matter."

And what, they just go with it? They all just leave without comment?

The “Dumbledore said calmly” part was fun, though
FShield96 chapter 133 . 2/4
And back to the not-so-great. So much fot that "happy ending" thing. Plus, if I remember the timeline from the first chapter correctly, that oath of enmity is here to stay.
FShield96 chapter 132 . 2/4
As someone who started reading this story a couple weeks ago, I have to say that this is by far the most satisfying chapter I've read yet. Had Jim and Harry still been bratherly, this would have been almost "happily-ever-after"-Disney-level (but with more applause and less eye-rolling from my part).

And I quite liked getting to finally read the Vow of Unity and knowing how it goes. Stellar piece of writing right there.
Walli chapter 157 . 2/2
Question: Shouldn't they like threaten here to never say anything or she gets thrown through the veil for knowing about horchruxes and other codex stuff?
Olmo03 chapter 161 . 2/3
Great chapter, even got a little chuckle out of me here and there
Guest chapter 158 . 1/31
The Rita Skeeter thing was superfluous, pointless and utterly irrelevant to anything that actually happened in this chapter or the following ones. It's blatantly just fishing for controversy, which frankly cheapens the subject and has substantially lowered my opinion of you. I don't care about it otherwise.
Guest chapter 160 . 1/29
What the fuck is up with that utterly racist German stereotype?
Guest chapter 134 . 1/29
Did everyone just forget about the tesla shiled thingy that lockhart/reg used against the cornish pixies?
Guest chapter 134 . 1/29
DID ALL AURORS JUST FORGET ABOUT THE VESTA whatsitsname shield(ya know, the electric field like thing that Lockhart/regulas used against the cornish pixies
Guest chapter 80 . 1/28
there's so many things going on at the same time, with so many characters involved, I love it
Guest chapter 161 . 1/27
Weird melding form. Hopefully everyone will survive this time
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