Reviews for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin
HeartsGlow chapter 86 . 6h
I wonder if Baskar will become curious about Harry. I love your explanations that refute what Lily believes about Britain & magic.
NatNicole chapter 88 . 5/25
EPIC Chapter from start to finish! *hugs Ron*
NatNicole chapter 87 . 5/25
Nice 1st paraghraph for the Chapter! It does a great job both showing the scene & establishing what's going on right now.
I really like Padma! *grins at her*
AWESOMENESS! The mini-spar is pure GENIUS!
*rolls eyes* While I understand Jim's thought-process as he's just a kid, it's annoying (but realistic considering his upbringing; therefore, this is an observation an' NOT a complaint) how he thinks only a Death Eater would dislike him.
I really love all the world-building stuff of this story, such as expansion on what's canonical info on Parseltongue.
Well, this explains where Remus has been! An' I'm completely on his side (for lack of a better word) on the Harry & Werewolf situation. Plus I reeeally wanna punch Pettigrew right now. Repeatedly.
*bursts out laughing at Harry's assumption that Remus is a vampire*
I adore your version of the Marauders! Their backstories, their curent stories (although Sirius' makes me cry)... James' Animagus form being achieved thanks to Lily is epecially ingenious!

Yeah, I agree nicknaming Remus "Moony" was very mean. I doubt the other Marauders MEANT to hurt him, but that doesn't make it any less hurtful.
Lily managing the Patronus at age 15 makes perfect sense, as she's good at Charms & her son was 2 years younger than her when he did the same thing. Not to mention all of canon Harry's peers doin' it at 14- or 15-years-old too!
NatNicole chapter 86 . 5/25
Holy shtick, that 1 paraghraph is a helluva way to start off the Chapter!
I'm really starting to like Jim! Not as much as I like Harry, Ginny, Draco, Luna, Hermione, or Blaise, but still on par with this fic's Neville, the Weasley twins & Ron.
I like your rendition of the Patil twins too. *grins, shrugging*
*nods in agreement* Makes perfect sense that countries that aren't Britain wouldn't care 'bout Voldemort.
I absolutely LOVE the Magical World-building! *grins like a young Sirius*
NatNicole chapter 85 . 5/25
Wow, I love Magical Italy!
Natural Occlumency shields make sense for an intellectual person like Hermione.
Poor Emma...
O-kay, what's wrong, Hermione?
*bursts out laughing at Hermione's thought process on going Gryffindor about the Theo situation* That is so like her! *grinning, glomps the bushy-haired girl*
Wizarding Mafia? ...COOL! *grin fades as realizes a significant problem* Wait, they're chasing Blaise. Not cool!
WOW, that's an intense & well-written confrontation scene!
That explanation for Hagrid's origins makes waaay more sense than the wizard-slept-with-a-freakin'-giant one.
Blaise's backstory is both fascinating & heart-breaking...
*grins at the prospect of a sub-plot involving Hermione*

P.S. It's been way too long since I've last read this story, but when I tried to Review this Chapter it turned I already had done so even though I didn't remember it. But I reeeally wanted to Review it. So, I Logged-Out to post it. That's why there are 2 from me.
victoriajewel chapter 86 . 22h
I love the description of Shamballa, it's something that sounds really magical to see!

Is the man with the scars Remus?

Every time you bring up Lily's heritage it makes me so anxious because I really want to know her ancestry! I hope we get to find out soon what that is!

Healer Baska is awesome. I'm really enjoying his role.
Nara Chikage chapter 1 . 5/24
I can alead tell this story will be great.

~ Chi
Rainbowcake6000 chapter 91 . 5/24
I love this story. I hope the next chapter is more exciting than this though.
victoriajewel chapter 85 . 5/26
Are all of these interlude chapters meant to make me cry? Because that's what they are doing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE BLAISE. I love his and Hermione's friendship so much too. The Mafia thing was surprising, although the Muggleborn thing not so much as I had an feeling he knew too much about Muggle culture to not be. And I also suspected the Countess wasn't his real mother, but I'm so sad to find out about what happened to his parents.

The scene with Hermione's parents was interesting. It made me realize I never thought about how they had never seen her do magic and how they must have felt about that in the books. Her being sad that she had to be left out broke my heart. I'm glad they are a close family though (and I hope you don't have any sinister plans for them, but knowing you, you probably do haha)
Lando chapter 83 . 5/24
I just started binge-reading, and I'm so sad. I'm catching up.
victoriajewel chapter 83 . 5/26
Oh my god, this made me cry. My poor baby Theo! I knew Tiberius was up to something because he WANTED Theo to confess even thought he knew he didn't actually steal those things, but I had no idea it would be THIS horrible. To have EVERYONE hate him for no reason is just cruel. I hope Tiberius gets his shit rocked eventually. I thought I hated Neville's uncle for what he did to him, but THIS is on a whole other level. These kids just can't catch a break :(
Alexielios chapter 89 . 5/26
Great chap, like always. The many death of HP definitelly is great, dark and realistic in term of characters' reaction. I like the fact that we can't predict in the least what will happen. A bit like your fic actually.
St Iago chapter 86 . 5/23
So very sorry about your mother. There is nothing that I can say that will help.
St. Iago chapter 84 . 5/23
Never apologize. No one is paying you for this valuable service.
St Iago chapter 83 . 5/23
Great to here, but you've written yourself into a hole. Unless Harry can cleverly do in Nott Senior and undo the 'ultimate story killer,' this is probably unrecoverable.
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