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Sam chapter 104 . 7/20
its so exciting. plz start posting new chapters. Its the awesome most exciting fanfic i had ever read. I AM A TOTAL FAN OF YOU.
tokidokiokidoki chapter 104 . 6h
Oh my goodness that’s one of the best action sequences I’ve read in a long time! I can’t stress enough how delighted I’ve been with your story - all aspects of it! I’m looking forward to your next chapter so very very much.
The French Dark Lord chapter 104 . 9h
10K ?!
Well congrats ! This is more than deserved.

Keep up the good work.
Orpheus Thanatos Messiah chapter 66 . 11h
I am not surprised at what Lily did. Harry's already shown he can be a ruthless bastard, as has Jim; they had to get it from somewhere and Ol' Jimmy boy ain't the subtlest of people.
Orpheus Thanatos Messiah chapter 65 . 11h
My suspicion was right! I'm so happy it was, but oh my gods am I on the edge of my seat! Truly, you do have a way with words.
Orpheus Thanatos Messiah chapter 61 . 12h
This is my first time reading this, and I know the story goes beyond it at this point. I still need to exclaim over what I think is going on here! I mean, I think I'm right, but at the same time, you've thrown such delicious curveballs that I'm honestly a little hesitant to truthfully declare I know where this is going. I mean on of the things that makes me suspect is that he was revealed to be susceptible to mental magics, first in year 4 and then in book 7, so if he is the one caught ... not to mention his actions after the school year starts and possibly a little before. I am definitely looking forward to see if my hunch is right.
vbarriol chapter 52 . 23h
Ok so I just 'have' to comment here. You sir are a bloody genius. I already liked your story on it's first book but your Lockhart and Justin delivering Draco the conversational equivalent of a bitch slap is just too much. And I'm barely a few chapters into the second book
pikachucat chapter 104 . 7/21
Phoenix Burst chapter 104 . 7/21
I wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying your story. The character development is incredible. I'm loving how Jim and Harry are slowly bonding, and I hope that it continues. The only parts where you lose me are when you lecture about the magic you're writing about. But I still love this story. Happy writing!
Snufflepuff the Hufflepuff chapter 104 . 7/21
Noooo Iriiiiiiiiiiiis. She was so awesome this chapter. So was Remus. And Harry. And Ron. And Lily. And Moody. Basically this whole chapter was filled with awesomeness.
DaChickenyOne chapter 5 . 7/21
In Sirius Black's trial script, it says that he was a long-standing follower of the dark lord, however James, when capturing Sirius, says that he hasn't been marked "yet", implying that Sirius is a new Death Eater, and not one who had time to put predominant members of society under the imperius. And surely James would've looked at the trial record, with his Pettigrew-enhanced hatred of Sirius, and though James Potter is not exactly a Ravenclaw, he must have noticed this discrepancy.
sunsethill chapter 104 . 7/20
This was a fabulous chapter. I wasn't sure how in the world you were going to save everyone, but the aurors were awesome (Moody with a staff!), Iris was amazing, and Harry went somewhere man has never gone. We got to see wonderful feats by Remus, Ron and Lily. And some werewolves got toasted and attacked by spiders. Amazing.
oliviajk42 chapter 104 . 7/20
OMG. I have literally been risking my job to read this as Im not supposed to be on my phone at work and it has been 1500% worth it. I cried out in abolute agony at the end of this chapter when I realized that there was no more to read. I am setting alarms and email notifications as countdowns for the next chapter. Honestly I think I have enjoyed reading this fanfiction as much as I enjoyed reading the original series all those years ago. Please continue to update and in the meantime I will peruse your other works and favorites. 3
chaotix1 chapter 104 . 7/20
more updatesssss :D awesome story I love it
vienx.001 chapter 85 . 7/20
Your story is awesome.. Deep conspiracy..
I hope peter didnt just get killed..
He must suffer..
Btw pairing ?
Can i know who pair with harry ?
Is it multi ?
And i like wbwl story like this..
A badass that believeable
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