Reviews for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin
judotroy chapter 38 . 1/16
Currently reading this for the second time when I noticed something in this chapter. No Brit, nay, any European would ever refer to football as 'soccer'. Its bad enough when North Americans use it
Elrond6 chapter 154 . 1/14
this is the best fick i have ever read please allow me to start a cult in your honor o glorious one
yaya1900 chapter 123 . 1/15
Nooo, poor Markus! I really didn't expect it!
Phazer12 chapter 154 . 1/14
Great chapter. Fred and George knowing something about wild magic got to ring huge bells in harry's mind, wouldn't it. Still it was great and then the fact that Daphne is actually crushing on Ginny, man Haphne is my fav pairing but nah I am cool. The whole chapter actually quite refreshed my mind on what has happened in the past.
Aelirenn chapter 141 . 1/14
Would that be Blacksburg in Virginia? Home of the Hokies?
manapohaku2 chapter 154 . 1/14
Jim is wild and harry is power. Honestly I love the twist and turns you come up with.
White Magic17 chapter 154 . 1/13
I love your story! can't wait for the next chapter. so clever and original!
colesm02 chapter 1 . 1/13
Isis this still being updated?
FooledByLockhart chapter 154 . 1/11
Oh no, I've caught up. Time to experience the anxiety of cliff-hangers. Great story, easily the best HP fic I've ever read!
dylansandy1993 chapter 154 . 1/12
damn! such an amazing cliff hanger!

can't wait for the rest of the coming arc! it looks to be absolutely amazing!

- can I just mention how giving more pertinent details in the legality of everything under which a society operates nicely closes up a ton of plot holes that are present in the source material?

specifically; the skrewts
dylansandy1993 chapter 153 . 1/12
curse there not being more content to ravenously devour

I'm honestly amazed that I was able to read the entirety of that's currently posted as of today. Within such a short period (within a week) due to the sheer amount of tension this story has.

With highs and lows, this is easily one of the best HP fanfics I have had the opportunity to read. While I have personal opinions about the cast, the characters, some slight moments of artificial conflict generation as well as what is (without further elaboration) currently causing plot holes. I maintain that this is worth a read. Absolutely.

I really love how little reluctance there seems to be to challenge assertions that Canon seems to believe immutable. especially considering the background, histories, motivations as well as characters of the individuals, spells and items in question.

though my favorite aspect of the story is it's take on magic. of which I won't say much as it's easy to constitute a spoiler if I begin to make any comments to discuss it.
Guest chapter 154 . 1/10
Wow. So both brothers kind of have a role to play in the grand scheme.
I kinda feel voldy planned all of this but something went wrong along the way.
21Lordship Rings chapter 154 . 1/10
So I don't want to be annoying or somethibg and maybe you already know it. But Trials of Winter (book 4 part 2) is down on Archive of our own. I'd guess it's on private since it appears that I don't have permission to read it. Have a good evening
freetre chapter 154 . 1/11
Amazing chapter, as always!
dylansandy1993 chapter 146 . 1/11
the cannons scene... "paragraph"...

I burst out laughing.

Holy... that made my day.
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