Reviews for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin
Trainion chapter 19 . 3/30
LucienDuvien chapter 134 . 3/30
Well well well, James neglience and his lack of maturity bite hin in the ass once again

Hmm seems a bit lacks of the Unspeakables to not entertain the idea if Peter perhaps being able to communicate but maybe Peter really is that good and unique

„Unscheudled Unforgivable“ is an interesting formulation

Something that I never noticed really is the significance of Rockwood actually not knowing that it‘s been 13 yearshe must have been incredible deep within the recesses of his mind

Also interesting that he made Peter promise not to break him out, that this was all kind of his plan

49 interlocking mind streamsthe absolute insanity of it
And they thought 7 or 10 or so were impossible

Rockwood really is something else
LucienDuvien chapter 133 . 3/30
That was one very unexpected memory
Dorea being who she is and the marriage contract and that „something“ happend all that years ago
Both Harry and Jim don‘t seem as affected
Jim perhaps a bit later but Harry till now not at all.
Just another chink in the whole issue of them having twins despite House Potter not having more than one child for over 200 years

The whole thing of the Unspeakables having these public personas is really cool
LucienDuvien chapter 132 . 3/30
Dumbledore having friends is again such a well thought character building because normally he ist just this eccentric headmaster who floats around mysteriously.

OtherwiseDamn! What a chapter and what a perfect reveal of Harry‘s ancestry.
And Dumbledores thoughts were quite funny as well.

Really great chapter, thank you so much
LucienDuvien chapter 131 . 3/29
That scene with Justin was very sweet

This part between Harry and Fudge sounds so simple but it really is like thatonce you are in you are in

Blaise being mysteriousagain
LucienDuvien chapter 130 . 3/29
The first time reading this I was lile WTF bit it gets funnier over time

Harry blackmailing the Unspeakables is also funny as hell

And it is a very curious idea to use Animagary to maybe cure Lycsntrophy
Guest chapter 65 . 3/27
poor evie
Guest chapter 64 . 3/27
LucienDuvien chapter 129 . 3/29
Lily really is s difficult character huh?

And BAM! Harry is now the Prince
That came about wonderfully

The Dementor talking about the end of the word is surely rather unsetteling
RegulusCetus chapter 25 . 3/28
Re-reading and damn Id place dates to use that six days line aswell.
LucienDuvien chapter 128 . 3/28
The things that Dumbledore knows could probably fill the Hogwarts Libary

I do hope we will see more of Dumbledores power later in the story

Interesting that Trewlany said „it leaves me alone“ does that mesn she might be a conduit for the wild

Is the greatest servant Peter or Rockwood?
Rockwood seems more dangerous
LucienDuvien chapter 127 . 3/28
Haha the pure and blatant manipulation from Scrimgeour

And Dumbledore having Fawkes is badass
I hope we will see more about the rarity of it.
I mean a transportation method that has no boundaries would normally be heavily restricted I guess
LucienDuvien chapter 126 . 3/28
The time turner here is whole different thing

And what a twist it is that the Wild is carrying her into the past

I remember being super excited reading this
One of my favorite chapters overall
LucienDuvien chapter 125 . 3/28
That was one of the single most amazing moments in this fic

I was baffled by how insane James would be
Worse than death and Azkaban? I can‘t wait to figure out what it is really

That is one badass prophecy

Hermione and Harry are awesome together, a really great friendship

And once again Dumbledore shows how much more he knows than he lets on
I loved it!this time turner is both more impressive and more realistic than canon
LucienDuvien chapter 124 . 3/27
That was a gripping chapter
Again at the edge of my seat

That was one epic chapter especially at the end
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