Reviews for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin
petronius chapter 168 . 6/12
I got to the end yesterday. Or, Chapter 167...and was not expecting to wake up to an update. I don't normally read fanfictions, and when I do it's mostly Alex Rider, but I made exceptions for a couple HP fics and when a friend recommended this one I binge read it in two weeks. It's amazing.
SeriousFicc chapter 168 . 6/12
Interesting chapter for sure. Curious as to how these lot get out of this one...seems pretty bad haha
soumisezita chapter 168 . 6/12
is it weird that Im like 20 times more invested in Lily and James' legal drama than in what Harry has going on?

dont get me wrong, the fic is good, but Lily is like the most interesting character in the story and I always want more of her. And James getting Karma dumped back on him is glorious to read about.
Messir chapter 167 . 6/11
Came from the discord, unfortunately the author has apparently announced that the story has been abandoned :(
Lawrence Butler chapter 167 . 6/3
next chapter please for the love of all that is good!
Pensive25 chapter 167 . 6/3
gryphindoros chapter 1 . 5/30
says it starts in 4th year does a really good job of world building the years leading up to without needlessly piling info on then throws it all away with horrendously outragous ammounts of flash back story that basically means everything in the first chapters are useless nice.
MairAli chapter 167 . 5/28
can i get a link for the discord ? i tried both he patreon and the
iditlib chapter 1 . 5/25
I really enjoy this story! Im starting year four and Im panicking ! I never read unfinished stories...! This gives me flashbacks to the original HP and the wait between books...
threereasonswhy chapter 154 . 5/24
...The wild rune is called WALDO?
Defalt00 chapter 162 . 5/23
I'm ot sure if this is a mistake or not, but I'll correct it either way. Boyar is not a plural form of Bolyarin. Bolyarin is a plural for ballerina, a ballet dancer. Boyar is a multiple form for Boyarin. Boyarin was pretty much a slavic feudal lord, who had his own land, manor and krepostnie (slaves with extra steps). All things considered, they were pretty close to Wizengamot Houses. Some were older and more influential, others were younger and poorer.
threereasonswhy chapter 103 . 5/22
Should be per vitam meam btw
threereasonswhy chapter 88 . 5/21
stop mispelling parvati (last chapter)
threereasonswhy chapter 87 . 5/21
In sanskrit Samsara is actually pronounced sum-SAAR.
threereasonswhy chapter 84 . 5/21
For next chapter: Hindu isn't a language it's a religion. Please don't make these cultural errors!
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