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HarryPfanfic chapter 7 . 5/8
The fic has already started to degrade.. I was hoping for a nice WBWL fic and you started off rather nicely..but then it's again going to be a super smart a*s Harry vs uncharacteristically dumb and selfish potters!
HarryPfanfic chapter 3 . 5/8
I can see some logic behind this chapter..but then why would James hate Harry in the future (as suggested in the first chapter)?
JEWELSPLASH007 chapter 134 . 5/7
I absolutely love this story I cant wait to read the rest.
bigpapabelial chapter 155 . 5/6
I finally caught up. This story is stupendous. WBWHL stories are often hit or miss. But I love the way this is going. You have a spectacular writing style ad well. Thank you for your work.
StayAsleep chapter 123 . 5/6
Harry Potter and I’m smart but still have not clue every damn time. What’s the point of him having his abilities if he can’t put a plan together? He’s worse than the original Harry, at least that guy knew how to warn people someone Was a death eater.
ApolloBrony chapter 155 . 5/5
My god this is a wonderful story! Very well written! You my friend managed to take an old story and turn it into something new. Each twist and turn has me guessing and each scene masterfully made. As a hufflepuff I find this story to be amazing.
willam and jack and jake chapter 155 . 5/5
very interesting
Guest chapter 115 . 5/3
sssssssssnakesss chapter 155 . 5/1
Would the eye spy mirror thingies have "footage" of the attacks after the world cup, either on purpose or accident? What if someone used pensive memories to view things?
Slentce chapter 155 . 4/30
Not super huge on the more comedic tone here. Parts of it seemed kinda forced, especially with Blaise, who felt most out of character barging in and shouting about muggle stuff (him being hornier is a nice development tho imo). You handled the first Moody DADA class amazingly though, I don't think I'll ever get over how much you've improved the original Harry Potter mythos by fleshing out what it takes to do magic and how it feels. You actually have a REASON why they're the "Unforgivables". It makes the original look like the fanfiction.

I actually recently re-read through most of the story and came across a bit about how secrecy oaths drain some of the user's magic. I was wondering... what if someone swore so many secrecy oaths that they were functionally a squib? What if a squib pretended to have magic to be able to get around their oaths? Just some free ideas you can take or leave as you please
Guest chapter 48 . 4/29

'Theresa-Tracy' from one of Sean Connery's movies... Contessa Tracy di Vicenzo from 'You Only Live Twice'
Guest chapter 138 . 4/27
18.001th review
Elly chapter 155 . 4/26
I've really enjoyed this story, been following since book1, but I think the subplots are getting out of hand. Idgaf really about Dumbledore's love life or Ted doing therapy or Padma doing karate lessons or Hagrid doing a mastery or really the ins and outs of the unforgivables. I get your point is to explain the gaps Rowling left but sometimes its fine to just say "Magic. :)" and the cps vs spam conflict was one of the weaker parts in book 3. Like cool they can exist but I find myself glossing over the meetings. I know this is fanfiction and you can do massive sprawling plots like this because it's released serially but I get wary then of an author that pushes the donation site so much.

I love everything you've done with runes though and love how you've made Fred and George separate people and I think you've threaded the needle on Snape pretty well where he's recognizable from canon but not the overwhelming asshole anymore. I can totally see this being what Snape is like if he wasn't bitter blaming himself for Lily for 10 years. I will definitely keep reading I just hope the main plot speeds up! Maybe one more chapter then draw the Triwizard names?
HoLySouLs chapter 155 . 4/28
Hello Again!
It is really awesome that you are coming back for this Fanfic.. and you are finding something new every time to surprise us. This is really surprising, and every time I am reading from 10-15 chapter previous so I can remember everything again. And never got bored!
Please keep the good work, We love your writing style and imagination!
Cya until next time.
Noahtheboa123 chapter 73 . 4/26
18000th review for this legendary fanfic
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