Reviews for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin
threereasonswhy chapter 88 . 5/21
stop mispelling parvati (last chapter)
threereasonswhy chapter 87 . 5/21
In sanskrit Samsara is actually pronounced sum-SAAR.
threereasonswhy chapter 84 . 5/21
For next chapter: Hindu isn't a language it's a religion. Please don't make these cultural errors!
threereasonswhy chapter 85 . 5/21
Padma's emphasis on the jee in Sanjeev is inaccurate as Sanjeev is pronounced SUN-jeev, so her emphasis would really be more like Saaaaaaaanjeev than sum-JEEEEEEV.
ToddGilliss chapter 167 . 5/20
More! More! More!
thunderofdeath97 chapter 167 . 5/16
NGL want Harry and Fleur together. Really like them as a couple/pairing, if I'm being honest.

The search of Privet Drive feels forced and weird, tbh. I don't see how that could even be possible, at least not in terms of knowing all of the warding and stuff.
l30rusty chapter 167 . 5/16
this aint abandoned is it?
It's Areeba Sama chapter 167 . 5/13
Lions are red, claws are blue
Update the story, or I'll avada kadabra you.

'ki-ki-ki!" Insert Dalaila laughter here
Guest chapter 167 . 5/10
It has been 5 months since your last update. I get it, real life is super busy and unpredictable than any fiction. But still 5 months is quite a lot of wait for one more chapter.
Hope all is going well with you and wish you would be back to a regular update schedule. One chapter in every one or two months should be a good balance for your busy life and the expectation of your faithful readers- what do you say mate?
Anyways, this is one of the few good stories among the pile of rubbish posted as fanfiction. Would be very disappointing if it does not reach the conclusion.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Guest chapter 167 . 5/6
Hi There
are we getting any more update on this? or is this being abandoned?
Esther chapter 167 . 5/5
You’re a great writer definitely better than Terf Tits Jk Fowling but you gotta give up man.

We’ve been on book 4 for 3 or 4 years now. (I know you have a life but still.)

Clearly the story at this point is too complicated as to why you’ve been writing it for 9 years.

Each book is getting longer & longer.

We have unnecessary plot arcs for characters who don’t need to be relevant.

Updates for the last 2 years have been severely slow.

You might as well throw in the towel or perhaps let someone else write this and just ensure they write it to your standards.
denji2007 chapter 75 . 5/6
This is better than the actual book in some ways
really cool story wise, and your using the basilisk
better than how J. used it in the book.
Severus Dominus chapter 167 . 5/4
It's Five months already and no updates. I hope you are alright brother. And my god bless you.
mariana mariana chapter 3 . 5/4
interesting premise. good guys clueless but lucky and bad guys competent but screwed by plot is slightly troubling but at least both sides seem suitably nerfed instead of just OP for the sake of OP
-Nothing says 'escapist fantasy tale' like the revelation of the ultimate cosby potion (a) existing, and (b) being used in the second chapter
'V for Voldemort' is funny af though - is that a thing in harry potter? like when you commit self-termination through magic a mark of your name is left so everyone can go "what an idiot amirite"

-for a "freak" that sleeps in a cupboard, he sure chats back a lot. must be those snakes, bad influences the lot of them
-we got the message that james potter is an idiot in the last chapter
-that *mic-drop* at the end made me puke a bit
struggling with positives for this chapter really... it's short i guess. and the dialogue can only get better from here. right?
no really though, the writing has a certain more-ish style. should make the next 1.4 million words slightly easier to get through
Creedaa chapter 167 . 5/4
I need more... and more... and more...
That's so great!
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