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WinterXstarxz chapter 42 . 6/21
Hi! I just wanted to pop by and say that I’m really impressed with your writing. In the beginning I went in with mild interest but holy cow! That story is so good so far and I’m honestly blown alway. it’s really easy to see that you’ve improved and i think that speaks a lot about your writing. the fact that you’ve worked so hard and long that it’s improved so much is amazing! i really love this story and tomoko and ichirou and the personalities you’ve given to all the characters. it takes a special author to be able to take characters who were made by someone else and make them their own. i love the way you make the characters interact—it’s just so heartwarming and fluffy and this story is just something nice to read when i’m having a rough day because it’s so cheerful! god i really love the way aomine and kise act around tomoko i just—IT KILLSSSS MEEEEEE it’s so good! like i am at a loss of words (so much so that i’m literally talking like a valley girl. literally) of how to explain how much i enjoy this story! it was just super cute and again i’m just happy you shared this with all of us readers! hope you have a good day!
yofa chapter 42 . 6/12
I really love this story. Please update soon...
Guest chapter 42 . 6/6
I really admire your writing skills
Kise and Kuroko are my top favorite when pairings with Tomo-chan are concerned lol. It's surprising that Akashi saved her. I hope you shed some light over what happened to those 2! I feel bad for Sat-chan but I sorta hope she ends up with either Kise or Kuroko.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/21
Ooo...Teppei angry too? XD
I sorta expected Izuki lol
BwenDR chapter 1 . 5/17
i love this story so much. hope you will continue writing this
Guest chapter 42 . 5/17

Hi this is actually my first time posting a review in any story. I just love this one so much and your type of writing totally pulls me in. I hope you continue this story
Sachi Akiyama chapter 42 . 4/28
Akashi was the last person I thought would help Tomoko-chan. I ship it though lol.
I love Kuroko or Kise with Tomoko-chan though lol. My OTP. I secretly ship Hayama and Tomoko-chan together though. Plz update more!
Mi-chan chapter 42 . 3/26
I found the part with Tomo-chan with Akashi, Kise, and Kuroko extremely adorable! (Tomo-chan seems to have forgotten she did the same with Kise over not telling what her thoughts about him were lol) ...Unless she told him and I missed that part. Will other people develop feelings for Tomo-chan ( for ex. Takao or Kasamatsu?)- Kasamatsu would be hilarious considering his inability to talk to females lol
Applejax XD chapter 42 . 3/20
that was cool and unexpected that Akashi saved Tomoko, Haizaki better watch himself the GoM are not ones to trifle with especially when it comes to Tomoko, I cant wait for the next chappie XD
yofa chapter 42 . 3/19
Wow, poor Okuma. She got hurt by Haizaki Fortunately Akashi came... Anyway thx for the update! I really like it.
Anonymous chapter 42 . 3/19
After spending so many hours reading the story from the first chapter until this one, I was very satisfied by the story. The MC was so good! The why you insert your Mc without disrupt the original story was really eye catching. The MC was so cute with her dorky, dense and innocent/positive personality, and the way she seems so normal without the overpowering abilities was a nice change of pace from other insert MC story. Ah, you make me fall in love with Okuma-chan, she's a great MC.
The dynamic between MC and her pursuitors (Kiseki no Seidai) was really funny, and I really like the feeling of brother-sister she's have with Kagami. So far, when other people like the MC with kise or Aomine or other Kiseki no Seidai member, I was in the corner rooting for MC x Kagami (LOL), I was a sucker for initially brother-sister relationship become couple.
And by the way I was wondering if this story will end in the winter cup, or maybe you will continue it even further to extra game, I was really curious about the confrontation between Okuma-chan and Nash.
And keep up the great work! I will always rooting for you in the corner and waiting for your update.

Best of regards, AnonX
Sakamaki Tokita chapter 42 . 3/15
Sheeesh, 12am and finally reached the last chapter. Wanted to leave a review once I was done with this story too then i noticed it‘s been 42 chapters and the story is STILL not finished...which is a good thing LOL. It‘s giving me smth to look forward to xDD
I like your story alot so far ( so keep up the good work :3) and like the fact that you made the OC a bit more dense than in other fanfics xD gives the whole KnB Fanfiction series a refreshing breeze I myself am a OC x Kise shipper and the last chapter makes me really want to let kise win :(( ( Idea for future sequel ?! xD) I am personally not very good at giving constructive criticism so i usually just consume what I enjoy xD Not letting out any complains means I‘m enjoying it alot so... THAT‘S A GOOD THING!
Hmm aside from thiss... I wish you all the best and good luck in your studies and upcoming exams and whatsoever ! Just remember failing an exam doesnt mean the end of the world ️ Just gotta try your best and it‘ll somehow work out ! ( at least in most cases! not in mine...haha...)

Hoping for a new chapter soon ️
Guest chapter 42 . 3/13
Aaaa mds mds essa história e perfeitaaaa continuaaaaa...E to Mara q ela fique com o kuroko...
Kreceir chapter 42 . 3/13
You can have Tomoko have a small fear whenever a male aproach her from behind, and later on people(Rest of the GoM) will notice her reaction whenever that happens.
Ofcourse... they won't be all to pleased that Haizaki tried to choke her out(or do even worse)
Guest chapter 42 . 3/12
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