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030artastic chapter 38 . 9/17
Bless. Tomoko handling her interaction with Akashi...omg.
And Keiko and Ichirou interacting again? e.
unknownher chapter 38 . 9/4
your update made my day :) good luck for ur new year! !
Prince chapter 38 . 9/3
bless your soul

but how dare you leave us wondering what Tomoko said to Akashi! So cruel TT
Kuroko was totally gonna say he missed Tomoko too and try to initate *a moment* but got pun-blocked. Lololol
SugarFeather chapter 38 . 9/3
I think Murasakibara-kun has a really bad influence on Kagami: he becomes even more of a baka when he's around... Fortunately, Kuroko-kun was here to prevent the kidnapping! Yay!
And I just love his shoots, they're awesome! But I think that one of my favourite part in this chapter was the moment between Ichirou and Keiko; they're just soooo cute, I absolutely love them!

I can't wait for the next chapter!

PS: I wish you the best luck for college!
Corralinne chapter 38 . 9/2
Of course I have favourite follow and review your new story 99 Problems! It was like my ultimate fantasy come true! I can really see Mura-kun dragging Tomoko to keep her with him, he is like a low key Kise in that regards... Thank you for the beautiful updates and have a good time writing! I await for the new development in Tomoko's harem collection !
Ichigo0-0Rose chapter 21 . 9/2
...holy crap...I finally got the reference at the end of this chapter. How did i not realize it before?! Good job. :D
Uqor chapter 38 . 9/2
Another awesome chapter!
Avatar.NIX chapter 38 . 9/2
Haha, poor Ichirou can't handle Mura-nee~! XD And I'm really fond of Murasakibara's antics regarding Okuma – I don't know: they're just really cute? Like, he reminds me of those really bratty brothers who are mean to everyone but the sister. *lol* In any case, nicely done and I'll check on "99 Problems" ASAP!
OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 38 . 9/2
So freaking excited that it's time for the Yosen match! Murasakibara is pretty freaking scary cool when he plays. Plus it's adorable seeing him try and kidnap Tomoko lol Seriously, I have no idea who I want her to end up with at this point!
NinjaPenguinLover chapter 38 . 9/2
What?! Spark AU?! I'm headed right there now. Brilliant chapter! mura is so cute.
LadyAmazon chapter 38 . 9/2
Tomoko-chan, sweetie, I love you to little bits but I will fight you for Kuroko-kun's scarf.
I'm just kidding! I could never hurt that little biscut. *blissfully sighs* I want Mura-kun to want me like he wants her and his snacks
bookdragonslayer chapter 3 . 8/24
I love how she silences Kagami with food , that seems so like kagami to only be tempted by basketball and food. I
Etha chapter 37 . 8/20
Sure! Making an omake with the school festival trope sounds fun! :)

Thanks for the chapter!
Bb8 chapter 37 . 8/19
HAVE TOMOKO HEADBUTT HIM. MAKE HIM BLEEED. IDC IF HE BE THE EMPEROR. TAKE HER SWEET PERSONALITY SOMEWHERE ELSE. Have her strut out of there with a icy cool glare in her eyes that puts sei to shaame. Sweet people are the scariest people when they're mad. Kuma means bear right? Bears are ferocious. Fear Okuma Tomoko!
Applejax XD chapter 37 . 8/13
oh my, that dinner took a turn for the worst, the omake idea sounds like fun, i cant wait for the next chappie XD
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