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Applejax XD chapter 42 . 15h
that was cool and unexpected that Akashi saved Tomoko, Haizaki better watch himself the GoM are not ones to trifle with especially when it comes to Tomoko, I cant wait for the next chappie XD
yofa chapter 42 . 23h
Wow, poor Okuma. She got hurt by Haizaki Fortunately Akashi came... Anyway thx for the update! I really like it.
Anonymous chapter 42 . 3/19
After spending so many hours reading the story from the first chapter until this one, I was very satisfied by the story. The MC was so good! The why you insert your Mc without disrupt the original story was really eye catching. The MC was so cute with her dorky, dense and innocent/positive personality, and the way she seems so normal without the overpowering abilities was a nice change of pace from other insert MC story. Ah, you make me fall in love with Okuma-chan, she's a great MC.
The dynamic between MC and her pursuitors (Kiseki no Seidai) was really funny, and I really like the feeling of brother-sister she's have with Kagami. So far, when other people like the MC with kise or Aomine or other Kiseki no Seidai member, I was in the corner rooting for MC x Kagami (LOL), I was a sucker for initially brother-sister relationship become couple.
And by the way I was wondering if this story will end in the winter cup, or maybe you will continue it even further to extra game, I was really curious about the confrontation between Okuma-chan and Nash.
And keep up the great work! I will always rooting for you in the corner and waiting for your update.

Best of regards, AnonX
Sakamaki Tokita chapter 42 . 3/15
Sheeesh, 12am and finally reached the last chapter. Wanted to leave a review once I was done with this story too then i noticed it‘s been 42 chapters and the story is STILL not finished...which is a good thing LOL. It‘s giving me smth to look forward to xDD
I like your story alot so far ( so keep up the good work :3) and like the fact that you made the OC a bit more dense than in other fanfics xD gives the whole KnB Fanfiction series a refreshing breeze I myself am a OC x Kise shipper and the last chapter makes me really want to let kise win :(( ( Idea for future sequel ?! xD) I am personally not very good at giving constructive criticism so i usually just consume what I enjoy xD Not letting out any complains means I‘m enjoying it alot so... THAT‘S A GOOD THING!
Hmm aside from thiss... I wish you all the best and good luck in your studies and upcoming exams and whatsoever ! Just remember failing an exam doesnt mean the end of the world ️ Just gotta try your best and it‘ll somehow work out ! ( at least in most cases! not in mine...haha...)

Hoping for a new chapter soon ️
Guest chapter 42 . 3/13
Aaaa mds mds essa história e perfeitaaaa continuaaaaa...E to Mara q ela fique com o kuroko...
Kreceir chapter 42 . 3/13
You can have Tomoko have a small fear whenever a male aproach her from behind, and later on people(Rest of the GoM) will notice her reaction whenever that happens.
Ofcourse... they won't be all to pleased that Haizaki tried to choke her out(or do even worse)
Guest chapter 42 . 3/12
animelover1013 chapter 20 . 3/11
I ship Tomoko and Kise! (For now... Cause you know, I read up this far and I feel for Kise.)
NotAnnie chapter 42 . 3/10
Oh FINALLY! The "Unhand her or I'll kill you" from the summary! Oh Akashi and his absolute orders and bold remarks. He literally admitted that Tomoko has his attention! What a cutie. And Kise's and Aomine's protectiveness as well. Why are you guys so boyfriend material? I love them so much. Moreover, Tomoko's silly deal is so cute and quirky (just like her)! She doesn't know just how important it is to Kise though. (laughs) And him admitting Kuroko as his biggest rival is amazing, and Kuroko feeling the same way as well... THIS IS OVERALL AN AMAZING CHAPTER WITH SO MANY FLUFFSSSS! FLUFFY CONTENT FOR THE WIN!
Applpi chapter 42 . 3/10
My heart throughout this chapter was so warm omg... This was a super good chapter and it was nice to break away from the heavy game play. I definitely look forward to more tomoko interactions with everyone.
Guest chapter 42 . 3/10
AWESOME CHAPTER! Love the fluff between Kise and Okuma! I love the rivalry between Kise and Kuroko the most! With the other GoM to the side
slucky13 chapter 42 . 3/10
Liked the twist of Akashi coming to Okuma's rescue and declaring his interest. Always was wondering if he would throw his lot in with the rest of the GOM and he has so this brings a whole new avenue of possible events. Can't wait to see what happens after the Kaijo vs Seirin!
Guest chapter 42 . 3/10
Omg yes! Another fabulous update! Well worth the wait. The interaction with Akashi was interesting seeing as we havent seen him until now, AND KISE WAS ABOUT TO ADMIT HIS AND GOSH DARNIT KOGANEI!
OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 42 . 3/10
I enjoyed the flashbacks on Haizaki's time in Teiko with the team over the replay of the game. Haizaki is an interesting character for sure but Akashi is still the most terrifying lol Though it was nice to see him play 'hero' and save Tomoko. It seems like the boys are starting to be more bold with Tomoko which will make for some fun times.
ookawa chapter 42 . 3/10
It's no so much a review as it is a question... I was wondering if you plan on creating more original content? It mean it's fanfiction and having your oc makes it so, but otherwise it follows the shoe's timelime/plot. With that in mind, will there be more or are you planning to end the story with the finale of the show?
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