Reviews for Howling Out In Love
dixie326 chapter 22 . 9/3
When Kim told Jared not to even think about scent marking her without even looking at him it made me laugh.
Dreams Of Athena chapter 51 . 8/21
Totally amazing and I rekon I have a pretty good idea about Hermiones dad and if so it'll wrap everything up together and fix loose ends, This is godamn awesomeness x
spaceygirl67 chapter 51 . 7/18
plz plz continue
MWolfe13 chapter 33 . 7/14
It would have been interesting if Paul had stuck with Sam, but I still like where it went
MWolfe13 chapter 27 . 7/14
Never mind haha, the last half of this chapter is my favorite
MWolfe13 chapter 26 . 7/14
This has got to be my favorite chapter so far
lexicon63738 chapter 51 . 7/2
Nooooooooo I need to know! Well this is just fantastic! Please, please update this is definitely a favorite and I'm so glad you've shared(:
cheyeneb chapter 1 . 6/19
Please Update. I want to know whi her father is so bad!
AthenaRosier chapter 51 . 6/15
Next chapters please
Guest chapter 20 . 5/18
I so love the dymamic between Paul and Hermione
Drea2244 chapter 51 . 5/17
Please update
SleepiPanda chapter 51 . 5/6
I'm betting Sam's dad is the father.
We can make a Maury episode out of it.
fantasyfreak12 chapter 51 . 4/16
Please update again soon! I hope you dont abandon this story, there is still so much left to unravel. Who Hermione's family is (Sam?)? And then how Sam reacts when he finds out. What happens when Bella has the baby? And will Leah find someone to imprint on? What about if the volturi find out? Please keep writimg and update again! :-)
Guest chapter 51 . 3/16
I know I just finished reading your fic, but I hope the next chapter will come soon, because this is great.

Also, it would be great for Leah to imprint on a Weasley, and since Fred is alredy taken (except if he isn't with Angelina in your fic) and nothing happened when they met, maybe Charlie? It would be funny, since he has experiance with magical creature (he does work with dragons), and Molly would probably be hystericaly happy... Yeah, it would be a great match.
Guest chapter 50 . 3/16
Are Hermione and Embry Sam's siblings?
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