Reviews for The Demonic Medic
Zeppelinyolo chapter 1 . 1/15/2020
a are you going to continue it
linkiepie2214 chapter 27 . 12/13/2019
This was a fun read can you upload more please? (Is this discontinued?)
Guest chapter 14 . 11/24/2019
I'm sorry its just I don't like binary as a character or her development in the story, however I love you story in general and all of the plot that goes with it.
koseta.a chapter 22 . 10/9/2019
Oh my God plausible Elemental being in Naruto! Hah he's a fire bender! Sweet
jestersky98 chapter 6 . 9/30/2019
Dropped after this
I could read a retarded Naruto, even a retarded Naruto who can’t fight but not a retarded Naruto who doesn’t even try to learn how to fight and wtf is wrong with you and that random Orochimaru encounter any half assed naruto reader/viewer would know that this is simply unbelieveable to the point I genuienly believed it to be a genjutsu all the way through chapter just waiting for it to be revealed
cdog1019 chapter 27 . 8/3/2019
good stuff
Spidersauce chapter 4 . 5/28/2019
This story is too overly dramatized in awkward places for my writing other than that, though.
Spidersauce chapter 2 . 5/28/2019
Naruto himself called Sasuke the last Uchiha, and himself the last Senju. . . Then later in the chapter he just learns Sasuke is the last?
Spidersauce chapter 2 . 5/28/2019
Really? He shouted his healing jutsu?
This isn't one of THOSE stories where the stealthy assassin ninjas shout at the top of their lungs and give away their position, is it? :c
tiago.dbz69511 chapter 27 . 5/15/2019
Genial historia y muy interesante.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/21/2019
Type your review pathetic and useless naruto a puppet
Kaito chapter 27 . 3/19/2019

Kaito is hungry wants to eat
Kaito Echizen chapter 27 . 3/19/2019

Kaito is hungry wants to eat
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 24 . 3/11/2019
why are you having tsunade flirt with tazuna when she barely knows him, i hope they didn't sleep together,
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 4 . 3/10/2019
i hope he unlocked more bloodline like chakra chains or manifesting chakra objects like staffs, tails, swords and stuff
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