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Venyatuima chapter 4 . 6/29/2003
Yes, slow updating indeed ... your last update was in April! Don't take too long this time... Well, I love this story :D I hope Thranduil makes it through okay, I rather admire him though I'm a little scared of the "wigglies" as Laerlend terms them in TreeHugger's other universe :) I suppose that will give Thranduil a point, and the Tricksy Trio should have one too for being so cute and silly :D but tell Tanglinna he can have as many points as he wants from me, cos he's always been my favourite of Treehugger's Elves (sorry Thranduil!) ;) I could benefit from some of his archery lessons too, if I want to keep ahead at my archery club. Being the only girl in my age group kind of means I have no competition, but that's not the point ;) Besides, being alone with Tanglinna would be a very pleasant experience...;) I, too, cried when... when... well, anyway, you have to keep writing stories before then, so he's still alive, if you get what I mean. Well, I'll stop now, but it is fun to have a chance to talk to the character's themselves!
Im chapter 4 . 6/25/2003
How can I tell you how much I love you (and TreeHugger's) original characters! Tanglinna, Brethil, Tavor... And of course a Tolkien character's nickname: Little Greenleaf! I love all of your writings and cannot express in words how glad I am that you two write! Thanks!

lastarael chapter 4 . 5/8/2003
Great job! I like it! :)

I can't wait to see what happens after Thranduil's disappearance is discovered. And where are all the missing elves of the hunting party?

While I'm at it, I'd like to put in a vote for Legolas, one for the Tricksy Trio, and a negative vote for the Very Bad Man. Also, kudos to Katharine and Tree for writing such a great story!

*Stares expectantly at the magic screen as she waits for the next chapter*


PuterPatty chapter 4 . 5/4/2003
Oh my! Well, it took me awhile, and I must say I read it in two installments, which I'm shooting myself for now because the first part I remember was just delightful and hilarious and just plain grand. LOL at Legolas and Tavor. That is a hard call-which one is better? I do so love them both, you know. Oy, I guess I'll just have to call it a draw for now.

Oh, but all I have running through my mind currently is how horribly Thranduil has got it at this moment. But for all his pain and the dire circumstance, he is indeed remaining the proud, fierce Elf king he is. That's what I love about both of your writings-so character-driven. Excellent!

Heehee. (Just got done reading teh Reviewer Responses.) Tavor is so adorable. Of course I'll marry you, you cutie, but you've got to grow up a little first. Maybe in fifty years. Come back and talk me to me, say maybe around the time of "In the Hall..." How 'bout that? Until then, I'll just enjoy the company of this lovely, if not noisesome, squirrel you sent me. ::pets squirrel, throws it some nuts:: TAVOR! Look at one you did! My compy screen's got a wet splotch. ::sigh:: Oh wait, that one me. ::winks at Tanglinna::

Hugs to all! Kisses to the king! Hope Kate lets you get to feeling better, your majesty. Smooches to the Trio! ::wriggles eyebrows at the Master Archer:: More Smooches for Tavor!
Emerald Queen chapter 4 . 4/18/2003
*reads teaser for the next chapter*

"between elflings nightmares. . ." I BET I know what happens. Like I said in the last review, I BET Legolas has a nightmare about his poor, poor Ada. I BET he does!

*reads the answer thingy for the reviews*

Aww, so madly in love for one he hasn't even met. You do realise you're going to have to introduce Tavor to PuterPatty now don't you?

**sends big smoochies to Tricksy Trio, and then to Sourpuss and good and wise King Thrandy so they don't feel left out**

**Also sends a big batch of homemade choc 'n' cherry cookies to everyone, for the sake of tradition**

*Finally gets around to reading the actual chapter itself*

Oh. . . AAh . . .Gasp . . . **eats lots of popcorn** **Forgets abut popcorn because chapter is so good**

WONDERFUL chapter! **Throws kiddie like tantrum** I WANNA KNOW WHERE MY BRETHIL WENT! **realises what she just said** Um, did I just say MY Brethil? **Nervous giggle** Well, what? He's so cute. So are Legolas and Tavor actually. Can I keep them? P-l-e-a-s-e?

I think Sourpuss should lighten up. The squirels WERE cute. Adrably so, just like the Tricksy Trio. Can't he see that? Oh wait, yes he can. Sorry Sourpuss, my mistake. I wish he would make their punishment really light though. They didn't realise what they were doing until they had done it, and then it was too late.

Brethil, when on sweet Ea are you going to learn how to lie? I can understand how difficult it is to stop speak when you're suffering an extreem bout of Brethilitis, but if you let a lie out, instead of the truth, can't you see that everyone would believe you? They WOULD believe you as well, because you NEVER lie.

*reads part about Poor King Thrandy* **gasp** NO! Evil, evil mortal slime! Get away from him! **weilds wand stolen from fairy muse** Go on, SHOO! Katharine the Great, don't you DARE let those nasty mortals hurt any of the Mirkwood elves, PLEASE! If you do, I'll . . . I'll . . . I'll strat crying, and then that would damage the computer (Sourpuss, for once in your life just be happy and crazee and hug the computer will you!) and if I damage the computer I won't be able to review.

One last thing, before I shut up and go away, please don't let the next chapter take so long to write/upload. It took so LONG! I know that being kept in suspence is a good thing because it keeps the reader wanting more, but there is too much of a good thing y'know.

lots of luv, 'specially to the Tricksy Trio,

The Three chapter 4 . 4/17/2003
Tanglinna is our favorite character in your stories. Brethil too. They are both *very* cool.

And Thranduil is certainly having a hard time, but we know he'll survive. Hang in there!

Tavor and Legolas should find those squirrels quickly before they do something *really* awful.

This is a great story probably because of the diversity of the characters. They're evil, funny, cool etc. The plot is very exciting too.

Don't hug that computer screen, Tanglinna!
Kellen chapter 4 . 4/14/2003
Oh, Thranduil! Oh, dear. (Yes, I know I said torture him - I'm just a freak.) Although, the whole bit about what Aewen would say if she could see him arguing with the spector of his father actually had me laughing. Good going, Thrandy! Keeping the faith!

And as for the Tricksy Trio - all that sounds like some of the punishments my friends and I got. It was always me that had to explain, while the "Brethil" of our group inadvertantly gave away EVERYTHING! I swear I think you guys got into my head for this material! :)

*Kellen looks around, spots "Tanny" and frowns* Now, WILL hug that screen. Don't even try denying it; you know good and well you always end up doing exactly what it is you don't want to do. *smiles* I do like ya, though!
Angaloth chapter 3 . 4/14/2003
Ahh! I don't think my first review went a message that said the site wasn't loading propery. * sighs* Just my luck...

A wonderfully written chapter, as always. And I am sorry that I said your updates are slow! The wait is well worth it!

I am wondering how Thranduil is going to get out of that mess...I know he will eventually, but I don't want to see him tortured! : (

Tanglinna can be a bit of a sourpuss, but I love him anyway! I mean, if someone let loose a bunch of squirrels in my room, I wouldn't be to happy about it either, and terror would be unleashed! Unless it was the Trio. I could never get angry at them! I love them all too much.

I have a question...went through Rhode Island's version of Mirkwood today with my Trio. Does the real Mirkwood have a LOT of thorn bushes and large, smelly brooks? If not, can I come live wit you guys? Because our's certainly does...

* snickers* Justine didn't belive me when I said I would help her cross one of the larger brooks on that branch. It was sturdy enough. I feel bad for saying this, but watching her fall in was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I hope she is in a better mood now. Didn't run into any Spiders of Elves either...oh well.

Kisses and Hugs for ALL of you!
aranelelf chapter 4 . 4/14/2003
Well, Thrandy (can i call you Thrandy? We're likely to become family soon after all...) I would be willing to pay quite a handsome sum for your son, including some very very very rare jewels of the like that will never be crafted again...They are sparkling within my view at this precise moment...How beautiful they are! And believe me, i know when something is beautiful, if you know what i mean! I would be able to teach your son 'proper' english, and maybe take him to have afternoon tea with the Queen in Buckingham palace, a good friend of mine, is Queenie. When should i expect the pre-nuptial agreements to reach me?


p.s. Kiss for Tangy, as he really deserves some reward for having to put up with the trials of living with royalty! ;-)
Nilmandra chapter 4 . 4/13/2003
There are three stories-in-one to review here!

I think Legolas and Tavor owe a great big 'thank-you' to Brethil. If he were not so cute and sincere, they would not have gotten off the hook so easily. Legolas, I love you lots, but you need a spanking! Do you not know how much damage squirrels can do? Cute, yes, but extremely destructive! I think the Master Archer would be well within his right to take you over his knee, but he is truly a grand old softy and it is Brethil who keeps you from getting what you deserve. You are *very* fortunate that that wonderful picture of his wife was not damaged.

Katharine! Are you aware of the moratorium on elf-killing? Hm? How many elves did these rotten men kill? They had better not hurt my King - and Legolas! Listen to the trees! They are trying to tell you something!

Tanglinna - just know that as long as you sit at the magic screen you can control it. Do what you need to *evil grin*.
the evil witch queen chapter 4 . 4/13/2003
ok, i'm going to split this review up into bits.

Authers: poor thranduil. very good, thanks for finally updating as well, i really like this story. let me see, legolas's punishment; from galion, to polish all the cutlery, silver, goblets, plates, bowls, etc.

from thaldris (about the tapestries) they have to clean every carpet, hanging, tapestry, etc. in the palace. and from tanglinna, clean out all the targets, repair the holes in them from the arrows, clean all the bows and make new arrows for everyone. that should keep them out of trouble for a bit.

but, while they're doing their tanglinna's punishment, they see a girl through the trees. she saw what happened to thranduil and his hunting party so she persueds the trio to take her to tanglinna and she explains everything. but the trio are listening at the door hole and decide to take things into their own hand. they run off to rescue the survivers, and use perfect quick fire techneque to do so, or alternatively they could end up getting captured as well and tanglinna has to rescue all of them.

and waht is that tale?

the girl by the way, hears an idea for her.

name: Minuel or Quellecristiel.

age: 2893

why she's out there in the first place: her father was killed by orcs on a patrol in the southern reaches of the elven bit of mirkwood and her mother took her away from the palace and they lived in the forest in their own little home they built, but her mother was dying of a broken heart when they left and has died. so she's all on her own but doesn't go back to the palace, she remains in her little home. and outh there sees what happens to the hunting party and follows to the edge of mirkwood.

meanwhile, poor thrandy, is being tortued (i'll let kathrine think up that bit) so when he is found he's practically dead, but lives due to the fact tanglinna is a hidden healer.

ok, that was long. will you two please read my little legolas fic? and ideas for a better title and summary are much appreciated.

Thranduil: i merely ment you were probably just as pesky as legolas is when you were young. i recognise it in the way you have your own little pranks now and then even as an adult. I'm sure you terorised poor tanglinna just as much as legolas does. and yes, tanglinna was right, i think i did hear that from him.

Tanglinna: i only called you old sourpuss last time because i couldn't remember how to spell your name. sorry, i've got a very bad memory. though, some stories of thranduil's childhood would be funny. don't forget to make sure legolas is in earshot.

Legolas: keep up the good pranks, they always set me laughing after a hard day at school, you might try getting tanglinna to chase you to the morn nen and then somehow make him fall in. *grins evilly* that would be fun.

Tavor: i send you a kiss, i think you and your friends are sweet, just don't give up on legolas just because he keeps getting you into trouble, the pranks are always fun.

Brethil: next time someone tells you to shut up, don't bother, you have every right to speak. your friends aren't really nasty to you, they just don't understand. i think i may have brethilitis too, only with being cheeky *sighs* ah well, never mind.

see you next time all. *waves at review board and authers*

ok, dividing it up like that may have been a bit sad, but it might make it easier for your little review thing. hope you don't think me too stupid.
Jay of Lasgalen chapter 4 . 4/11/2003
Poor Thranduil! (Copyright, By Royal Appointment) How COULD anyone torture him? Don't worry your Majesty, I love you best. I wonder if he feels the need to re-marry? It would be good to have someone to help look after Little Legolas, and his friends.

I loved the tale of the squirrels, and especially how worried Brethil was about them. Next to Thranduil and Legolas, Brethil is definitely my favourite! But I remember from another story that Brethil is very sad because his father was killed. That doesn't happen in this one, does it? I would hate that to happen, both for poor little Brethil, and also for Thranduil!

I hope that Ducash gets a very long, lingering death scene, courtesy of Thranduil, and that you both update much more quickly than last time!

Contia Mirian chapter 4 . 4/10/2003
Tanglina's funny I love the story keep up the good work... though I wouldn't mind if you updated more often.
erunyauve chapter 4 . 4/10/2003
Good thing the folks back at the palace will soon start to worry about their king, as our beloved Thranduil has got himself into VBDD (that's Very Big Doo-Doo, for the benefit of Brethil) while his son and master archer have been chasing squirrels.

Will we hear more about Tanglinna's wife, I hope? And as long as you're giving away squirrels, could I have one, too?
Lutris chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
My, what a chapter! first, it was lovely when brethil is deadly worried about the squirrels and Tanglinna can't help himself but smile. He isn't an old sourpuss after all! ;) Then I liked Thranduil's pride. After all he has been through he still manages to be so brave as if he were in Greenwood (let's see what he'll say about squirrels when he's back) ;) and finally it was really touching when Brethil asks Tanglinna who was the woman in the picture! great chapter and update soon!
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