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Mickie1 chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
Oh...where do I begin?

First of all, I would love to have a squirrel! They're so cute!

Dear, dear Thrandy, er, I mean, Dearest King Thranduil, I completely understand why you wanted to put that VBM in his place. If you only knew how many times my smart mouth has gotten me in trouble. I think I inherited said smart mouth from my very own Ada. Too bad you didn't have anything to cut those ropes with. I'm sure you could have shown that turkey a thing or two about elven strength.

Dear, dear Tanny, er, I mean, Dearest Master Archer Tanglinna, don't be too hard with the tongue lashings. They are only younglings after all. A little mischief is in their nature. To expect them to never have any fun would be like asking the birds not to sing or the wind not to blow. If their antics get to be too much for you, I would gladly watch them for a little while so that you can have some time off from elfling-sitting.

And now, to the Tricksy Trio, I love you guys. Brethil, could you be any cuter? Probably not. You'll never lose your innocence. Legolas, oh Legolas, don't fight with Tavor. He's your best friend and one of these days you will need each others friendship to help you through...nevermind. Tavor, tsk, tsk, tsk, would it kill you to let Legolas win an argument? You are more like your grandmother than you realize. You and Legolas should both make an effort not to quarrel. Just trust me on this. And you both need to remember to not tune Brethil out so much. I know his constant yammering can be annoying, but just think if it weren't there any longer. Wouldn't you miss it? All of you, stay young and fun for as long as you can. Even elflings grow up too fast.

Hugs and Kisses all around (especially to Brethil and 'Old Sourpuss')

Faerfaen chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
I think you forgot me! I'm not loved! *cries*

ahhemm anyways great chapter evil people though! Stab them! Boil them in a vat of oil! poke out their eyes! must kill them! *screams in rage then falls off chair* No wonder Thranduil doent like We mortals sure like him though! *hugs moniter then steps away nervously*

Tavor sounds like hes kiss deprivied *sends Tavvykins lots of kisses* poor boy! We loves you lots. So cute and adorable and cute and did i mention adorable?

Tanglinna is awesome in this he is in most chapters. Hugging Brethil was so cute. aw.. *hugs the moniter* come on Tang.. you know you wanna! Love you lots and lots! oh beofre i forget are you going to use some stupid idiot men for target practice soon? I hope so. Guys with bow and arrows just.. wow send me shivers. So sexy! hehehe

Legolas! Legolas you adorable little thing! I love you! Make sure you Breth and Tavvy play more pranks really soon!

and to Brethil, You need to learn how to lie! It comes in handy later in life. So do tight lips.. Ahh the power of being sneaky. lurv yaz

Back to Thrandy-kins, I hope they do miss use your bow and shoot themselves. that would be so sweet! Not to mention hilarious. *cackles* Get em get em good! and the poor other captive elves not to mention dead elves. Makes me wanna cry. Elves have special places in my heart. Need a psyco fan girl body gaurd? They'd never get past me! I'd spray purfume in their eyes and drown them in lip gloss and use my rugby skills on them.. not to mention my boxing skills. arah ex- boxer at your service! and my cousin has taught me karate! ahahaha. You need a body gaurd too Tang? hmm? hm? Or any of you? Tavvy perhaps? :) update again soon! And dont forget me this time!

*~* Dy *~*
Karianua Lightwood chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
YAY! Another chapter! I'm happy! *looks happy!* Let's add a tally to Tanglinna, because I think he's just really neat and it's nice to see the softer side every now and then... even though I do find it rather amusing to see the little elflings cower under his gaze. I hope Thranduil beats the "Very Big Mouse" and that the Tricksy Trio don't get into too much trouble for the squirrel incident. *attempts to do the innocent puppy eyes thing at Tanglinna* *fails...miserably* Please don't be too hard on them. Here's a tally for you, I hope you don't have to hug the screen, that would be rather akward. So, the total tallies for my review are for *dun dun dun* (the weird suspense music they always play) EVERYBODY! NOW, aren't you all just thrilled? Yes, it's spiffing I know, but please try to contain your excitement. I anxiously await the nest installment. Until then, goodbye.
Dragon-of-the-north chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
Ah, finally, finally! The long-expected update... Couldn't wait for it even if I was allowed to have a glimpse on the chapter before it was published officially...

So again: This chapter is great! I liked both parts a lot, even though (or because) they are so different...

On to part one! Uh oh... The nice, quiet morning interrupted by a shriek - and we thought there was only trouble outside Mirkwood? :-D I liked the "Th-there's a..." bit - oh dear, squirrels seem to be terrible foes of the elves indeed if it takes so much to pronounce their name... ;-) Princess Lelemir, let me tell you that squirrels are very nice and entertaining... Last summer, I had one in my room as well, but when I opened the door, it hastened to find its way outside... But it kept visiting us for breakfast and was a very nice squirrel indeed... So don't fear the squirrels! If you tell them that you will protect them from Master Archer Tanglinna, they will be very nice and cute...

LOL to "Brethil’s big mouth" - poor Brethil... Always told he was talking to much... I like him very much, anyway...

“He did, did he?” - LOL to this as well. Of course, Tanglinna had to overhear this (by the way, Tanglinna, I will still come after you if you harm but a single squirrel, and your wolfish grin doesn't frighten me in the slightest - if you haven't realized already, you dear little elven fool, I enjoy being haunted by you! Immensely so! You are one of my favourite elves, after all! :-)).

Poor Legolas... He _always_ has a sister who wants to take revenge... Either Lelemir or Laerlend... The females of Oropher's house simply can't take a joke - it's so annoying!

Now - where is Brethil? LOL to their "status as wanted felons"... Is there a price on their head? Will Tanglinna bake cookies for the one who gives him directions to them? :-D

The trees are sad? *sniff* - do they sense what has happened to Thranduil? Is this the first foreboding of the catastrophe?

Aww... Brethil starts eating to avoid telling them where he has been? Well - I imagine filling his mouth is quite the only thing that could stop the dear little elfling from chattering... And his conversation with the sparrow is so cute... :-) Reminds me of the birds Bronadui makes/made and Brethil later makes...

LOL - Tanglinna arrives! Now things are going to be _very_ interesting...

Oh my goodness. BRETHIL! ROFL - he doesn't mean any harm, but... Ah well, he's so cute! :-)I believe even Tanglinna can't be very furious with him...That is... Oh... "You may borrow them anytime you wish" ROFL-LOL-LOL... My review is getting somewhat incoherent... It's just so funny!

YES, YES, YES! Tanglinna cancelled the squirrel hunt because of Brethil! :-) Tanglinna... Do you know that you are on your way to becoming my FAVOURITE elf (yes, FAVOURITE in capitals)? ;-)

Now on to the dark and sad part... Very impressive, very convincing, very dark, very sad... I do pity Thranduil (for I may not say "poor Thranduil" any more, as the great king gave someone else the copyright for that phrase) - and he was very well portrayed... :-) "mortal swine" - LOL! Sounds like an expression he might use... Not that I blame him, he is in terrible trouble... May I say "poor elvenking"?

As to Ducash - I hope that he has some very good motives for acting as he does... And I also hope they will be explained sooner or later... His dark allusions to Thranduil harming his people are not quite sufficient! I hope this isn't elf-torture without a sensible reason yet again... (Note to Ducash, the Very Big Bad Mouseman: You'd better reconsider harming Thranduil again, for, just in case you should torture him too much - I have a very well-trained little orc-army at my disposal east of Mirkwood, and if you go on mistreating the king, I will tell them to jump universes and make you regret you ever even thought about abducting the king)...

The replies to the reviews were GORGEOUS again - I especially loved Tanglinna's wolfish smile... Come and haunt me, Master Archer! :-D *hugs him*

Now... Sorry for my very incoherent and not very helpful review - thanks to both authors for providing this wonderful sort of distraction that helped me to survive this most horrid day without falling victim to sort of a nervous breakdown - and write on soon, please! :-)
JastaElf chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
Okay, I'm just plain flat-out DELIGHTED to see a new chapter. But I've got to tell you:

I want to be FIRST in line to hurt that presumptuous, illegitimate GIT of a Ducash... who will be "cash"ing in his chips as the dead piece of slime that he is for even THINKING of hurting my beloved Thranduil in ANY fashion! Much LESS for having actually done it! How dare he! How frickin' DARE he!

*ahem* Sorry about that, just had to get that out of my system... (wry grin)

Okay. Tanglinna was a little TOO easy on the Trio, but I suspect that is because he has an overly soft spot in his heart for poor, dear Brethil... it's a doggone good thing that Elfling is such a NICE and kind kid, because if he were, say, to behave more like Tavor? Ohh, he could inch around the dear Master Archer FAR too often, and get away with FAR too much...

Mirkwood should thank its lucky stars Brethil is a Nice Elf (tm). (grin)

And I'm glad Legolas has seen the error of his ways... poor kid, he wants to fit in and be a "regular kid" instead of a prince SO badly... but as he grows, he will realize following Tavor's lead or becoming like him is NOT a good idea. (grin)

SMOOCHIES to all the Elflings... and a hug to Tanglinna as well...

But to my beloved, spectacular, powerful, fell, strong, gorgeous and magnificent Thranduil, I send my most devoted affection, lots of hugs and kisses, much mushy stuff, and the promise to wipe off ANY spider venom LONG before his delectable lips get anywhere NEAR mine.

Is he, or is he not, the very model of a magnificent and perfect Elven-king? I almost pity Ducash... but not much, and not for long, if you catch my drift. (wry grin) May he get comeuppance SOON!

And as for Saeros being scary... he just looked at me with that bird-like tilt of the head and eyes as blank of guile as the driven snow in the heart of winter, and said, "What? ME? Scary? Not a bit of it!"

Then he did that disappearing thing he does so well, where it looks like he just ceased to be, except that he didn't, he left the normal way, but so fast and so silently that you just don't get it if you aren't looking right at him. And sometimes if you are...

Not scary. RIGHT...

*blowing kisses to my King* Next chapter soon, I hope...
daw the minstrel chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
I was just wondering yesterday about when this story would be updated and here it is! Excellent.

I was struck by how effective the two author system is here. We see the elflings' worries that their parents and other elders will scold them. That's a bad event in their world. And then we see a truly bad event, one that their elders would do anything to shelter them from. And Thranduil, who seems scary because he scolds to Legolas, shows us how truly ominous he can be. Presumably that's a side of his personality he would not want his son to see now, not because it's bad (it's necessary and good), but because it would be too frightening to the child. It's as though we get a child's and an adult's view of the same situation. Really gripping stuff. I would not want to be the VBM when Thranduil gets loose.

And I'm sorry to say it, and I know that we are trying to avoid writing an abusive parent Thranduil here (because, it is so out of character, your highness) but a whack on the behind wouldn't hurt those three any!
Seaweed1 chapter 4 . 4/9/2003
Wonderful chapter, Tree and Katharine!

Please, please, please don't harm Thranduil anymore! But it is part of the story... Okay, do whatever you must. My heart is breaking for you, 'Duil. May Elbereth give you strength, hold on for your children. Defy the VBM. Show them what it's like to be an ELF KING. (Gimli: She means 'be annoying'. An easy task for you Elves.) *hugs Thranduil hard* And, I still think Thranduil is wise and good and COOL. Legolas is blessed to have an Adar like that.

Tanglinna was so sweet. He kept smiling at Brethil and uh... squeezing him. Tanglinna, you should hug the computer screen. I'll bet more people will like you if you do. *squeezes Tanglinna* You should be nicer to Legolas, Tavor and Brethil, right? Cut them some slack. Oh yes, I *love* MY dwarf. Is there a problem with that? He's the nicest dwarf. *Gimli blushes*

Brethil! Legolas could try gagging him. No I'm kidding, letting him ramble off makes him the most adorable Elf. Tavor is dreamiest, and Legolas is the sweetest. Gimli proposes that you dress Tanny (he said that) in red (or a colour that annoys him) and tie him to the computer screen. You can do that can't you, geniuses! *Gimli snorts* I love you all! By the way, the squirrels were cute. Try spiders the next time, I bet Tanglinna will be thrilled.

VBM deserve to die! I shall smite them with my axe! 'Duil is not evil. 'Duil is not evil. Kill VBM.
JezRoll chapter 3 . 4/1/2003
Kate and Tree- May I begin by saying that yo uare as bad as Cassie and Sio when it comes to cliff hangers (or I suppose you could say "as good as") You nearly gave me a heart attack at the end og the first chapter. I love ALL of your characters (except the men of Rhun, but since we're really not supposed to love them, that's ok.) Legolas, Brethil, and Tavor are so cute! (I have to ask, do you mind if I borrow Brethil for a brief spot in my fic, I need someone who could easily recall pranks of Legolas. And Tree, can I borrow the Black water laced wine being sent to Elrond, when I finally get my fic written, I will need to mention that.) Well, getting back to your story, I can't even tell you how much I'm enjoying this one, it's hard to find quality fic in this sea of Mary-Sue infested water. I love to find things that I can read and not puke as a result. Keep writing-Jez.
Lutris chapter 3 . 3/30/2003
ROTFLOL...! my, the squirrels were perfect! Tanglinna must have been very annoyed to frighten them so! *goes and squizes each elfing's shoulder* well done fellas! ;) I also enjoyed very much the archery practice! update soon!
Faerfaen chapter 3 . 3/23/2003
I'm afraid I cant choose between Tang, Legolas or ikle-Thrandy-kins. even if a mad elf jump out with a arrow pointed at me and said "Boom baby! Choose or die ahahahahahhaha" I'm afraid I'd be dead *sigh* Well when Legolas gets to be an adult then he wins hands down! :) *grins* Hotness *drools* *whipes drool off key board*... Oh and congrats on the well played joke! Please play LOTS more in the future oh and ikle-Thrandy-kins lay off the mortals case! Or I'll be forced to come down there and kick some elvish butt...ra cha cha! We mortals rock! Well not the kidnapping and killing elf kind. No we must torture them.. An Iron maiden sounds like a nice plan.. Then again theres lots of blood and I dont want to ruin the carpet.. hm O chinese water torture.. excellent.. Or stab them with dull spoons.. or with clicky pencils.. yes... Let me at them ahahahahahahha! *chokes* urrgg blarg. ahhemm well update again soon and I AM A MORTAL! :) Oh last thing I want a hug Tang! *gives the moniter a bug bear hug* hehehehehe crazy fan girl! errmm not a fan girl! No dont run away! Come back!

*~* Dy *~*
The Teenage Angst Brigade chapter 3 . 2/22/2003
I've read somewhere about that book not being completely accurate. :D Anyways, getting off the subject of Sindarin, which I know too little of for my liking, I'd just like to tell you that you have a GREAT story. It's cute, it's funny, it's angsty, it's EVERYTHING! :D YAY! You're GREAT! I wuv Legolas (always have, always will), and the way you guys portray him is almost exactly as I thought he'd be in his childhood.

Thranduil is a GOOD ada! :D There is no possible way that he could have been a bad ada to Legolas, I don't see how people could view him that way, considering how good-natured Legolas was in the books. I mean, shouldn't he be bratty and emotionally scarred and rebellious, if his father was mean to him?
Hiro-tyre chapter 1 . 2/16/2003

I am confused!

I am confused!

I am confused!




Angaloth chapter 3 . 2/12/2003
I am so glad this story is finally updated. Although, I haven't checked it for quite a while, so that's partially my fault...

Poor Tanglinna. I was really worried that something would happen to the picture ( I'm guessing) of his wife when the trio let the squirrels run loose in his room.

Please update this soon. I need to know why Easterlings captured Thranduil! And I can never get enough of Legolas, Brethil, Tavor, Thranduil, Tanglinna and all the rest!
Mickie1 chapter 3 . 2/7/2003
Oh, where do I begin? Let me see...

I think I'll start with TreeHugger first.

Dearest Tree,

I have been sort of a silent reader of your's for a little while now. I've been playing catch-up on a lot of your fics. I want you to know that I LOVED "In the Hall" though I didn't review it. Sorry. I promise to make up for that. I'm positively crazy about the Tricksy Trio. They remind me so much of my little sister, myself, and one of our friends when we were little. My friend was the most like Legolas, and I was the most like Tavor, my sister, of course, was most like Brethil. She spilled the beans more times than I could ever count! My friend and I also had a way of ignoring her at times. I know it was mean, but sometimes friends are mean to each other. But one thing is for sure, we were very good at getting ourselves into trouble.

I must say, I was very reluctant to read "Hearts of Darkness" Especially chapter five. I cried. And cried. And then I cried some more. They shouldn't have been killed so easily. Why couldn't they have just lived? I could handle maybe one or the other dying, but both?

That's partly why this story is so wonderful to read. You should really come up with a "Tales of the Tricksy Trio" series or something. I noticed that you wrote a story for JastaElf's birthday. You know, I have a birthday coming up in April...(hint, hint) I just love Legolas, Brethil, and Tavor. Their adventures are so much fun to read about. I adore them all. Master Tanglina as well.

I can't really think of anything else to say at the moment, so I'll move on to Katherine.

Dearest Katherine,

This is the only story of yours that I have read SO FAR. That means that I plan to read more of your stuff. It may take me awhile, but I'll try to leave reviews as I go. I am sure that you live for each review (as every writer does) but you must be patient with me, for I am lazy. But I am also very long winded, so you can be sure that when you get a review from me, it will be a long one. I look forward to reading more.

Now, about THIS story:

I think I may have hinted above that I really enjoy this one. Partly for sentimental reasons, but also because I love a good laugh (which is usually supplied by the "Tricksy Trio" and "Old Sourpuss" (no offense to Mirkwood's Master Archer, you gotta know I love him to pieces!)) and I love drama (which for right now seems to be supplied by mighty King Thranduil and an, as of yet, unseen foe. I am sure that the mischevious trio will indeed be caught and *gulp* punished (at least for awhile) and that our beloved King will be saved, but I hope there will be many twists and turns before the story ends. You guys have done a wonderful job with this story so far, it has only two chapters and already I love it!

Hildestohl chapter 3 . 2/4/2003
I love that Review story you put there Thats Adorable! COME ON TANGLINNA! HUG THE SCREEN! FOR ME!( can do it when no one's looking! _)

I love the way you made "Tan" an artist! I been drawing sense I can remember! *Thumbs up to Thranduil whos such a fun character to draw(IN THE CHARACTER YOU GAVE HIM OFCOURSE, O' WISE AUTHOR! *grin*..I haven't mastered the "Thranduil Look" yet...Grrr *trys to imagine the talent Tanglinna posessses for drawing as long as he has...HOW OLD IS HE?HE"S MY FAVORITE ORGINAL CHARACTER!

Just so you know..I draw them all.

Just curious...Does the "Tricksy Trio" have a Theme song? As famous as they are!(that would be funny if there actually was!)

All RIGHT TreeHugger I got to sign off. But before I go I'd like to send a hug to everyone! And yes including the "cute, adorable, etc." black squirrels! I love ALL your characters! The're fabulous and so SO loveabole!
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