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JayRain chapter 20 . 11/16/2015
Oh, I love how this ends. They get the happy ending they deserve. Eris grew so much from the start of the story until now, as a spy, as a woman, and as a mother. The final conversation with Leliana is wonderful, a way of reassuring Eris that she does not have to be what they told her she would be back in another life; she can reinvent herself. Hell, she DID reinvent herself, whether she meant to or not. And Bull's final "kadan" at the end? I melted. So, so wonderful, such a perfect, fitting end. I loved all of this!
Suilven chapter 20 . 11/15/2015
I loved her reunion with Rafe and the Chargers, too. I especially liked the opening scene with Leliana and the tenderness of Bull presenting her with the necklace. :)
Suilven chapter 19 . 10/6/2015
Loved the meeting between Eris and Cullen. She's such an interesting addition to the dynamic of the various companions.
JayRain chapter 19 . 10/5/2015
I REALLY liked the scene between Eris and Cullen. I like how calm he is, how he doesn't push or shove, just talks to her. I also think her reactions to him show a lot of growth on her behalf: she doesn't lash out, doesn't run... she has a momentary shield, and he has some gentle prodding, but they manage to work it out. It shows growth and trust, something that was missing early on. The fact that she also seems to trust Varric at the end is also indicative of some major character development.

Also, your assessment of the Venatori is so spot on. Head canon accepted.

Overall, after the high stakes and emotions of early on, and just how emotional things are right now, there is a sense of impending calm: peace after the storm. I love it.
JayRain chapter 18 . 9/27/2015
Yep. Definitely the worst camping trip ever (tm). Not only is it cold and miserable and full of red lyrium, but they have to kill on top of it all. No fun. I'm quite interested in why Eris wanted to leave Calpernia alive, and what the fallout will be after Dorian kills her. the fact that the blood tempts him is a nice touch. He's powerful, and knows what blood could do, but still keeps the will not to use it. I can't help but feel that, just when things were improving with the two of them, they'll get worse again. I hope they'll be able to head back to Skyhold soon and she can reunite with Bull and Rafe- especially after that awful dream. Red lyrium sucks.
Suilven chapter 18 . 9/27/2015
I enjoyed the opening scene with Dorian, especially this:

"Eris nods again, still staring off into the distance. Dorian knows that she isn't ignoring him, but her focus is on the land around them, the frozen river. She is a scout, not a philosopher. It doesn't especially matter why things happen, only that they do. They are circumstances she will adjust to. Or not. And the day she doesn't, she'll die.

She rubs her arm across her face and breathes into the cold quiet."

The description here was magnificent:

"Eris, watching the fight from afar, feels a flicker of warning, the sensation of a predator's breath, hot on her neck. She whirls around, but sees nothing. Her heart continues to beat heavily inside her chest, a dull thudding beneath her ribcage. Though the ground beneath her is frozen and the air is cold enough that breathing hurts, there is no snow. The sky is grey, almost white. A streak of red lightning flickers across that empty sky, and the thunderclap echoes a moment later. Eris jumps slightly, and draws in a deep breath, aware of the magical force pulling at her. She casts a glance at Cullen and Varric, still entangled in the battle with Samson, but tells herself that they will be alright. She won't be gone long. She's just going to see what's ahead.

She follows the magical trail carefully, remaining hidden. Though she sees nothing with her mundane senses, the footprints are clear, like the fading notes of a song, or the perfume left behind long after the noblewoman wearing it has left a room."

The final section with Dorian, Eris, and Calpernia was very intriguing... can't wait to find out more of the back story here. It keeps getting better and better! :D
JayRain chapter 17 . 9/14/2015
LOVE all the different character views you have in this chapter. I know it's primarily a Bull/Eris fic, but you've shown some really nice development in your Inquisitor, and I liked seeing him in action. The struggle of personal faith vs. institutionalized faith is really well delineated here. The Chantry is such an institution in Thedas, that it would be easy for someone, especially a suspicious, uncertain someone, to equate personal faith with accepting the Chantry. But isn't that the real struggle in real life anyway? I think that's something the DA world does really well, and something you've brought into this story as a great underlying theme.

There's definitely a feeling of trepidation here; Eris is just starting to get used to being a mother, Rafe is just starting to trust her and she him, and now she's being asked to leave. I think that's another faith moment. Does she trust herself, does she trust him and everyone she leaves him with? Does following orders make her a bad mother? Does leaving him with the Chantry compromise her hold on him once more? All great questions that the characters' choices cause us to ask.
Suilven chapter 17 . 9/13/2015
I like the atmosphere you've captured in the ceremony with the children professing their belief in Andraste, and I especially liked this insightful look at Cullen:

"She's still unwilling to say no to someone with as much power and status as Commander Cullen even in the best of circumstances, and especially now. It is... remarkable, the speed with which he can shift from a shy and polite exterior to the hardness underneath. When he stops bothering with the mask, it's easy to remember how many thousands of forces he commands. It's easy to be afraid of him. He is cold and calculating, and he will use her and any other pawn he has the power to move. His fingers clench into a tight fist as he scans the men and women around him."

I loved the final scene at the end of the chapter with Bull, too.
Suilven chapter 16 . 9/8/2015
Love this line:

" Perhaps he's been slowly abandoning the Qun for far longer than he'd ever been willing to admit. The knowledge stabs at him."

I like Bull's vulnerability in this chapter.
JayRain chapter 16 . 9/7/2015
It's a nice role reversal to see Bull unwilling to share with Eris rather than the usual other way around. He's always on her case to communicate with him, but now it's good to see her turn the tables and get it out of him. I like that she doesn't sneak around but confronts him directly. I think this shows some really good growth and development on her part. The fact that she's able to bring him around out of his funk (and not just with the sex) shows great depth to their relationship, and that they do understand each other. Oh, and the sex was great too ;) Loved that in that, as with the whole chapter, she took the lead.
Suilven chapter 15 . 8/25/2015
I'm all caught up now! Yay! I really like Eris, and her role as one of Leliana's spies as well as her background of having survived the torching of the Halamshiral Alienage, makes her perspective unique and interesting. I'm really enjoying Rafe as well, especially his interactions with Cole. Great stuff and looking forward to more!
JayRain chapter 15 . 8/24/2015
I like how you've woven so many plot points and characters into this chapter. It works out really nicely. The focus on the escape from Haven moves things along, and the absence of the Inquisitor when it happens really heightens the tension. I like how you've captured the various voices: Solas is so distant and imperious; Varric so matter of fact and optimistic, even when he knows things look bad; it's interesting to see Cole interacting with a child the way he does, since he so often seems childlike. And then the tenuous, fragile, and blossoming relationship between Eris and Rafe just adds so much more. He's trying to be a son as much as she's trying to be a mother. It's a lot for them both to get used to.

This chapter transitions the story really nicely from Haven to Skyhold, and ups the stakes for what the Inquisition is dealing with. Nicely done as always :)
JayRain chapter 14 . 7/27/2015
The intensity of this chapter is breathtaking. You really showcase the struggle Eris has with trying to be a good mother even though she doesn't know what that really means. I like that you don't shy away from the difficult parts, such as her reaction to him breaking something, or her realizing she needs to apologize and be honest with Rafe. As for Rafe himself, you've done a marvelous job capturing his voice and making him come across as a child rather than just a small adult. His emotions, his speech, his actions, are all very much on point for his age, and Eris's frustrations are equally well done (it's why I teach high school- yes, they drive me nuts, but if I had 30 Rafes all day long I think I'd go crazy. Thank the Maker for people who are better geared toward the younger age groups!). I think I like most the fact that the game plot is background to stories of the people who are involved. Yeah, the Breach happened, it was closed, there's a Storm Coast mission... but that's all secondary to the people and their connections to one another. Love it.
JayRain chapter 13 . 7/21/2015
There's a lot of complexity in this chapter: many emotions and actions, fears, and hopes all wrapped up here. I think that's what makes Eris seem so realistic. She's not one or two dimensional. I also like Bull's reaction to Rafe. He's known about it all along, but to actually be confronted with it is totally different. It will add a new dynamic to their relationship. Their relationship is already so complex and full of subtleties that this will just highlight even more of that. They're a fascinating couple. Looking forward to more, as always.
JayRain chapter 12 . 7/14/2015
So when Bull spied the dragon? I totally heard the dragon fight music in my head and it played throughout the fight scene XD It was a good fight, and everyone's reactions were nicely in character. I'm sure they're out there, but I've yet to read another well-written dragon fight. Kudos on making it so visceral and vivid, but not dragging it out.

The return to Haven is a return to peace, in a sense, though there's more to be done. I love how Varric tells the story about the Blight and how intensely interested everyone is, even though they all pretty much know how it ends; a good story is a good story, even if you know the ending, I suppose! And of course, the appearance of her son, something else to worry about and add more depth to Eris's character, deepens the story and adds another layer to her and to the relationships she's forging.

In case you couldn't tell, I liked it. A lot :)
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