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InuYasha-Breeze chapter 12 . 8/25
Love me some smut with plot. Well written, I learned a lot of new kink terminology lol. I'm glad she chose InuYasha, any moments with Kikyo just didn't seem believable.
InuYasha-Breeze chapter 5 . 8/24
Have you heard of the fanfic author DanaRose? Your writing reminds me of hers. I constantly have to stop reading and collect myself cause holy shit this is erotica at its finest. I'm excited to check out your other stories
Jiggly Joe chapter 2 . 3/28
Boy, the desparate, financially struggling Kagome comes off as more stuck up than the rich woman.
piana chapter 12 . 11/20/2017
Goodness this was amazing and so intense! I had a feeling Kikyo was going to flip out at one point, it happened later than what I thought lol. I'm so happy Inuyasha told her how he felt with kids and a simple family life lol. That's exactly what she wanted and automatically sealed the deal lol. I was waiting to find out where Kikyo was getting her money from, at first I was thinking Inuyasha was just living off a trust fund lol. I also had a feeling Hitomiko wanted Kikyo after her behavior on the date Kagome had with her, I'm also surprise Kagome didn't break down screaming and crying sooner during Inuyasha and Kikyo's fighting. I would have liked to read about their mating and at least the birth of the first kid and if she started on a novel or not,but this was still a good ending knowing she was pregnant and Kikyo found someone else. Thanks for the great read!
maidenstage chapter 5 . 9/28/2017
This chapter hits me pretty deep, especially with Mama Higurashi and Souta's reaction to finding out Kagome is Their Bedpartner and all- I want to say Girlfriend but it seemed like, to me at least, both Kikyo and Inuyasha are still emotionally imbalanced to bring Kagome into their relationship- the utter shock and rejection felt very real to me

Though Inuyasha, my boy, my son, tactful is something you are not.

Overall this chapter was good but there seems to be something missing? I would definitely suggest that you consider rereading it and adding more until it flows right for you! Unless you're happy with how this chapter is as is then please feel free to take this light criticism at face value. Best wishes!
maidenstage chapter 3 . 9/28/2017
First let me say that I absolutely love that you've implemented; fics that portray a non-monogamous relationship are so rare, especially ones that are written as well as this! I'm really hoping that these three become a happy tripod couple, though I can definitely see that happening later rather than sooner.

You definitely have a follower and a fan now!
kimmico chapter 12 . 6/20/2017
I very much enjoyed the ride.
Alejandra2432 chapter 12 . 3/8/2017
Aww she's having his baby! I love how you pepper subtle hints in your stories. It makes for a fun reread. First, that intro was terrifying for me. I kept telling myself, it's ok. I'm sure Inuyasha is about to join in. They decided to meet up everyone once in awhile. Don't panic. But I'm glad they were just dreams. And the waitress! She did have a crush on Kikyo! I knew she'd be back. Ok I didn't. But I'm glad we know why she was so rude to them on their date.

Also this:"I'm sorry for my actions from before," Kikyo said so quietly she nearly whispered, glancing at Inuyasha.

"You mean stabbing me, kidnapping Kagome, and almost killing her?"
Hahaha so we did get to see it addressed. Well that's a relief. The final sex scene between the 3 women was interesting. After we read until the end I can see why Inuyasha was so worried about light choking. I was slightly surprised they hadn't dabbled in that. Maybe they have. I don't know how to feel about the ...consensual rape? Between Inuyasha and Kikyou. He did not get permission but she said it was ok? I guess if both parties needed that, and now can move on...alls well that ends well?
And also, loved the, no one's been in the guest room since Kagome's mother 6 months ago line. I'm glad she and her mother are speaking again.
This is one of the most unique stories I've ever read. Not just because the lemons are gratuitous and very detailed. You write the best smut. But I've never seen this story between the love triangle. You're like the
M. Night Shyamalan of inuyasha fan fiction.
Alejandra2432 chapter 11 . 3/8/2017
...What the heck. That was wild and so unexpected. From Kikyo all of people! I'd expect that from Mrs
Higurashi over Kikyo! Did Kagome dying, being saved, then bonded with Kikyo just delete from everyone's brains that Kikyo had attempted to kill Inuyasha? The first attempt anyway. And are we not going to give Inuyasha props for staying somewhat in control of his demon blood unlike the unfortunate (or fortunate in my opinion) Strictly Taboo episode?
Wah I don't want this to end! I'm so glad she picked Inuyasha! I did feel bad for Kikyo because she was honestly in love with Kagome and if they would have let her, Kagome would have kept both of them. But that same love made her crazy so I don't feel so sorry for her at the moment. I felt a little sorry for Inuyasha when Kikyo said Kagome was her first love. Knife to the heart, oh wait.
Alejandra2432 chapter 10 . 3/8/2017
I had to travel back in time to remember the last chapter I reviewed. I'm sad this is coming to an end!
At first, I didn't understand why Inuyasha was being such a jerk. But then I remembered early Kagome had been blowing him off to not only study, but study with Kikyo. I guess that'd make anyone alittle paranoid they weren't getting chosen. And finally! We learn what he does for a living. I can't believe he makes the money. I can't remember when, but I think you asked who reviewers would want to end up together. Inuyasha, Kikyo, or Kagome alone. And I voted Inuyasha if he had a job. And hot damn, he does! She's picking him, right? Like Kikyo's nice. She's stable. They communicate better and can have an outing without getting into an argument. Buts she's just not Inuyasha. And I cant even begin to get into marrying someone who doesn't want the same things you do, hoping you can change their minds one day. If Kikyo doesn't want kids, and Kagome does, it's a deal breaker. Don't do it, Kagome!
Shiroi-Papillon chapter 12 . 2/11/2017
Damn that was GOOD! I was always looking for a story where there was some kind of polyamorous relationship between Inuyasha, Kikyou and Kagome, and while this one was steering a lot towards the dark side, especially with all the manipulation and the domestic violence, I greatly enjoyed it and I'm glad I finally found this kind of story! Looking forward to your new one :)
te.nellis chapter 1 . 2/1/2017
That was an interesting first chapter! Keep it up!
cesuraee chapter 12 . 1/24/2017
I just read through this whole story again because I didn't remember where I left off, and I have to say it was definitely worth it. This story can probably best be equated to riding a rollercoaster blindfolded; suspense and excitement at every turn even though you have no clue where you are going to end up. Obviously I was rooting for and InuYasha and Kagome finish, so I was happy in the end, but it was a very interesting story even when it wasn't InuYasha and Kagome.

Kikyou portrayal was of particular interest to me, because she seemed so callous and collected at one moment, and then she would seem warm and loving the next. It all seemed true to the story though, which is why it was so intriguing to read. I found myself feeling bad for her at points, and then we found out she abused InuYasha and then she stabbed him and I didn't know how to feel.

InuYasha, as always, was an immense joy to read. You always write his character in such a way that even though he is an asshole on the surface, you can tell that he has depth and emotions that go beyond that first impression. It definitely keeps me coming back for more.

Kagome, young, naive, and in need of love, it was very amazing to read of her growth and confusion throughout the story. There were moments that I had a small amount of hope centering around the aspect of her calling the whole thing off. That was probably the angst lover in me though, because of course that would have spurned Kikyou and InuYasha onto action, and then she would choose. Her explanation for why she picked InuYasha was also undeniably sweet. It made her convoluted feelings all make sense, so it very much worked for the story.

Overall I loved this story,because the was different from anything I have read for these characters, but it also stayed true to them. And as always your writing style, character voice, and flow drew me in off the bat, and I really couldn't put it down if I tried. I'm going to have to reread some of your other WIPs because of how long I've been away, but if this fic is any indication I'm going to love them!

Thank you for sharing!
kittychic0895 chapter 12 . 1/23/2017
Loved it
kittychic0895 chapter 11 . 1/23/2017
I'm glad she chose him
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