Reviews for Fairy Stone
pwrmom2 chapter 4 . 3/22
r chapter 4 . 12/28/2022
I love you author, with all my heart
Guest chapter 4 . 11/29/2022
So poignant
AdrienStalkry chapter 4 . 11/13/2022
I love the grittiness behind this story and how the love evolved. How Hermione stepped up to do the right thing and how Draco changed because of it, how he pushed for her when she couldn’t anymore. Thank you for sharing!
Guest chapter 4 . 10/3/2022
This is some serious stuff... Though you gotta agree Harry and Ron did treated her as a walking encyclopaedia... In trouble Hermione needed otherwise she is nagging, bossy, studies too much, is wierd to want to help creatures oh not to forget is perfect to get mad at when you are angry, her fights with Ron are common but even Harry like to snap at her at the most lame thing but accepts Ron when he left him twice...
... and I really don't see Hermione working for ministry after all she suffered because of them
Guest chapter 1 . 10/3/2022
I don't think you can really blame Draco... I mean when your grandad and dad work for a psychopath murder... you're taught certain things by your dear family since you were a kid... involved in mass murdering from age of 15... not to mention your life being meddled by a megalomaniac and a manipulative headmaster... how are you really supposed to deal with it...
not to mention books are written from Harry's POV...
SusanMarieS chapter 4 . 9/25/2022
still love
emjay59 chapter 4 . 8/22/2022
Perfect. Lovee every second.
rainne.2000.16 chapter 4 . 7/17/2022
I loved this
FrancineHibiscus chapter 4 . 4/25/2022
Okay I couldn't find Bodyguard so I read this again and I love it even more!
Guest chapter 4 . 4/9/2022
Hey... :-) have a happy rainy springtime... have peace plz
dadada0203 chapter 4 . 3/23/2022
I love this, it’s so creative!
caramelminx chapter 4 . 3/1/2022
I am so glad I found this again! I read this a long time ago and think about it every so often. This is truly an excellent fic!
Deljah chapter 1 . 2/11/2022
I loved this touching story. thanks for sharing!
Rosabelle18 chapter 4 . 1/11/2022
This is beautiful, so sad and sweet and heartbreaking but also hopeful and funny. You've tied me up in bloody emotional knots with your wonderful characters. Thank you!
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