Reviews for The Dark Lord of Naboo
Last Divine Shadow chapter 14 . 10/9
Heh, stopped on cliffhanger. You’re evil.
casieyfrans chapter 3 . 8/21
i like the fact anakin didnt went to having a "good person crisis" just because he reclaim the name "anakin" again, He spent 15 years as a jedi and he spent 20 years of his life as a sith, just because he killed palpatine that doesn't mean his a jedi again, there are many things that cant be change. he's not entirely bad but hes not also a good person either. he'll weight his decision depends on his interest. just like when he save luke, i believe if vader will have to pick to kill hundreds to save his son life he will choose his son over anything else, just like how he choosen padme, it just happen that sidious is the one killing luke that vader killed him. that just proves that saving the one he loves has always been his priority
casieyfrans chapter 11 . 8/20
I wholeheartedly agree you author finally someone pointed that out and I just wanna say thank you for this moment ahh! it's so heartwarming I love them so much!
casieyfrans chapter 7 . 8/20
THIS IS HILARIOUS! I cant stop laughing. lmao I enjoy seeing anakin lose his cool when his around padme
casieyfrans chapter 5 . 8/20
lmaoo anakin casually using the queens lap as a pillow
casieyfrans chapter 4 . 8/20
I love the fact hes so formal, vader way of speaking remains it's not hard to change that when he stayed that way for 20 years
Guest chapter 14 . 3/13
Such a shame that you dropped this because it was actually good
Guest chapter 9 . 3/13
Most stories I am not a fan of the multiple people came back in time to their own bodies but wow so far this is great. Bravo author
steel.metal14 chapter 14 . 10/15/2021
incredible. thank you
Inv0ke chapter 2 . 9/5/2021
The real problem I have with this is that so many people came back in time and all of them would have different goals
Tony Hobbes Jr chapter 14 . 8/22/2021
Honestly sad that you havent updated this in a while, this story has such potential.

Hope u can come back to it
hnh058513 chapter 12 . 8/15/2021
Angielada chapter 14 . 7/19/2021
is there an end? when are you gonna continue the story?
Guest chapter 14 . 6/26/2021
Guest chapter 2 . 6/2/2021
Yeah story isnt for me :/ last two fics like this were amazing but sorry this is a no
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