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Guest chapter 30 . 4/28
I know this is several years old so I don't know if you still read your reviews, but if you do I wanted to say thank you. I still miss Castle and appreciate your efforts to fill that void. I've read many of these and this was one of my favorites.


Guest chapter 7 . 5/28/2020
I’m late to the game but I just came across this story and you are a very good writer. Loving it so far and can’t wait to see where you took these characters.
ClaraBow51 chapter 30 . 5/24/2020
Not surprised but I'm still happy that Jim and Castle are becoming friends. It's important they get along but it's an added bonus that they genuinely like each other.
And Kate making the effort to still connect and show interest in Alexis's everyday activities and school work. They are a family, they just have to continue to nurture their relationship.
She finally told Castle she loves him. Loved how she feels fulfilled in a way she hasn't felt since her mom passed. The depths of his love and how he makes her feel safe, and comfortable.
ClaraBow51 chapter 29 . 5/21/2020
Castle's line of work is very different from the average person and Beckett understands he has to tap into his writer's brain and zone out from everything. It's a shame he never had that with this ex-wives but then again he probably wouldn't appreciate it as much as he does now. She gives him space to write he gives her space to decompress when they both need it.
Kate has been a big fan of his way before they even met so it's only natural she'd find his mannerisms/personality when he writes fascinating. She wants to know everything about him, what's makes him tick, how he is when something he types thrills him and when it doesn't. At least he knows he's not alone in the creepy staring department.
Ah, I knew it was coming. Kate telling him she found a new place, I understand your reasoning but I'm still upset :-( They're so happy and comfortable and they seem to know the ins and outs of each other pretty well. I appreciate Castle trying to listen and be supportive. But he did brighten up when she mentioned the new place could also be for when they want to be alone alone.
Well his big plans to say he loved her again went to sh*t but it didn't make it any less perfect. And she didn't flee and she was more than enthused to hear it this time. And even though she didn't say it he could tell she does. And it's Kate so it's gonna take some time.
ClaraBow51 chapter 28 . 5/19/2020
Lol, you weren't kidding about this being a long chapter. No one is perfect but communicating their issues, vulnerabilities is what makes their relationship stronger not running or hiding behind walls. And Castle acknowledging her insecurities as well as his own insecurities was a big step in the right direction.
They've barely started their relationship but it's so true with Kate feeling like they've been together for months already. They were together they just needed to seal it on a physical/romantic level.
Always thought it was weird in canon that he didn't have any desire to share Alexis with Gina. I get him being standoffish and being cautious while dating. But thought it was weird he married her and still deliberately kept her from getting to know his daughter. Well anyway, Kate saying even if Castle and her didn't work out that she would still be part of Alexis's life.
Eek! Castle and Kate having to deal with the press. Even for someone who isn't as private as Kate it has to rough to put that in to the mix on top of a new relationship. I know Castle isn't a big celebrity but she still has to deal with it but that has to be unnerving. But their happiness, the comfort they've been searching for for so long is worth minor bumps in the road.
ClaraBow51 chapter 27 . 5/15/2020
I don't know why you weren't happy with this chapter. It was silly, romantic, sweet and fluffy and it even had erotic egg roll eating. This chapter had a lot of Martha (which I loved) and when you strip away all her flightiness and whimsical ways there is strong devotion to her family and a beautiful spirit underneath all that glitter.
And she welcomed Kate into the family long before they became an item and Kate so desperately needs a family somewhere she belongs. And one of my favorite lines was when Kate was thinking it was so long since she had a mother to hug. She has gained so much with becoming his friend and it grew even more with moving into his loft and becoming part of the family.
And her finally seeing that she makes him happy that he can be himself around her not pretend to be some smug jerk. Show his soft, emotional side, open up about his insecurities about his past relationships and just be comfortable and not have to put on airs. They're both in this 100% and even when she has those doubts/fears she knows there's no going back. He's worth the risk and wants to knock that wall down and feel what it's like to really love someone.
Castle chick chapter 30 . 5/14/2020
Wonderfully written
ClaraBow51 chapter 26 . 5/14/2020
I never honestly thought about how women might of used Alexis to get to Castle. Not that Kate would ever do that, she isn't that type of person. But Alexis doesn't know anything else except the few women who fussed over her to try to get to him but it didn't work. And Meredith who should be a constant in her life can barely take the time to call her. And Gina who pretended to care. And just because she divorced Castle does not mean she should've cut ties with Alexis. But the world is filled with phonies and users.
They have that common bond of both not having a mother. Although I think Castle did a superb job of raising her, it's the fact that Alexis wants to feel wanted and cherished and Kate beyond misses how her family used to be and she feels loved and wanted in his home.
Glad Kate spoke so calmly to her and didn't judge she just listened and told her she likes her for her and enjoys spending time with her. And my favorite was when Kate mentioned Mother's Day again and wanted to spend it with her. So sad when she mentioned how she hasn't done anything for Mother's Day in a long time. But trying to move forward with her new family while trying to make Alexis feel special and keep her mind off of what a nitwit Meredith is.
ClaraBow51 chapter 25 . 5/11/2020
Nice chat between them about how he didn't force his charm on her because he valued her friendship and wanted to get to know her heart, her mind instead of making a pass at her. And even though she admitted she would have kissed him back it probably wouldn't of worked.
The talk between Alexis and her dad wasn't as awkward as I imagined. Alexis is completely aware that her father loves her more than anything but her issue lies with Kate's intentions/motives? She just feels like the odd man out, not knowing quite her place with their new relationship.
Castle is so happy with Kate and Alexis knows and sees how happy they make each other. She would never intentionally come between that.
ClaraBow51 chapter 24 . 5/10/2020
I'm never opposed to smut but you wrote their morning after deliciously tasteful. And whether Castle is dolled up or a sexy mess with some scruff (LOVE THE SCRUFF) he is positively irresistible. Beckett has some serious willpower.
How could I forget that Alexis saw Beckett trying to sneak back upstairs? Uncomfortable isn't even the word for it. But at least it saves them the time of having to explain it to her. I wish she would have been more approachable with Beckett she seemed distant, cold like she was a stranger. I remember bits and pieces of the reason but I'm sure part of it is awkwardness.
That bet didn't last long but yeah, I'd have to agree that they should've caught on in canon with their questionable talks Espo kept walking in on. And when Beckett told them she was spending the weekend with her boyfriend and Castle wasn't upset over it, should've been some red flags for them.
Just love the ease and comfort level they have it's so lovely that they already seem stronger now that they're a couple.
ClaraBow51 chapter 23 . 5/8/2020
I really should've read this much earlier. It is 12:35am and by the time I post this it'll be after 1. But my stay-at-home order is extended til June 4 and I have WAY too much time on my hands. So I'm in bed with my Christmas cookie candle lit and it's snowing outside.
I think I have a new favorite chapter. Where do I begin? I just loved so much of it, how she feels like she doesn't deserve him and how he makes her happy and she feels like she drags him down. And I swear I read the part with Castle talking about how she gave him a reason to write again like 10 times. Castle feeling like he was losing himself not being able to write for months and months and just living that playboy persona because he had nothing else to rely on, until Kate. Him thinking of her as his dry land was such a remarkable, such an epic thing to say. She saved him just like he saved her and finally putting into words that they are going to knock Kate's wall down together so they can finally be a couple. Yay!
I'm at ease with her telling Castle about her dream. And him remembering how down, and haunted she looked and thinking only her mother could bring that side out in her. And her telling him the dream was about him and how devastating it was and watching him bleed out and she couldn't help him. She didn't verbally say she loves him but he knows now the depths of how much she loves him, that she depends on him. His compassion, his humor and his gentleness and patience that she can't live without. She knows that the pain of losing him would be right up there with the pain of losing her mother. But she needs him so much that she's willing to take that chance.
Ha! Yes, I'm happy now. They barely had their second kiss and they are rolling around in the sheets. Mmmmmmmm... I need so much more of their dirty time together. I think Alexis needs to have a spa weekend with her Meredith can pretend like she's a good mother for a weekend and whisk her away.
ClaraBow51 chapter 22 . 5/5/2020
You said a brief chapter but you didn't factor in me reading the middle part over and over again. I just loved her looking him over when he came into the precinct and his perfect hair and broad shoulders and fine ass (it was implied.)
And them staring at each other across the room and my favorite with her thinking every time she has a fear of running she should just open her eyes and really focus on the presence of him.
It is a small thing to mention but I like when she touches his fingers when he hands her a cup of coffee. It just makes me tingle (not in a perverted way.) I'm not at all a forgiving person but it is one of the thing I like about Castle he is just so accepting and goes with the flow. (He was like that in canon as well. But he became a doormat more and more as it went on. I didn't know whether to slap him or feel sorry for him).
It's all about the effort and appreciating, loving each other. They want it to work and she can see that they can still be playful and jab each other and be a couple.
I love Montgomery. I think it stinks he never got to see them become a couple. He was definitely a Caskett shipper.
ClaraBow51 chapter 21 . 5/5/2020
I totally forgot to mention something that happened in chapter 20 and I typed it but it never posted. Soooo, why do it once when I can do it twice. Not at all annoying!
I wanted to mention Castle's weird, rushed I love you. Oh dear, I know they love each other but seriously Castle should've known better. Maybe his brain cells traveled south during that kiss ;-)
He should've (at most) just said, he cares for her, wants to try to take things slow, test the waters of their comfort level with living together and being on a different, more intimate level together.
Now chapter 21. For how exhausting and temperamental Kate can be, I've always found her to equally loyal and passionate with things/people she really cares for. Many people find her selfish and cold but it's her coping mechanism. And she changed and continues to evolve for him. And I like that she is remorseful with running away and I hope she tells him about the dream.
Castle is one of the most patient and understanding men she is ever going to come across. Ugh, I remembered that he avoided her at breakfast time but god that would have been so awkward. But Kate trying to right her wrongs is all that Castle needs. Their unspoken love through coffee and her leaving a note that let him know she's sorry and wants to remedy the situation. Nice touch at the end of her letter with the xxx. Kate shouldn't be worried he is still very much disgustingly smitten.
ClaraBow51 chapter 20 . 5/2/2020
Castle usually has the best of intentions even if he's a bit forward and overbearing with his approach. And over time Castle eased up with his pushiness while Beckett eased up on keeping him at arms length. And having a great weekend and Kate all of a sudden having a more than usual quietness to her and a subdued attitude and Castle (mother hen that he is) just hopes that she'll talk to him and opens up about why she is so upset. She only really tries with Castle the willingness to meet him halfway and express her emotions.
And Castle starting the foundation for her mother was so incredibly thoughtful, so kind. No wonder she was at a loss for words. THEY KISSED! THEY KISSED! I was about to open my window at almost midnight and yell it. But then you took it away. CRUEL :'(
Now what's the matter with her?! She doesn't think she's good enough for him does she? She doesn't think she can make him happy? Kate is my favorite character but she is frustrating as hell sometimes. Thank god she has Castle to calm her down and make her see how great she can be and how great they can be together.
ClaraBow51 chapter 19 . 4/30/2020
Ah, yes, the strawberry happy-face pancakes! Just reading about them cheered me up. And Kate realizing he made them for her since she was so upset the night before. Finally Kate admits to herself she's in love. Liked how she told him she doesn't just keep him around for the coffee. Meant to be lighthearted but it told him she really cares for him and wants to see him naked (the latter might just be mine).
Liked their talk about people not really changing unless something traumatic happens. And Kate saying that Castle was a good, kind person before Alexis came along he just had to mature a bit but his need to be nurturing and loving was always there. Her listing people having kids and neglecting, abusing them and some parents (like Meredith) being deadbeats was so true and such a Kate thing to feel and say, especially in her line of work with nothing but dealing with self-centered, lowest of the low all day, every day.
Kate is finally seeing that Castle is her light. Castle is joyful, optimistic and so gentle and loving and yummy. She loves being part of the family, actually looks forward to hanging out with them and for loner, and introvert like Kate that is a miracle in itself. She is admitting that her and Castle are going to happen, she's starting to take off her training wheels!
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