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lalalalee chapter 66 . 9/24
Hey toph! welcome to the schism, one of the best fics out there! korra calling asami cuddlesome had me blushing ;)
Lion01 chapter 66 . 8/25
I had to read this chapter in a few times x) It was quite long! I must say, my favorite parts are with Korra's group. Duo Xing actually made me smile and laugh. She's a funny spy. Well, not that funny, but she's enjoyable. Poor Opal though. She arrived a bit too late... Looks like she's going to have to wait a little, concerning Korra and Asami's return. I also loved the parts with the Light Spirit. As for Hiroshi... well, he's going a bit crazy, isn't he? I hope he'll understand soon enough that is daughter wasn't abducted. Anyway, I'm looking forward the next chapter, as usual! See you!
Lion01 chapter 65 . 7/28
Hi! I'm still so happy to see when a new chapter is out! Actually, I'm a bit reluctant to read at first because your chapters are sooo long and I hate being interrupted. Plus, when I'm in it, I just want it to never end. I mean, your writing is awesome. (The story is too, don't get mistaken) Anyway, I think I already said all of that.

So, this non-kiss scene... Come on! I almost believed in it x) But Korra's tirade after that was... quite unbelievable. I'm not sure she knows what she said. She almost told Asami she loved her. Yeah... she'll figure that out someday. I guess Asami is going to stop changing in front of her now that she knows what effects it could have.

The Light spirit was really cute.

Ooooh! And very important thingpoor Lin! I don't really see how Opal can help. I mean, Korra could, maybe, but they won't allow them in there.

I still like very much how all of this is tied together and this atmosphere of mystery.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Don't rush. I think you're not that slow considering how complex your story is, how good the writing is, and how long your chapters are! And the beta-proofing must be quite long. So, good job, really! For once, it'll be a long review, because I want you to know that I really appreciate your work. So thank your very much!

See you!
MasterPro17 chapter 65 . 7/24
Wonderful! I had to catch up on the last two chapters but it's was worth it. I think you wrote Korra and Asami's scene well. It was very cute having the Light Spirit there calling Korra out on her bs. Opal finally know about Lin! I'm sure you've got your plan but I'm hoping they get Korra involved to help Lin or that can get resolved. Excited to know the Cave of two Lovers is coming back! Thanks for the time you put into your writing!
lalalalee chapter 65 . 7/22
my heart is RACING
Lion01 chapter 64 . 7/1
I'm always happy to see one more chapter! And I'll be looking for these big events in the next chapter ;) I really found the talk between Duo Xing and Izumi funny. I wonder how long the spirit is gonna stay with Korra... I hope the other ones won't think she's crazy if she talks alone x)
See you!
Lion01 chapter 63 . 6/9
Is that me or Hiroshi is in a more and more dangerous situation? It's both beautiful to see how much he wants to find Asami and scary.
Of course, we love your Korrasami moments ;) Korra is adorable. Well, she's completely lost, and that's pretty funny. She's going to have to... learn emotional stuff. That sure will be weird!
Anyway, as ever, as great chapter. See you next time!
lalalalee chapter 63 . 6/8
two updates in a week!? both a real treat ;)

sorry for the awkward rhyme
Lion01 chapter 62 . 6/4
As always, it's an awesome chapter! It's a shame you don't upload more often, since it's one of the best story I've ever read. It's aways balanced with all the plots which are going on. Of course, Korra and Asami are really cute, as for Hiroshi and Mako, it's always darker. It's really nice how you go from the one to the others. Anyway, I'll love to see the next chapter(s) coming! And I hope everything is going to be fine with Opal's family too. See you soon, I hope! :)
Amateraszu chapter 62 . 6/4
i am somewhat confused by kai's attitude towards the closeness of asami to korra if she is the choosen shouldnt the steward atleast know what that means? so why bother with how some fire prince feels about it? and why do korra and asami care what an fire prince thinks of their closeness? its not like they value him nor his pressence or his opinion?
purplemoonwaves chapter 2 . 5/24
I love it.
purplemoonwaves chapter 1 . 5/24
Great chapter
Maria Sato chapter 34 . 4/22
Hi. I love the story, as soon as I can continue reading it, if you read something weird in the review is that it helped me with the translator, hahaha, bye.
FeMorgenstern11 chapter 61 . 4/7
I want so much to read the chapter when they go inside The Cave of Two Lovers, I think it'll help them to clear some things. But I loved this chapter! Especially when Wing and Wei arrived, I wish we could see more of them in the original series, so I'm happy you brought them to the storie. Btw, I'm really curious about this guys with hoods, what they are planning to do and of course, who they are! So I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

P.s.: I'm really excited about the contest :)
MasterPro17 chapter 61 . 4/4
So excited for the update! The wait is worth the quality of the chapter you put up. Definitely, less action this time around but I think you setup a lot of things to come with all the conversations the characters had. I really liked General Iroh in the series but this one is kind of annoying. I absolutely love it though because it adds comedy in every situation for me. I had a feeling he was trying to pick up Korra better not find out. I really liked how you were able to include Mako, Hooded person and Suyin without making the chapter feel choppy. I'm in this story for the long haul, so you take time for yourself too! Life happens but what's important is that you choose to keep moving forward!
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