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Lion01 chapter 63 . 6/9
Is that me or Hiroshi is in a more and more dangerous situation? It's both beautiful to see how much he wants to find Asami and scary.
Of course, we love your Korrasami moments ;) Korra is adorable. Well, she's completely lost, and that's pretty funny. She's going to have to... learn emotional stuff. That sure will be weird!
Anyway, as ever, as great chapter. See you next time!
lalalalee chapter 63 . 6/8
two updates in a week!? both a real treat ;)

sorry for the awkward rhyme
Lion01 chapter 62 . 6/4
As always, it's an awesome chapter! It's a shame you don't upload more often, since it's one of the best story I've ever read. It's aways balanced with all the plots which are going on. Of course, Korra and Asami are really cute, as for Hiroshi and Mako, it's always darker. It's really nice how you go from the one to the others. Anyway, I'll love to see the next chapter(s) coming! And I hope everything is going to be fine with Opal's family too. See you soon, I hope! :)
Amateraszu chapter 62 . 6/4
i am somewhat confused by kai's attitude towards the closeness of asami to korra if she is the choosen shouldnt the steward atleast know what that means? so why bother with how some fire prince feels about it? and why do korra and asami care what an fire prince thinks of their closeness? its not like they value him nor his pressence or his opinion?
purplemoonwaves chapter 2 . 5/24
I love it.
purplemoonwaves chapter 1 . 5/24
Great chapter
Maria Sato chapter 34 . 4/22
Hi. I love the story, as soon as I can continue reading it, if you read something weird in the review is that it helped me with the translator, hahaha, bye.
FeMorgenstern11 chapter 61 . 4/7
I want so much to read the chapter when they go inside The Cave of Two Lovers, I think it'll help them to clear some things. But I loved this chapter! Especially when Wing and Wei arrived, I wish we could see more of them in the original series, so I'm happy you brought them to the storie. Btw, I'm really curious about this guys with hoods, what they are planning to do and of course, who they are! So I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

P.s.: I'm really excited about the contest :)
MasterPro17 chapter 61 . 4/4
So excited for the update! The wait is worth the quality of the chapter you put up. Definitely, less action this time around but I think you setup a lot of things to come with all the conversations the characters had. I really liked General Iroh in the series but this one is kind of annoying. I absolutely love it though because it adds comedy in every situation for me. I had a feeling he was trying to pick up Korra better not find out. I really liked how you were able to include Mako, Hooded person and Suyin without making the chapter feel choppy. I'm in this story for the long haul, so you take time for yourself too! Life happens but what's important is that you choose to keep moving forward!
Henri9897 chapter 61 . 4/2
Yes ! An update, just continue the story ! When are we going to have some Korrasami ? (I mean kissing and possibly more )
Lion01 chapter 61 . 4/2
As ever you write about so many different situations! That's what I find really impressive about this story, it has so deep roots.
Anyway, Iroh is not really likable x) I wish our heroes good luck to bear him!
The last part with Korra blushing and all what so much fun ;) Looks like you have more worked on her feelings this time, or maybe it's just me...
I'll be looking forward to the sequel of the aventure! It doesn't look like it's going to be easy. Anyway, a great chapter, like usual!
See you!
lalalalee chapter 61 . 4/1
oh my gosh I'd love to have a hard copy of this fic! what an awesome idea! (and amazing update)
CC888 chapter 60 . 3/29
It's been a while since I've posted an review (under CC) but I misplaced my info so had to re register.
Anyways... I'm really enjoying all the chapters, especially the ones with more detailed action and interaction in them.
I'm not big on romance on any show or movie, if it becomes the main emphasis and the action suffers as a result. That's just me. But, also, I'm thoroughly enjoying how you are brinigng Korassami together... I laugh as I can visualize Naga and Opal rolling their eyes at each other at certain cluelessness, actually I'm laughing now.

Also, I like the way you describe the characters and their comments are so perfect to the way they were depicted in the series - and I usually get a chuckle or two out of each chapter as a result.
With 4 'Kingdoms' to work through and all the character arcs, there is a lot of thought, and meat that have gone into these chapters and in preparations for future chapters. Each have been worth the wait. I prefer a tantiziling wait, over a story screeching to a hault as so many of them do over time.
Please remain steadfast with your masterpiece here.

As a comparative comment: I was really looking forward to the first comic book series for LOK. I won't say I've been disappointed, however I'm not thrilled with it either. For me, I find it missing the cohesive teamwork spirit that went into all 4 seasons. And the story line seems 'thin'. Quite frankly, it would have rocked if they had used your story, as it is evolving, and made the follow up to the series comic book from the pages of The Schism.

Thank you again for all you've put into this story and it is my hope that my review offers inspiration for your continuance.

I respectfully submit this review
With Gratitude
FeMorgenstern11 chapter 60 . 2/24
I loved it! As always of course! Ir's amazing and I can't wait to read when they go intto the cave :)Waiting for the next chapter!
LeSauterell chapter 60 . 2/13
Wow... this is one amazing fantastic story. Thanks a lot, I've spend a wonderfull evening and can't wait for the next chapters 3 3 3
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