Reviews for It's A Grimm Life
LiMo96 chapter 1 . 12/20/2017
I like your story so far. Good Idea!Please continue!
But I think it's a bit strange that she agrees to Viktor so fast, only because he threatens her friends... Why would she betray Sean when he can help her? She seems to be so strong but a threat scares her so much?
BlueBloodsSVUOrder chapter 16 . 12/5/2017
God I hope she just tells him about Victor.

Please update
siobhan.22 chapter 16 . 5/25/2017
Great story so far, please continue.
KoreanMusicFan chapter 16 . 10/20/2016
could she not tell him the truth? i mean how would the royal basturds find out?
Guest chapter 16 . 8/21/2016
And the audience goes "Awwwwwe!" Sean is freaking adorable. "I'm falling in love with you." Almost stopped my heart. Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
Nott01 chapter 16 . 7/11/2016
PLEASE say you've not abandoned this story! I've been. Getting so into it!
kineret chapter 16 . 11/21/2015
Hi, nice so far...
Are you going to finish it?
Looking forward for the rest of the story :)
marauderzoe chapter 10 . 8/26/2015
I just discovered this fic and I LOVE it! Thank you for writing this. I love Sean Renard and Finley is awesome. I really, really like where it's going.
XxMangoQueenxX chapter 15 . 7/20/2015
Ahhhhh I can't believe I missed these chapters! (Or well fell behind on them). I'm love love loving it! I didn't think Finley was going to be taken to Vienna! So yayyyyy surprises :) I can't wait for the next chapter!

(Also, I don't think I mentioned it before, but I really love the fact that she's a paramedic- you don't get that very often in much of anything... )
MelodysMom chapter 15 . 6/29/2015
LOVING THIS! I always thought that the side of Renard that we don't really see would be interesting to explore!
Luchi chapter 14 . 6/10/2015
Omgggg sean has to go to rescue her!
Happy Owl chapter 14 . 6/8/2015
Enjoying as always. Looks like things are about to get intense. Hope your son had a great day!.
Madimay1 chapter 14 . 6/7/2015
I LOVE THIS BOOK! I went through all of the chapters ion two hours and am desprete for more. UPDATE NOW! Please? I need more! Give it to me!
Madimay1 chapter 14 . 6/8/2015
MORE! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS BOOK! I LOVE SEAN RENARD! I LOVE FINLEY! I NEED MORE! I read through all of these chapters in three hours! MORE!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/2/2015
Another great chapter! They better make up soon though! Update!
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