Reviews for The Life of Harry Potter
MargaritaS chapter 22 . 10/28
interesting story, i hope you continue :)
fanficnewbee chapter 1 . 9/20
Hope you continue one day,Thank-you
Guest chapter 22 . 9/12
This is a very interesting story. Well written, flows nicely. It deserves to be completed. If you have abandoned it, tell your favs, followers, and readers so we don't keep trying to find out what is going to happen. INTENT is another excellent story. Please come back to finish both stories. They are too good to ignore.
Enishi-Haru chapter 22 . 8/10
Hello Great story, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Please don't abandon
Travesti chapter 22 . 8/1
HarryTony ship all the way!
wwwendy chapter 10 . 7/23
Harry gave way too much info on Tony's question. He should've just said 'yes I do have something to do with potter pharmaceutical'.
It would've drove Tony crazy and I would've loved to see that
V chapter 8 . 7/12
Prick his what? Prick him?
Seems a bit of an over-reaction either way. Like, lawsuit-waiting-to-happen.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/7
Tony. You're a genius but you're really stupid sometimes. No. Most of the times.
Guest chapter 15 . 7/7
ooh kinky stuff, loki. kinky stuf
Guest chapter 8 . 7/7
Locket1 chapter 1 . 6/30
an intruging concept, hope you write more to this one day!
Locket1 chapter 1 . 6/30
an intruging concept, hope you write more to this one day!
PleiadesWolfe chapter 22 . 6/24
Since we are dealing with magic, do we get to see Dr Strange?
PleiadesWolfe chapter 18 . 6/24
I'm really liking this story but several times now you have used you'll when it should be your
Lilybud chapter 22 . 5/28
will there be more?
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