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njm0I chapter 1 . 9/4
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Dracul Grigore chapter 26 . 5/2
RavenHuffle chapter 26 . 3/29
(Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry my last review is so late! I thought until now I'd already reviewed it, but today saw I hadn't - apologies)

You've kept me guessing all the way through, including how the story would end. I spent ages mentally preparing myself for Lynara/Count/both dying, so when I read Ch25, despite not being too surprised at Dracula's eventual death, I was still really tense & emotional (seriously, I had butterflies & I'm sure my heart rate was up for most of that chapter - the tension was unbearable!). But then in the epilogue you totally threw me again with the flashback conversation between Vladislaus & Vasile - and I also love that you continued a scene from a previous chapter that, as a reader, I thought I knew fully; I don't often see that done for flashbacks.
I'm so glad my suspicions weren't true and they both lived, it's an emotional relief to have a happy ending after so much going wrong! I'm sad it's finally over, but I'm so glad a story as good as this got completed (and at least I've got my ongoing headcanons for Lynara/Vladislaus, haha). Thanks for writing this, it's been awesome reading it and I know I'll continue reading it again.
RavenHuffle x :-)
Tam Lin's rose chapter 26 . 1/9
A magnificent ending for a wonderful story. You're an amazing storyteller too !
alexc1209 chapter 26 . 1/8
Such a beautiful ending to a great story!
Remember chapter 26 . 1/8
Had to take a break because I was not emotionally ready for this story to be over, but my self-control was also zero, so I couldn’t stay away long and ended up just reading the chapter straight through rather than reading and writing my review at the same time, and oh! That twist! My heart! I so desperately want to properly review the entire chapter from start to finish, but I find after reading that last half, I’m incapable of doing so. My heart is so full! Also – THE RELIEF!

So instead, some initial thoughts/impressions:

Lynara being so forgiving and tolerant of the two men who took everything from her only exemplifies the goodness of her character. Can I see why some critics would argue that her being thus is unrealistic? Maybe – but I would counter-argue that this is just how Lynara is. She can be angry and devastated, but pure, unadulterated hatred does not come easy to everyone. She is a wonderful example of what I wish more people were like in such situations. How much stronger a person must be in order to forgive, rather than to resent. To believe that all is lost – it would be the hardest thing to choose kindness when dealing with those who so effectively destroyed your happiness. The fact that she makes the choice to carry on without resentment, in spite of how utterly shattered her heart is – I found myself admiring her tremendously for that.

The final conversation between Lynara and Vasile was bittersweet to say the least. Once more, as a reader I am reminded of how complicated the situation truly was between him and Vladislaus, but I’m grateful that he and Lynara were able to end of friendly terms, in spite of everything.

Also – I VERY MUCH APPRECIATED Van Helsing showing remorse. In my opinion, it had him staying true to his character. He can be harsh and cruel, yes, but he’s not completely without feeling and I’m grateful that in spite of everything that has transpired, in spite of his narrow-minded view of the world, you didn’t turn him into a total monster.

And then that twist at the end! I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t read so I’ll keep the details of what happened to myself, but suffice it to say I greatly enjoyed the way you chose to end things. Was it dripping with saccharine and emotion? Yes – but I’m a sucker for sap and happy endings, especially when they’re written with such tenderness, so you’ll never receive complaint from me on that front.

I have so thoroughly enjoyed this story, Lyn. Truly. It has been a joy to watch you learn and grow as a writer. Your dedication and diligence to your craft, your skill and attention to detail – it has all been such an inspiration to me as I’ve worked on my own projects and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your talent with all of us, for taking a chance on a fandom that – let’s be honest – has been suffering for years now. It constantly breaks my heart, the general lack of passion and aptitude often displayed in a number of the submissions, so when I say that this story was a breath of fresh air and I will forever be grateful that you stuck with it to the end – I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Dracula and the Van Helsing corner of this site have always had a special place in my heart (and always will) and it makes me proud and fills me with joy when a writer comes in and treats my beloved babies with care and respect (I’m super invested – can you tell? Haha!).

Long story short, I adore you and this story and what it stands for and I can’t thank you enough.

Congrats on completing this beautiful tale!

Wishing you all the best,
Remember chapter 25 . 1/8
My dear Lyn! It feels like an age since we last had anything from you on this story! I was getting worried for a moment there, but then I woke up to these last two chapters in my inbox and I felt something very bittersweet wash over me – elation and pride at the fact that you have blessed us with more to read, but also sadness because this journey is nearly over. I am determined to savor what is left of this beautiful story and will do my best to give you coherent reviews as I do so (though my apologies in advance if these things end up just being me fangirling or being emotional – haha!)

Even though it’s been months since the posting of the last chapter, I feel like no time has passed at all – I’ve plunged directly back into this world of Lynara and the Count and watching her begin her escape left me anxiety-ridden from the first paragraph. And as the tension mounts, you add that bone-chilling cold to the scene, and the trepidation deepens as she makes her way outside (barefoot in the snow, no less! – on that note, SO GLAD you mentioned the pain of walking barefoot in the snow the way you did. I always get a little perturbed when writers completely gloss over that like doing so would not be a horrific experience!)

Lynara’s thoughts on color – what she’s seen throughout this tale and what the white surrounding her now could mean – her contemplations were beautiful and so poignant. I’ve noticed how this sense of foreboding has been laced more and more into each chapter and this one is no exception. Something dreadful is going to happen – I can feel it in my bones!

And just as they finally see each other – just when Lynara is so close to freedom, to the love of her life, everything crashes down into absolute tragedy and even though I sensed this coming, still – I was not ready for it!

It all happened so quickly, but your attention to detail helped to pull it out just enough to make the anxiety unbearable in the best way – for Lynara’s injury, to the Count struggling to get to her in spite of the physical harm done to him, and then the borderline poetic way in which it was Lynara’s blood that caused things to turn out the way they did… my heart is in my stomach, my dear – broken and sick. That poor, poor woman. To be so close to freedom and to the love of her life, for him to sacrifice so much just to get to her and then to have it all be for naught.

Lynara’s grief and the loss of her faith was arguably the most powerful part of the chapter for me, however. We've seen this girl hold true to her values, to the belief that light and hope prevail in all – even in the darkest of times, in the blackest of creatures. But now we see her lose not only the Count, but in truth, her own spark.

The Priest didn’t just kill his own brother, but he arguably took Lynara’s life as well – the innocent life he swore to protect.

My heart aches for her. It aches for all of them.

Well done, my dear friend! This chapter was everything I hoped it would be! Utterly heart-wrenching.
Guest chapter 26 . 1/8
I’m not crying theres just something in my eye.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/13/2017
Please update! I need more! Lovely craftsmanship and storytelling!
RavenDeathGirl0909 chapter 24 . 8/9/2017
I love this, please update soon!
Vika95 chapter 24 . 5/23/2017
Oh my goodness! For the love of all thats holy! I hope you continue this story. I love it so much and I can not wait to read more. The way you write a describe Dracula and his brother vasile. The way you describe the brides and lynara. Its amazing, its outstanding.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/21/2017
RavenHuffle chapter 24 . 5/21/2017
You'd have to screw up pretty *spectacularly* for me to be disappointed with the ending of your story (and, to clarify, I know you won't! :-) ). Although I'm remaining valiantly optimistic for a happy ending for Lynara and the Count (and even then, as happy as it can be considering I can't see Vladislaus and Vasile reconciling), I'm braced for a tragic end along with everybody else - the line about Lynara never regretting her decisions seemed a bit final to me. It was cool to get another change in perspective and finally see inside Van Helsing's thoughts - though of course, seeing his absolute, steely determination here did nothing for my optimism. I loved the subtle change in atmosphere at the end as Vladislaus helped Lynara to escape, it really helped set the scene for the final chapter. I'll be equal parts excited and disappointed when the last chapter's uploaded (though at least there's still the epilogue) but I can't wait to read it :-)
hala.saad.336 chapter 24 . 5/17/2017
This is cruel , A cliff hanger for a month and a half ! She could give him just enough blood to make him human ,he will die eventually, I finished your story in one day , I can not wait for an update. Lots of love from Egypt
MGrace chapter 24 . 5/3/2017
As much as I want Lynara to be with her lover vamp again, this has disaster written all over it! And I'm out of chapters to read/review! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I'm a very impatient person and I can't handle the suspense!
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