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Will1231 chapter 1 . 2/5/2018
So, just started reading this thing, and I already wanna give poor Flame a hug. He seems like a sweet guy that was thrown in a very shitty situation where he was abused and seemingly used by the first two Pokemon he has met. And if the guy wasn't already having enough problems in his mind, the two blows to his head certainly didn't help matters. It sucks that I'm already rooting against the two that I believe to be his future traveling companions, but perhaps they will redeem themselves after this.
ShyTheGuy chapter 1 . 1/26/2018
I'm surprised that this story doesn't get as much attention as I thought it would. It's amazing! can't wait to see more chapters in the future.
UnholyPens chapter 15 . 1/17/2018
In the end, I guess I decided against a conglomerate review. You can thank me later, ye lucky bastard. I'm going to be skipping around, getting to my thoughts as they come to me, perhaps skipping a few things.

First, I'll state the obvious—you put tons of effort into this chapter, and it shows. The interactions are great, and it's always nice to see bonding moments between characters, especially Flame and Alice. The midway break was pretty damn cool, as well.

Man, the reveal with Gaius and his hand. I remember really liking how you handled that, it felt really natural. I mean, hell, you even stated that Gaius was already awake before Flame noticed him. He was obviously in shock over losing his hand (paw? I don't know what to call it honestly). The Grovyle is just so out of it, and I love it.

It seems that lately, you've been giving Ariel a crap ton of shit from Sycorax. Good, the bitch deserves to get her sky-high attitude thrown to the ground. Sycorax is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters in your story, he's just so badass and knows what the hell he's talking about, and somehow always has a counter-argument. You're deftly controlling him, it's just pretty damn cool that you can control a character so well. You'll have to try filling me in on how that works.

Once more with Gaius, he just seems entirely not 's being affected by a ton of things, and it honestly makes me pity him. The poor dude is finally taking shit from the one guy he never expected to be giving him shit, on top of losing his hand.

Hey, we get to see Sycorax more than once in a chapter! We must be getting into something serious here. Got me on the edge of my seat, you do.

Overall, this chapter was enjoyable. I mostly skimmed it over for this review, but that's to save time and create more opportunities for me to get caught up. I'm eagerly looking forward to the things you have planned. Keep up the good work.
Adamfics chapter 7 . 1/16/2018
Finally got back into reading this after a heckin long time. In this chapter, I liked how you portrayed the way Mystery Dungeons can warp buildings and structures once they've taken over the place. I'm also curious to know what caused Dungeons to start popping up one after another since they weren't always there according to this chapter.

I get the feeling that the small passage that Flame read about that prisoner is going to be important, or maybe it's just a trick to keep me expecting something to happen. Either way, I'll tune in again every so often to see where this journey is heading into
ZiraDakota chapter 17 . 1/15/2018
Apologies for the delay with my review.

Preparations for their escape are well under way. I love how you showed just how fearful Flame was at the possibility of getting caught. I'd certainly be feeling the same way if I were in his position.

I thought the meeting where the team discusses their escape was well-written and I loved how much we got to learn about the land in the process. The continuing evolution of Gaius' character has been interesting to watch. He seems to be slowly coming out of his shell. Also interesting was Alice's outburst and her reaction at being called "her majesty." It's a reminder that there are still a lot of things we don't know about Alice as well.

This Icarus that Sycorax and Ariel speak of is almost certainly Flame. It would seem that time is just about up for our hero.

As always, I can't wait to see what's next. :)
Fancyhydralisk chapter 1 . 1/10/2018
Holy shit this keeps getting better and better. Im so excited to see what comes next in thia amazing fanfiction. Seriously how do you and knightfall do so well, i fell like you guys are some sort of aliens due to how well you two make fanfictions. Keep up the good work shadow creeper and knightfall , overthrown and Rebirth both derserves animes, Nintendo get on that make these two an anime for fuck sakes.
flareon71 chapter 17 . 1/10/2018
Looks like the escape plan is finally going to be put into motion… and darn, the fact that things are actually looking hopeful for Team Phalanx is heartwarming.

But… as with all things foreshadow-able, something unexpected is going to throw them off course… right?

Well, either way… it’s darn surprising to see Sycorax finally put Ariel in her place… who knew a Genesect could exert that? Makes me wonder how much more terrifying he’d be in battle… wonder how this last part coincides with Team Phalanx…

Anyways, excellent work as always for this chapter. :)
Ralmon chapter 17 . 1/9/2018
Okay... Flame Alice and Gaius are making plans.
Then Sycorax and Ariel are mentally battling again.

I can't see the connection between the two plot lines... Like, there is zero connection between them. I am really confused as to why these plot lines keeps appearing out of nowhere when they have no connection, effect or purpose to the main plot line. They feel so pointless.

Flame's side of the story has nice interactions and widen the setting by making us see what is out there.

Still, the lack of anything happening and lack any development makes the it feels like it shouldn't be a chapter long, nor do it deserves a chapter by itself. It feels like an overly long transition from one scene to another.

The part about Sycorax and Ariel... I don't get it. As I said, it has zero connection with the main story. What is the relevance of this scene to the whole story? What was it supposed to add? I can't see why this scene is here.

Also, the two characters aren't sympathetic or even interesting. Like... I don't care about them. I don't care what happen to them. In fact, I wouldn't mind if they disappear entirely.


Okay... this is one of the chapters where nothing really happens. And then there are these various unconnected seemingly-pointless story lines that keeps appearing.

I feel that the weeks of writing (and waiting) is wasted in this chapter.
Fancyhydralisk chapter 1 . 1/8/2018
Love your newest chapter i really matched my expectation for waiting like 2 weeks for this. Seeing more what is happening to this world is always a great thing to see and this obliviously inspired by knightfalls overthrown witch is fucking awesome because that is the best fanfic ive ever seen (rebirth by is a close second i might add) :D.
Anguiltred chapter 1 . 1/7/2018
It's the second time I've read this storyI read up to chapter 12, but I had lost a lot of things because my English wasn't good enough at the time.

This first chapter has kept me on the edge of the chair. I've been reading very enthusiastically about what was going on. Yes, even though it was the second time I read it, I couldn't stop reading and imagining those events.

Both the characters and the atmosphere aroused my interest.

Flame is an interesting character. He acts like a very credible amnesiac guy and I like him. It's just the first chapter and he deserves a hug. His bad luck began as soon as he woke up until he was knocked out at the end of the chapter. Poor Flame.

Alice is a friendly and caring character. It is true that perhaps the fact of having helped someone unknown, was not very believable, but still, she has a good heart and has not presented a despicable attitude, not as... Gaius...

In the other hand, Gaius... On a stereotyped team, there has to be someone who's a jerk, and that's Gaius. I don't despise him, but he goes down the road of being unpleasant.

The main trio is somewhat interesting, but what was more interesting than them was the world in which the story unfolds. To all this, that 'Scum' thing reminded me of Silver Resistance's Watchersthey may not be the same thing, but it gave me that impression, oddly enough.

What I want to highlight here is the writing prose and descriptions. They are very good. The way you described what Flame felt, or body and facial expressions, are very believable and realistic, in my opinion.

The chapter in general has been very good. I loved it so much. Your writing is admirable and very good for a fanfiction.

I still remember a little bit of what was going on until chapter 12, but I will read it again in more detail.

That's all. I just loved your story and I hope that quality maintain its greatness.
TorchicBellow chapter 4 . 12/28/2017
I like where this is going.

It's not your 08/15 story of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, where the protag wakes up with no memories and gets found by his future partner, get together to join a guild or something similar to that and explore dungeons and completing quests for lost items and whatnot, and everything is happy and colorful.

This story is much more than just that. It also focuses on the darker side of things, such as the current events that are happening; for example the war with the Scum, or a strong storm which ripped part of the wall of their town apart. Even some Pokémon are being viewed more realistically, like Paras being some kind of fungal mutant, which latches on one's head, or Carnivine being... a giant flesh-eating plant.

This story is exactly my taste. It doesn't exaggerate with its dark themes, such as gore; it manages to stay on a certain level where it doesn't come across as overly edgy. I hope most of you get what I'm trying to say.

Overall, some little mistakes here and there, like a word missing from a sentence or grammer errors. But I found nothing too major (yet :P). I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this.
santa cunt chapter 1 . 12/25/2017
What a strong start to an great fanfic, not only do you wonder what is gonna happen next, you start to have strong feelings about trio already especially with gaius how he throws flame in jail for his own needs oh how the gaius hatetred starts ay and before i read chapter 2 i was wonder what on earth was happening to flame. Good job on this chapter i honestlty can not wait until chapter 17 arrives.
santa cunt chapter 14 . 12/25/2017
noice fanfic i hope get see more of your amazing work bro :D
flareon71 chapter 16 . 12/19/2017
Well, this has certainly taken quite the interesting turn of events, but I really have to say that the way you solidify the trio's status as an unbreakable team bond is astounding, especially emphasized in this chapter.

Regarding everything else done right, my oh my your descriptive writing has really let the dark and serious tones of the situation settle in beautifully, really letting the consequences of a premise like this sink in.

And the premise, goodness! Quite the interesting take, and with good execution so far, too. Certainly has me hooked for what's next, good on you. :)
Soniclink137 chapter 16 . 12/13/2017
This story is dark. Really dark. Far darker then what is usually my tastes.

However, for as dark as it is, the plot did keep me reading. You're really good at giving just enough information so that the readers understand what's going on while leaving a lot of information out to keep me interested. I kept guessing back and forth on a lot of things.
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